Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day By Day

I'm taking things day by day, still trying to get the house ready for a new tenant.  I can only get a little done each day, because, much to my dismay, having a home in escrow is the equivalent of working for a banker 40 hours a week.  Every day the lenders need more documents.  Stupid me.  I thought that once they got all their documents in that first week, I could actually start doing home repairs and packing, but apparently you aren't allowed to do that until after escrow closes because new documentation is needed on an hourly basis, and if you change your spending habits in any way whatsoever, then you lose your home loan.  Isn't corporate America wonderful?  I'm sure that speeding ticket my husband got yesterday will come under close scrutiny.  If you so much as sneeze, they want to know about it.

We have until Tuesday to lock ourselves in or out of the contract to buy the home.  Monday we finish inspections.  Because this house is at the top of our price range, everything has to go smoothly.  I can't have any unexpected expenses or we will end up broke.  Already multiple problems have plagued me each day, and I'm so angry that I'm about ready to just call it all off and save my money for the endless problems that need fixing around here.

But then I step outside to hug my horses, to get a momentary break from all the insanity, and look up to see my nosy neighbors all lined up on their porch or at my fence staring at me.  Then I think I will sell my soul to the devil if that's what it takes to get away from that freak show next door.  I remind myself that huge rats and their trails of feces and termites are the lesser of two evils.

My husband spread our pile of manure on our pasture, because it had actually composted to fertilizer this year.  Then he tried to reset our front walkway after a wild Locust tree grew nearby and pried it up with its roots.  Unfortunately, the concrete broke, so now he's breaking up the rest of it and we have to get a concrete contractor in to pour a new walkway.  That's one expense I wasn't planning on paying for.

I'm looking around our house more closely and realizing that there are some things that just have to be done.  The list includes:

*New walkways and patio
*Paint outside of house
*Paint inside of house
*New flooring in every room
*New fencing

Unfortunately, I can only afford to either buy a new home or fix up the old home.  Plus I need more time.  There's no way I can get everything listed above done in two months, especially since it's snowing some days and the temperatures need to change for concrete to cure and paint to dry.  The timing of all of this is bad.  We need to find a new home in the summer months, but with the economy improving, I'd be taking a risk to wait, because then interest rates on home loans will rise, as well as the prices on real estate.

There's always more to be done than I think.  I've been trying to fix up one of our bathrooms, but keep getting distracted by other problems, like the huge screw I found lying on the floor near the recliner.  Next thing I knew, I was crawling around under a piece of furniture searching for where the bolt came from, and fixing the recliner with a box full of tools.  Then there's just the daily chores.  No sooner do I start on one home improvement project and the dryer buzzes.  Then I spend the next half hour hanging clothes and folding linens.  Then the horses whinny and I know it's time to feed them.  After feeding them I notice the water trough is getting low.  On and on it goes, so it's impossible to get ahead of the game.

My husband has large items such as buckets covering the hole in the walkway so that someone doesn't trip or fall into the hole and sue us.  I knew the change on our property would attract the nosy neighbors, and sure enough I heard a large thump against the side of the house last night.  I ran outside to try to catch The Calling Card Creeper, but he got away.  I found nothing that could have made that sound and the wind wasn't blowing, for once. 

You know how these neighbors have to copy everything we do?  Well, yesterday I found a Corgi crapping on my lawn.  When I went outside to investigate whose dog it was, the Corgi ran off with the neighbors' annoying little yapper back to their house.  I'm praying they didn't get a new dog, because not only are they totally neglectful of animals, but they violate leash laws and simply don't deserve to have anymore pets. I suppose the Corgi could have belonged to one of their dozens of guests who come and go each day, as well.  Their place is like Grand Central Station, and my lawn seems to be the public restroom.

At my last photo shoot, my assistant brought a friend without giving me advance notice.  She almost stepped in some poop left by the neighbors' dog, then she tripped over my hose, and then she nearly slipped on ice on my walkway.  Now that our walkway is partially missing, I'm thinking of canceling the next photo shoot as well as the TV show they were going to film, because my property just isn't safe for people to walk on.  If I thought people had half a brain and could watch where they step, I wouldn't worry about it.

I just don't need any trouble now.  All it will take is for one more thing to go wrong and cause me to have a big expense, and all my dreams of moving will be flushed down the toilet.  Please send some good vibes my way.  I'll take all the good luck I can get.


Venom said...

*GOOD vibes, GOOD vibes*

I feel your pain... until 4 years ago we had neighbours too - I kept the drapery closed most of the time and the dogs had to stay in because God forbid they might bark in the middle of the day.

Then we moved out into the middle of nowhere - our closest (bachelor) neighbour is half a mile away and the peace & quiet is heavenly. We built a fabulous barn for my horses, and a hay shed, and changed fencing, and put in more water lines, and cleared land... and by then we'd used up all the $$ we had and gone back into debt.

Sometimes I do worry that we'll never be debt-free again... but the life we're living is comfortable and we have all the space and FREEDOM we ever wanted.

Every fall we have a family gathering here; the kids run wild -- shooting their bb guns, riding the quad, playing hide n' seek... and at night we put the animals in the barn, light a big bonfire to roast hotdogs and make s'mores and we have FIREWORKS!!

This time for you is stressful, but when you're most strung out, remember why you're doing all this... the rewards will be worth the effort in the end. Hang in there.

achieve1dream said...

Sending tons of good vibes! I would totally rather deal with the pests of the insect variety than the pests of neighbor variety. How bad is the structural damage though? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.