Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday was a crazy day.  I've decided that touch screen mobile phones are the bane of mankind.  Every time I am trying to conduct business over my phone, someone else has to call.  My phone is so obnoxious that it beeps repeatedly when I get a second call.  The person I'm speaking to can't hear it, so she keeps talking, and I can't hear her beyond what I catch between the beeps.

Then the interrupter leaves a voice mail and for some reason my voice mail just cuts right into my phone conversation, and I start hearing someone else's voice on the phone talking at me.  Caller #1 is still talking to me, but I can't hear anything she's saying, because voice mail has taken over my ears.  I have to hang up on voice mail and then tell Caller #1 that I just missed that last 30 seconds of what she said.  All I can figure out is that my cheek is touching the screen and telling the phone to call voice mail.

Technology may be adding "convenience" to our lives, but it's also causing me a lot of stress.  I can only listen to one person at a time.  So, I kept trying to find settings on the phone that would fix these problems, but people kept calling me and interrupting me before I could dig down deep enough in the settings menu.  I was about ready to throw the phone out the window.  I think the beeping sound is from call waiting being on, so I eventually got a minute to turn that off, and I changed the answer button to be a specific button instead of just any button as well, so hopefully in the future if someone interrupts me when I'm already on a call, they'll go straight to voice mail and I won't inadvertently answer the voice mail prompt while I'm still talking to someone else.

Also, I was trying to complete a task today and my dogs raced for the door barking, which I knew had to mean that the mail carrier was delivering something to our door.  I rarely order anything online anymore, because getting packages is a pain in the butt thanks to the dogs.  However, because my mother was so big on donating to charities, these charities keep sending her gifts, not knowing that she passed away.  The packages don't fit in our mailbox, so the mail carrier has to come to our door.

I can't get out the front door, because the dogs are throwing themselves against it barking, so I have to run out the back door and around the house to answer the front door.  That's faster than trying to get control of the dogs.

When I got out front, I found the mail carrier trying to get out of his jeep, and the annoying neighbors' dog off leash circling his jeep, barking at him and trying to attack him.  I apologized for the neighbors' dog being a nuisance and chased it back to its house, so that I could get my mail.  Of course, the annoying neighbors were out there witnessing the whole thing and doing nothing to help.

I got my mail and the mail carrier was trying to back out of my driveway without hitting the neighbor's dog, because it kept running back to the end of my driveway.  He was so busy looking in his passenger side mirror for the dog that he almost crashed into the pole and chains I have up at the end of my driveway.  I yelled, "LOOK OUT!"

He slammed on his brakes and I pointed at the pole.  He drove around it.  I was so annoyed that once again the neighbors nearly caused damage to my property.  If they didn't let their dog run around off leash, the mail carrier wouldn't have been distracted and wouldn't have nearly backed into my pole.  The electric company already backed into it once and we had to replace it.  I put those poles and chains up to keep people out of my driveway, and only leave a small opening for us to get in and out.  Unfortunately, a lot of people think that opening is for them, and then they throw their vehicle in reverse and step on it without looking in their rear view mirror.  I've hung red flags from the poles and chains, but if people don't use their mirrors, I can't help them much beyond that.

Later that day I saw my annoying neighbor walking that dog on a leash past our house to pick up her mail and I said, "Oh, NOW you have your dog on a leash."  The rest of the day they let it run around the neighborhood dragging a leash behind it.  I guess they thought that qualifies to be within the county's leash law.  I believe, you actually have to have a human being at the other end of the leash controlling the dog.

I've been calling cement contractors for estimates to fix our walkway and patio, and this one guy called me back around 11:00 AM sounding as if he just woke up.  I had been up since 5:00 AM and went out to run errands already.  I found that most of the stores were closed, because I was out too early.  Anyway, the man wanted to know if someone was home all the time so that he could just drop by when it was convenient for him.  I said, "I'm home all the time, but I run a business out of my home, so you need to make an appointment with me."

It annoys me how laid back people are in my area.  They just assume that others are sitting around doing nothing.  The only people I know who do sit around doing nothing are my annoying neighbors.

