Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fenced In

I spent the day painting fences and fence posts to try to "freshen up" the horse paddock.

I got most of it done before the annoying neighbors came out and started working on their fence. It astounds me how they get everyone and his brother over at their house to work on this project, yet it still takes weeks for them to finish it. I watched a guy across the highway erect a fence ten times longer than this one in two days.

However, now that I've finally started paying attention to the things these people say to each other, I'm realizing that they all do appear to be mentally challenged in one way or another.  They were explaining to one lady what an area code is, because she kept calling someone and not reaching the right person.  

Yesterday people were coming and going moving every piece of junk and vehicle on the front of the property around to the back. Check out all the trailers and trucks they have lined up against the back on my fence now...

I overhead the old guy saying they'd have to move two of the vehicles some place else, because he's planning on putting a new building there. His wife freaked out and said, "But then I can't look out the window."

I almost burst out laughing, because the wife is always peeking out windows because she's super nosy and the old guy is always trying to build stuff and failing. It was inevitable that their two hobbies would collide at some point.

Last night as they were unloading more windows and doors from a truck, I heard the sound the glass breaking, and now they have a huge broken sliding glass door leaning right up against their horse paddock where the horses can easily cut themselves on the jagged pieces still hanging from the frame.

Midge, my Corgi, has been on the verge of a nervous breakdown every time they start hammering and using the nail gun on that fence. She's been bouncing off the walls for over a week since they started the project, and they aren't even halfway done yet. Plus if the old guy is planning on building a shed or garage in his backyard, there will be no end in sight to the construction noises next door.

See folks? This is why I previously never complained to the county about the junkyard next door. I knew it would result in a bigger problem. When trucks started showing up on a regular basis and dumping more junk into their yard, I finally complained because I feared that my neighbors might be hoarders, and I was tired of all the traffic they attracted with their ongoing rummage sale. Now I am being rewarded by having to listen to the sounds of construction while the epically slow old timer builds a storage shed for all his junk in an effort to hide it so that the neighbors won't complain to the county about the mess.

I'm so glad I changed the closing date for escrow on buying the new house to 45 days instead of 60, because I don't think I can tolerate that many more days of living next door to these people. Right now I've got Midge locked in her kennel carrier so that she'll stop running around the house nervously breaking things and drooling all over the floor.

Her incurable urinary tract infection turned out to just be excessive anxiety caused by the neighbors. If she doesn't calm down by the time we get to the new house, I'm going to get a vet to put her on sedatives, because this dog is driving me just as crazy as the neighbors do.


Tervpack said...

Have you heard of the Thundershirt? It is supposed to help many dogs with anxiety issues. Here's where I got mine:
There is a link to the Thundershirt web page there too. It might help Midge.

appydoesdressage said...

You are better than I, I would have but poor Midge on an anti-anxiety already. No reason for her to be anxious and driving you crazy when there is a simple solution. Good luck with that.

At least the backed vehicles and trailers look semi organized. I will say that the comment about the wife complaining about the blocked window made me laugh out loud! How funny is that?! I really hope it works out for you and he builds a shed in the way of her peeping.

Paint Girl said...

Fence looks great!
I bet you can't wait to move away from your nosy neighbors!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Anti-anxiety drugs are a simple, but expensive solution, and even though I take them myself, I'm really very anti-drugs. Discoveries are coming out all the time about widely-used drugs causing debilitating side effects and even death. My mother was on Warfarin, and it caused her to have a stroke and die. So, I prefer to try other avenues first.

Dreaming said...

The fence looks great. Little things like that leave a big impression.

fernvalley01 said...

fence looks great, I would nbe counting the minutes!

Linda said...

You're doing a great job getting the place ready. I think I'm as excited as you are to see you move!!! I can't wait!!! I'm going to live vicariously through you...even though I like my place...I miss sunshine!

Mikey said...

Your fence looks great. I want to do that here, but it would also include painting the house, and for the last 3 yrs we haven't come up with a color we all like.
Can't wait for you to move. That will be such a happy day!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Okay, so I ordered a Thundershirt, and for forty bucks it had better work.

achieve1dream said...

The only time Storm is a problem is when they shoot firecrackers so only the 4th of July and New Years, so I always use Benadryl. It calms her down enough so she can sleep. I hope the Thundershirt works for Midge!!