Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Finally Got Something That Was Promised

Yup. The weatherman finally came through for us. He's been promising snow off and on all winter, but I think the last time we got it was October. We've just gotten to the point where we ignore snow forecasts because they always end up being a few gray clouds drifting past.

Our haystack that was already drenched with rain was hanging in there. We lost a few bales to mold, but most of the bales were salvageable. Then this weekend we needed to knock more down. There wasn't room for all of the bales under the tarp, so I'm sure these that are now covered in snow will be a loss unless I can feed them quickly.

The wind was pretty nasty for this storm, and apparently blowing in all directions at once, because every side of the haystack got pelted.

Poor Gabbrielle doesn't have a winter-tight stall, so her floor is covered in snow. I'm so glad I didn't bother to lay down fresh shavings.  I'm a bit annoyed with the timing of this, because I have a long ways to drive to the airport through snow, so it had better be melted by the time I leave.  Of course, another snow storm is expected the day I come back.  I have panic attacks when I drive in the dark, and I have panic attacks when I drive in the snow, but it gets really bad when I drive in the dark in the snow at the same time.  The only thing that makes it worse is when the snow is falling.  Then I get really disoriented.  I wish it were easier to cancel reservations for flights, car rentals and hotel rooms without being punished. 

My husband and I grow weary of all the traditional staples of Valentine's Day: Candy, flowers, cologne and... candy, flowers, and cologne. I decided to help him with a repair he's been too busy to do, and bought a lawnmower tire to replace the one that broke. I tried to install it, but the pliers slipped and smashed my finger, so I just gave him the tire with a red bow on top instead. Oh, and some candy.

Here is his Valentine's Day present to me...

Who says romance isn't alive and well?


Rae said...

Love the book title! Lol!

We didn't do anything for v-day this year, but last year I gave my guy a book on chicken coop designs... Very romantic! :)

lytha said...

nm, i had an odd panicky experience this week as i tried to drive home in swirling snow. it was like i was in a vortex and i kept saying to myself "keep it together, don't look at the flakes!" but it was so tempting cuz they are so hypnotic.

the good thing about german drivers - they truly respect the weather conditions and slow the heck down. i'm astounded by this when i consider how fast most people drive here.

i'm still an annoying pacific northwesterner, but i'm learning to trust my snow tires and actually i have not slipped on ice all winter. well that is probably the copious amount of salt on the roads...

Venom said...

Usually my hubby opts for the funny cards, but this year I received a very heartfelt, sweet card in which he penned:

"If loving you is wrong, then throw my ass in jail."

Funny, yes. I thought especially so as he is already in jail 4 days out of every 7 (for work).

Leah Fry said...

We all say "I love you" in different ways LOL!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I would opt for the Super Shuttle-the big blue vans... Let them drive while you relax and watch the snow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I love what Leah said!
My hubby and I don't exchange gifts on the commercialized Valentines Day...we just try to do nice things for each other all year long.

Looks like y'all got the same Valentines Day snowfall that we got...that was some crazy wind to go along with it, too. We got almost a foot of the white stuff...and it's barely melted since Tuesday.
I hope the weather will be friendly on your return trip from Phoenix.


achieve1dream said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I like your gifts. :D

I hope the weather was okay for your trip. Driving in the snow scares me too.

Also hope your bales dried out. Apparently we had a leak in the barn because I lost one too. It was moldy nasty yuck lol.