Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being Observant

When working with horses it is always a good idea to keep your eye on the horse at all times, because the weirdest things can happen and horses are very good at giving off subtle signals when their behavior is about to change.  The other morning I was removing Lostine's blanket.  She's a fairly safe horse, so I never worry about her behavior toward me when we are both in a little 12x12 box.  However, as I was removing her blanket, she pinned her ears back and tucked her hind end underneath her like she was going to buck.

Oh oh.  That's not good.  You never want a horse to buck when you are stuck in a 12x12 box with it.  I immediately figured that one of the straps didn't fully detach and was pulling on her.  It was a good thing that I didn't just turn my back to her and pull the blanket away to hang it up, because then she would have exploded.

I put the blanket back on her halfway and dug around in all the locations were I had detached the straps.  Maybe one wasn't detached before, but they all were now.  I pulled the blanket away and again got that same reaction from Lostine.  This time I put the blanket completely over her back and went through a systematic approach looking for each end of each strap.  I finally found the problem.

One leg strap had become tangled in her tail, so when I removed the blanket, it was pulling her tail between her legs.  It took a lot of work, but I eventually got the strap untangled.  I was frustrated, because getting the blankets on and off the horses every day is something that I only have two minutes to do before my annoying neighbors come out of their house and start doing something stupid to spook my horses.  I knew that I had spent too much time untangling the strap from the tail, and my neighbors would be on top of me any second now.

I let Lostine out and ran for Gabbrielle's stall.  Right when I pulled her blanket off, my nosy neighbor sneaked around from the back of her house and popped out the side to slam one of her car doors, and Bombay and Lostine bolted.  Gabbrielle spun in her stall, because she was still inside and had nowhere to run.  I had to press myself against the stall wall to avoid getting knocked down or stepped on.  It would be so ironic if I couldn't move away from these annoying neighbors because they did something to cause me injury right before we moved.  I'm doing everything I can to stay safe.  I'm kind of in the same boat I was in last year -- not being able to ride the horses much because if I got injured there would be no one to settle my mother's estate.  Now I can't get injured, because then I won't be able to move.

Today was an absolute nightmare.  I started off the morning having a painter come by to give an estimate to paint both the exterior and interior of our house.  Then I made a bunch of calls regarding other estimates, arranging for notary public services, etc.  Then I made the big mistake.  I registered on a website that said I would receive dozens of estimates from different movers in minutes.  I thought I'd receive an electronic comparison chart, but instead my phone started ringing off the hook as every mover and his brother began calling me to take inventory of all the items in my house and all the cars we need to move.

I was literally on the phone for six hours straight.  Voice mails were coming through from other movers while I was talking.  As soon as I hung up and tried to get up to get something to eat or go to the bathroom, the phone rang again.  It was insane.  In the meantime, every person who I had sent emails to in the past week with questions suddenly responded simultaneously.  I was talking on the phone and replying to emails at the same time.  The dogs kept running at the front door barking, so I think people were coming to the door too, but I couldn't answer. 

Then the animal rescue organization I volunteer for called because they needed photos.  One of the poor pups I photographed in the past got hit by a car, so they needed photos for a grant to help pay for his medical bills.  Then the vet's office called to see how my dog is doing.  That's probably the only good news of the day.  Midge is almost back to her old self.  She's playing with toys and eating again.  Yesterday she just laid around with her ears back struggling to breathe.  It's like night and day.  She's won't be totally out of the woods, though, until she's off the medication and continues to behave as her regular self. 

I am so overwhelmed with everything I have to do to move and to fix up the old house.  Somehow it was easier with my mother's house.  She had less stuff, and because the house was being sold as an estate, every buyer understood that "as is" means "as is."  Literally everything costs twice as much as I expected it to.  I don't know how other people can afford to move out of state.  They must just take the clothes on their backs and rent instead of buy.  That would certainly simplify things.  I have to move 5 vehicles, a horse trailer, 3 horses, 2 dogs, and about 17,000 pounds of stuff.  It sure doesn't pay to live a consumer's life.  We still need to have a moving sale, but things aren't looking good because we are back in that weather pattern of having high winds, rains and snow every weekend.  I know of a couple who moved an entire Arabian horse farm from Kansas to Nevada to Kansas and back over a period of a few years.  If they can do it, I guess I can.  But it helps that they were millionaires.


fernvalley01 said...

Be careful Girl ! you are nearly there! Glad Midge is on the mend

achieve1dream said...

Yay good news on Midge! :D I'm so happy.

Wow, things are going nuts aren't they? That's how it always works out it seems. I hope the shelter dog is okay. Poor thing. How did it get hit anyway?