Tuesday, February 28, 2012


People have asked why I'm not jumping for joy over moving to a new house.  It's because I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Historically, whenever I make a large purchase, something bad happens and I regret making the purchase, because I end up needing the money for something else, like a big vet bill or hospital bill or repair bill...  Also, I can rarely enjoy blessings before something ridiculous comes out of left field to knock me off track.  I'm weary from the battles I've fought over the past couple of years, and I'm afraid to see what's around the next corner.

I've been really hoping that all my bad luck will be held at bay so that I can successfully complete all of my current business without being thwarted.  So, yesterday I had a surprise visit from a home appraiser.  I've never owned nor refinanced a home before, so I don't know what the process is, and my lender for the refinance isn't explaining anything to me.  I had the house appraised just last year, and that appraiser only took pictures of the outside of the house, took notes and measurements.  This appraiser who showed up yesterday took multiple pictures of every angle of each room of our house.

Boy, was I embarrassed.  My life has been such a huge whirlwind -- more like a tornado -- this past year, that very little house cleaning has gotten done.  We have clutter all over the place.  Plus, I've learned there's no point in dusting in Nevada, because one week later you'll have a quarter-inch of dust right back on everything in the house.  To top it all off, Midge has not recovered from whatever is causing her to pee every 20 minutes after two 10-day rounds of antibiotics, and I discovered a cache of bloody pee stains in my daughter's bedroom.  She's been sneaking back there to pee when I've been preoccupied and unable to let her outside right away.

We're thinking she might have a kidney stone that the vet missed in x-rays, so we'll probably take her to a new vet for another opinion.  We know of a guy who has been seeing the vet I took Midge to, and he's spent thousands of dollars trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for his dog's symptoms, and has been getting nowhere.  When I was in that vet's office I heard that unprofessional receptionist comment that this customer is easy, that he won't complain about another bill.  He used the guy's name and I recognized it as one of my husband's coworkers.  So, I'd be a fool to take Midge back to that vet a third time.  There are only three domestic animal vet clinics in my valley, and I've already burned through two of them and been disappointed.

We rarely go into our kids' bedrooms, and just before the appraiser showed up, I was planning on steam vaccing the carpet to get the piss smell and stains out.  However, her visit interrupted my plans, and I'm sure that she got a waft of that stench while surveying our house.  I never realized that a home appraisal can be so invasive.  Now people I don't know are going to have pictures of all the private stuff I own.  We don't have much storage in this house, so everything is right out in the open. 

Once we move the furniture out, we are planning on ripping out the carpet, but I still wanted to clean it just in case we have anymore surprise visitors.  I know people have commented that dog owners should not own carpet, but there are different traditions in different locations around the world, and in my area, it just so happens that all homes contain carpet, and everyone around here is living paycheck to paycheck, so they don't have several thousand dollars tucked away to replace the carpet with something else.  We've had the same carpet since we've moved into the house. 

Anyway, then this morning I woke up and discovered that a skunk somehow got under the house and sprayed, so the stench was coming up through the deck in my photography studio.  Really?  I've lived here 18 years, and in all those years, we've never had that happen.  Now that I need to sell or rent the house, we have a skunk infestation.  Seriously? 

Fortunately, the TV show they were going to film in my studio tomorrow is being rescheduled, so I don't have to suffer that embarrassment.  But this is precisely the type of B.S. that always has to ruin things for me.  Our house is free and clear of gross smells for 18 years, and then we get hit with an epidemic of stench.  When is the universe going to cut me some slack?

Also, remember my bizarre knee injury caused by me trying to simply place a laptop computer into my lap, and catching the corner on my knee?  Well, that finally started healing so that I could go for a few minutes a day without being distracted by the pain, and then last night I somehow twisted the other knee while transitioning from standing position to a sitting position.  I've been having to get up and down every few minutes to let Midge outside, and my knees can't take it anymore.  So, now I have only half a knee to walk on without pain, and need to lose weight in hurry to take some of the pressure off. 

Getting old sucks.  That's part of why I feel like it's now or never.  If I don't move now, I won't be able to physically move in another few months or years.  Quite frankly, I'm not even sure I have the strength and fitness to move now.  Well, it's time to get back to work.  After using the steam vac and waiting for the carpet to dry, I have to vacuum up all the ghost turds left behind.  I also have one day and two nights of manure piled up in the stalls from leaving the horses in during the snowstorm that I get to clean up.  Fun, fun, fun.  I'll be sure to leave my shoes at the door so that I don't track in anymore stinkage.


Caitlin said...

My folks have elder dogs on carpets and in my life I have pulled up more carpets and refinished more floors that I ever hoped to. I understand the dog pee pain... and completely agree that when company comes by is always when you've let the cleaning get away from you for a while. I recently moved and having friends coming to help made me so aware of how much stuff I acquired and how little hidden storage my new place has. Tried explaining to my new roommates that all this horse stuff is necessary but still I find myself trying to pair stuff down. Hopefully your stinkage problem dissipates soon...

lytha said...

i cannot imagine what you're going thru cuz i never have. i hope so much for you, you know that. all my stuff is in america in my parents' attic (I HOPE, STILL!) and i don't have anything accumlating here cuz i don't have kids or many pets. i just keep thinking, when i want to go home, finally, wth do we do with this IKEA furniture? will anyone buy used IKEA? ugh. *hug* i wish you well dear NM.

goodtimetoreview said...

I also understand the dog pee pain. We had to replace all the carpets in my Townhouse that we just moved out of. I'm thankful that the people who owned my new house before me had raised Great Danes so we have no carpet in the house. It's especially great since the dogs have little mop feet and drag dirt and mud all OVER the house!

Dreaming said...

Well... it could be worse.... you ask how? You could have cats that pee all over the place. Their urine is 10 times worse than dog's!
Another way to look at it.... when things are bad, there is only one way to go... things have to improve!

Cut-N-Jump said...

One of the psychics on the radio station here says all the time, "Like Begets Like". Don't even think about bad things happening because doing so is inviting it in.

We recently (finally!) replaced the carpet in our house. The previous owners had dogs and cats that used every. damn. room. as their litter box. Just Nasty.

achieve1dream said...

Erm, hope my comment didn't offend. I wasn't saying you shouldn't have carpets. Just saying that I personally will never have them again lol. I can't stand trying to keep them clean. :)

I bet it will work out. It is totally meant to be silly. This house has your name all over it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!