Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deep Breaths

I've decided that Fridays are my enemies.  For some reason, everyone and his brother decides he must call me, email me, text me, IM me, or come to my door on Fridays.  I literally feel like I'm being dumped on.  I'm busier just trying to run my household than a medical receptionist is running a medical clinic.  It's ridiculous.

I've decided that once I move, I'm going into super-secret hermit status.  I just need some time to take a few deep breaths.  For the past year I've been at the beck and call of legal papers and their deadlines.  Every time I think I've filled out every legal form in existence, another one shows up on my doorstep or in my email.  And every time I send a form off, there's some kind of problem.  Either the electronic form is corrupt or something wasn't filled in correctly or I missed a place where I was supposed to sign or I signed in a spot I wasn't supposed to sign.  It's never ending.  I'm beginning to understand why some people fake their own death.

I tried hiring a guy to replace my broken walkways and patio, and all I wanted was one guy who could do it all and not bother me until he needed to get paid.  Well, the guy came by to give me an estimate and then informed me that there would be a second guy who would need to come by and give a separate estimate.  Like I've got time for this?

Then the first guy broke my sprinkler head clean off, and drove away without saying anything to me.  Just great.  All we needed was one more expense and more time lost fixing something that someone else broke.

The second guy called me at 7:30 in the morning.  That's just plain rude.  I didn't answer.  I returned his call at a decent hour.  We agreed that he would come by at 1:00 PM.  He said he'd call around noon first.  I said, "Why do you need to call again?"  He said to confirm.  I said, "Noon is in a couple of hours and I'm confirming now.  Just come at 1:00."  He said, "I need to call first."  I said, "Well, I won't pick up because I need to be out at the barn doing chores around noon."  He said, "Then I'll call at 1:00 and come at 2:00."  Whatever.

I can't stand it when people say the will call me back or call me later, because they are assuming that A) I'll be available, B) I won't be on another phone line, C) that if I do have anything planned I'll scrap it in order to wait for their call, and D) that I won't mind the interruption.

So, the rest of the morning consisted of me getting bombarded with communications, and Midge having a complete nervous breakdown every time the phone rang or the neighbors used their nail gun.  I had to close all the doors inside the house to block out the sounds that the neighbors were making, so the dog couldn't hear it.  Still she was running around panting, drooling and breaking things, so I had to put her in her kennel again.  I ordered a ThunderShirt to avoid putting her on anti-anxiety meds, but have my doubts over whether it will work.  If it doesn't, I'll be sure to give it a rip on NuzMuz Reviews.  If it does work, it will receive praise.  I've just never had anything work to solve my problems.  I seem doomed to suffer through them and lose tons of money trying to solve them.

Around 10:30 AM I had just sat down to eat and drink something and the doorbell rang.  The dogs charged the door barking.  (By then Midge was out of her kennel.)  I sat there staring at the wall in complete exhaustion.  NOW what?  I try to get a few minutes to relax and someone has to come to the door.  I decided it was either the contractor breaking our agreement and showing up early, a salesman, a charity, or a political call, and I didn't want to deal with any of them, so I didn't answer.

Once the dogs settled down I looked out the window, but didn't see any trucks driving away.  Then it occurred to me that it could have a neighbor trying to tell me that one of my horses is colicking.  So, I ran to the window by the paddock and looked out.  The horses were fine, but I could see that someone was standing on my driveway petting them.  Then I saw my nosy neighbor walk back to her house.  Only once in the past six years has she come to my door, and that was to give us a tool that fell off her husband's truck in the road in front of our house, so I have no idea what that was about. 

Maybe she was going to complain about the tumbleweeds that blew out of our neighbors' yard into the road in front of our house.  We've been ignoring them, because we have no tumbleweeds on our property, and we're trying to get the neighbors to take responsibility for their tumbleweed mess, instead of just letting them blow over to our place.  Because they pile up against our fence, everyone just assumes they belong to our property.

The second concrete contractor came by to inform me that in order for him to do his job, I have to tear down two of my fences.  Really?  Like I've got time to be tearing down fences and putting them back up before I move in a month?  I guess we won't be replacing that cracked patio and walkway after all.  The point was to solve a problem.  Not to create more problems.

I ran around the house all day trying to do chores between phone calls and other interruptions and finally got a chance to sit down when my husband walked in the door and said, "You know the horses are out again."

I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  He insists that the horses have figured out how to unlock my double locks on the gate and I insist that the neighbors are messing with me.  They'd been descending on me like a herd of locusts all freakin' day.  I kept looking out the window waiting for them to go inside their house, so I could go out to do barn chores, and the second I got out there, the front door of their house would fly open and half a dozen people would pile out onto their front lot and start picking up rocks or smoking or digging through vehicles or just standing around staring at me.  If one of their vehicles was gone, it would suddenly come racing up the street after someone made a phone call, and more people would pile of it and loiter around my barn while I worked.

So, I'm going to get yet another combination lock and cable and put that on the gate to the paddock.  It's going to be a huge pain in the butt having to memorize yet another combination (I have two on my property at the moment) and open the damn thing every time I need to get a wheelbarrow through there to clean stalls or haul hay.  I'm back to feeding the horses in the dark since people are swarming around next door literally during every minute of daylight.  They may as well open a nightclub with all the visitors they have.  This doesn't feel like home or even a residential neighborhood to me anymore.

We are waiting on the appraisal of the new home.  If it appraises for less than our offer, we'll have to get the sellers to come down on the price or it could spell trouble with getting the home loan.  It's essentially an inexpensive house on 4 acres of land, so it all depends on how valuable the assessor feels that the land can be.  Technically, the land is only of value to either horse owners, motocross enthusiasts, or someone who wants to subdivide it.  My goal is to prevent motocross enthusiasts and subdividers from ruining it by getting to the land first.  I was to preserve it.  It's very difficult to find a home that comes with that many acres in the area.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I need a number of padlocks in my current life, so I bought a dozen of them all keyed the same. I have to carry a key, but it is only ONE key.


Reddunappy said...

You need a sweatshirt that says
"STOP Staring" On front and back!!

I think I would go postal and yell at them!!!

Ms Martyr said...

I seem to remember that you could change the combinations on locks. If so, you could code them so they all have the same combination and save you a few memory cells.

fernvalley01 said...

Seriously ? they are letting your horses out now?? Good lord!

achieve1dream said...

What jerks!! I hate your neighbors. I'm glad you're moving. You so deserve to become a hermit for a while and just enjoy time with your horses and family. :)