Today is the day when we make our final decision on whether we want the house with the seller's terms or not.  The seller is being a total pain in the butt.  She's now claiming she can't find a new home and will end up out in the streets if we buy her house.  Uhhhhhh, then why did she have it up for sale?

She's trying to make it my problem that she can't find a new place to live, and she wants me to rent the house to her.  The defeats the whole purpose of us moving.  I suspect this lady doesn't want to leave the house, but wants get rid of the mortgage payment.  I really like the land and the location, but this lady can take her house and shove it if she thinks I'm going to cater to her needs.  I'm already overwhelmed trying to manage my own problems and in no position to be bending over backwards for someone who won't take responsibility for her own actions.  You are supposed to have a plan on where to move at the time you put your house up for sale.  Obviously, if we do get the house, we'll need to re-key the whole thing, otherwise we might show up to find squatters living in there.

Then after having the mail carrier cause a dog frenzy by honking his horn for a delivery, my annoying neighbors had relatives and friends coming and going, and re-parking their vehicles all over their property.  For several of them, it wasn't enough to say hello and goodbye verbally, they also had to honk.  Then there was a crash on the porch from UPS delivering another package.  There was something I ordered a long time ago, but returned it, and the company mistakenly exchanged it for something else twice.  So, not only did we have to suffer through another dog frenzy, but now I have to find the time to go to the UPS outlet and send the item back.  I'm so tired of suffering the consequences of other people's mistakes.

This follows right on the heels of a similar mistake in which I was sent a refund check for my mother, but in my father's name twice, and I don't have any bank account in my father's name because he passed away ten years ago.  You wouldn't believe the number of phone calls I have to make to correct something like that.  It's so time consuming.  They just keep forwarding you up the phone chain, because no one in customer service is trained to handle that unique of a situation.  It's simple.  All they have to do is wait until they know for sure how much the refund will be, and then cut ONE check in my name or my mother's name, but instead they just keep sending multiple checks for the same amount in my father's name, which I can't do anything with.  Why are "professionals" so incompetent?

This time I'm trying the route of contacting customer service via email to give them time to sort out who is supposed to do what to fix the problem without wasting my valuable time by keeping me on hold while they transfer me repeatedly between departments and supervisors.  Quite frankly, I'm at my wits end with this company.  They got my zip code wrong despite me correcting it for several years, and they wouldn't take my father's name off the contract and checks despite me making several phone calls.  They are going to get a reaming on my Nuz Muz Reviews website if they can't get their act together this time.


Breathe said...

Its tough to train dogs to chill when the mail man (or others) come to the door. I finally figured out how to make it work and now it's not as stressful. Took a while and some help, but it was worth it.

I do hope the house works out. Maybe renting it to her for a month or so wouldn't be so bad, it would give you time to pack.

fernvalley01 said...

Cell phonnes are irritating at best I have threatened several times to run over mine. I had a Blackberry that I got so frustrated with I once called it a ***'in Blueberry , in front of several teens , made them laugh as you can imagine. Neighbor needs a leash, the dog too

Sandra said...

Well, you had quite a day. I think you should go nuzzle a muzzle, it usually will bring down the blood pressure.

I am technologically behind. I don't carry a phone around with me and am not going to. I don't have anyone I need to talk to that bad. I suppose you need it for business, but don't you think back to the days before you had to be instantly available?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Well, customer service called me to tell me there is nothing they can do about changing the names on the refund checks, so either the bank has to honor them or I have to just throw the check in the trash. Ridiculous.

Regarding renting, there are legal issues with that route. If they are required to be out of the house by close of escrow, and do not get out in time, we can hang onto the check for the sale of their house until they get out. However, if we allow them to stay after escrow closes, and they refuse to leave, my only recourse is to higher an attorney and sue, which is very expensive and would ruin us financially. We've met these people, and they are crazy as my current neighbors. I don't trust them and I don't want to have any connection to them beyond buying the house from them. They have already severely complicated my life, so I don't want to encourage any further interaction.

achieve1dream said...

Good grief!!! Now I know why I'm a semi-hermit LOL! People are nuts! I hope it gets settled soon.