Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Critters and Cameras

We've been having all kinds of critters visiting our property lately. Of course, there's the deer...

And we've heard coyotes close by each evening, so hopefully the neighbors are all keeping their cats and dogs indoors. Baby birds are all about and nesting in our awnings. Bunnies are digging under my fence to take shelter under the haystack, and I saw my first mole, be it dead, on the ground outside of its den.

I thank whatever animal caught it, because the moles have been creating tunnels all over our property, and I keep twisting my ankle falling into them.

Today the television crew came by to do a segment on how I use my photography skills to help find homes for shelter animals. Of course, it snowed all day yesterday, so I couldn't do all the cleanup work I had planned to do, and then I overslept. I kicked it into gear and did as much cleaning as possible right before they arrived. Then it hit me that someone might ask to use the bathroom, and none of our bathrooms were presentable for guests. My worry-wort self took over, but it turned out to be a quick, painless procedure.

The crew got their needs met in just a few takes and a short interview, and they left before we could even finish photographing the first dog. It was interesting watching how they handled bloopers, and I had a blooper my own when I couldn't remember the address of my website. I called out, "Quick! Somebody give me my business card!" and they had to cut the scene.

I have terrible brain farts when asked to recall facts. They were going to give me some time advertise my business, but I explained that I'm probably moving out of state next month, so there's really no point. I can't take a lot of calls for jobs right now, because I'm in the process of moving. We decided to stay in escrow at the end of the inspection period, because the overall quality of the house dwarfed the few problems they found. However, now we have to wait for the appraisal, and if the value of the property comes way under what I'm offering, the seller may have to come down on her price in order to not jeopardize my home loan.  That would help me out to put more money into fixing up our old house.


Dreaming said...

I cracked up that you couldn't remember your web address. I've been before a camera before and it's tough.
It sounds like you are making good progress on the house. I hope the appraisal works out for you. Good luck!

achieve1dream said...

LOL I suck at recalling facts under pressure (or any time lol) too! I'm glad the interview went well. :) You sounds so OCD about guests and cleaning just like me! I'm so bad about that!

I'm happy you're going to go ahead with the house. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they drop the price. That would be so great!