Monday, March 12, 2012

Every Which Way the Wind Blows

It comes as no surprise to me that as soon as the younger couple moved out of the house next door (The Calling Card Creeper and The Chain-Smoking Woman), my horses miraculously stopped "escaping" from the horse paddock.  I forgot to pick up a new locking mechanism this weekend, so nothing has changed with the gate locks.  This couple seems to get shuffled back and forth between relatives, living next door for a month and going some place else for a month, which means that right about the time we should be moving out, they will be moving in again.

The fence they built to cover up all the junk in their yard turned out to be a complete joke.  Here is this man who makes a living as a construction contractor, yet he didn't build the fence within code for our county, and now he's paying for it.  This is very typical of the Californians who move here.  They are used to mild weather, so they build to California code and standards, only to discover that Nevada is a whole different animal.  There is a six-foot height limit on fences and he built his at seven-feet.  Also, all fencing in our area is required to have posts set in concrete and gaps between boards for air to flow through.  With the exception of a wall, a solid fence will blow over in our 90 MPH winds.

So, the guy did not set the posts in concrete, and he did not leave any gaps between panels, and guess what?  We had a big wind this weekend, and it nearly blew down his new fence, so now he has it propped up with 2x4s and broomsticks!  And to think this guy's wife goes around the neighborhood begging the neighbors to hire him to do jobs.  Everyone I've talked to has said there is no way they would ever even consider hiring the guy, because of the condition of his own property.

Today was the day we were supposed to get the appraisal on the new home to see if we have negotiating room, and the appraiser was unable to complete the appraisal due to a lack of comparable properties.  Similar houses cost half as much as the house we are buying, but they are only on one acre, while this house is on four acres.  Since it is so rare to find a home one four acres in the area we are looking, the guy literally can't appraise the house and property, so they are sending the task to an underwriter.

I suspect that they are going to come back saying that the house and land are only worth about 3/4ths of what we are paying, which will force the seller to come down on her price and allow us room to fix up our old house.  The only problem is that this seller has insisted that if she takes a lower price, she won't be able to move.  We suspect that she has no choice, because she can't make her mortgage payments anymore and is on the verge of having to forfeit the house to the bank, which would result in foreclosure or a short sale.  Then we would get the property for much cheaper, but we'd have to wait several more months before we could move.  These are complicated times.  All I can do is trust that all these twists and turns are in our favor, and be patient.  I do hope that everything works out for the best for the seller, as well, but right now she is royally ripping us off with her price.  Fortunately, lenders don't want to be ripped off anymore than buyers, so we've got a whole team of people on our side.


Mikey said...

Your neighbor, lol, I'm picturing this fence. Oh boy. I bet you'll be glad to not have to look at that.
Fingers crossed on your house!!

Leah Fry said...

I sure hope it all works out in your favor.

achieve1dream said...

OMG! Your neighbor is so stupid lol.

I hope it works out for you on the house! That is so cool. I've never bought a house so I don't know about any of this stuff.