Monday, February 6, 2012

Please, Somebody Send Me a Good Luck Charm

I'm in a crabby mood.  My junk yard neighbor had a U-Haul truck filled with more junk spew its contents all over his property this weekend.

He's had pickers coming and going at all hours buying junk from him ever since.  I decided to report him to the county again for running an illegal, unlicensed business.  I spent hours phrasing the letter of complaint just right, and then my black ink printer broke.  No problem, I'll just use my color printer.  Nope.  That broke too.  Is this a sign from the Gods that these neighbors are protected, and I am just supposed to put up with their B.S. for as long as I live here?  I've complained about them in person to the county, but they told me I had to submit a complaint in writing.

I was thinking I was going to cut my other two problem neighbors a break by not filing a complaint against them, and quite literally just seconds after I had that thought, one of them started working on a dragster engine and shook the walls of my house.  No more mercy for him.  While trying to fix one of the printers, I looked up to see a lady with a horse standing on my driveway and the kid that the annoying neighbor babysits was standing there too petting the horse.  My horses got all riled up and started galloping around in excitement.  The lady with the horse turned and saw me in the window and quickly hurried off, knowing that she was doing something wrong.  (I wonder if it was the NO TRESPASSING sign she was standing next to that gave her a hint.) 

The kid then went behind my barn and began messing with my horses through the fence.  I suspect he was feeding them weeds, but I couldn't see because of the barn.  I knew that by the time I got out there to tell him to leave my horses alone, he'd be gone, because that's the way it always works.  People trespass on my property to their heart's content until they see me coming, and then they run.  I realized at that point that I'm screwed from every angle.  It doesn't matter if I try to get help resolving problems with my neighbors from the county, someone new will just come along and start disrupting my life and invading my privacy.

I gave up on the printers and opened my email to find that of the six houses I wanted to tour during my visit to Phoenix, one is no longer available and the owners of another one are taking all their horse fencing and portable horse facilities with them.  Sigh.  I'm worried that I may have to cancel my trip, because nothing new is coming on the market that fits my criteria.  To make matters worse, I've been blown off by the banker who was supposed to get me pre-approved for a home loan.  The bad luck just never ends.  I feel like I'm trapped in hell.


Cheryl Ann said...

I LOVE the toilet in the yard! PLEASE contact the authorities about these people! I got a warning letter from my city because a huge branch broke off in our mesquite tree. Hubby paid someone $60 to haul it away, but the guy said there were bees, so he drove away. So, we left it alone for a couple of weeks until it all dried out...we got it down this weekend and they should be happy now.

fernvalley01 said...

Hugs and hopes for better luck

Jeni said...

I agree. report them!

Hope things turn around and you get a break soon.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Thing is, if it were in your yard, nobody woul dhave to report you, because the authorities would have been there on the spot already of their own accord. Dealt with that before. Such BS.

Not sure where exactly you are looking at or what kind of horse facility the property had or what you wanted, but sometimes it is better to set up your own. Then things are arranged how You want them.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I know I can set up my own horse facilities, but I prefer not to. I'm an old woman. My husband is an old man. When we set up our horse facilities here, it took us years to do all the work, and the barn frame fell on my foot and broke it. Not a good experience. I'd rather have whatever horse setup I can get available when I move in than to have to spend additional time and money putting one in. As soon as we move, I am going to have to get a full-time job, which won't allow me much time to fix up the new place.