Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Guard

I've been creating lists of all we have to do in order to move, but not getting a whole lot done because I'm still getting bombarded with phone calls, emails, text messages, and paperwork regarding all the legal processes involved in exchanging homes.  Literally every day our lenders and accountants, and we are working with two of each, notify us that they are missing some documents, and we have to scramble around searching for them.  It usually turns out that they lost them.  I am so beyond disgusted with incompetent people.  We're held hostage by bureaucrazy.  (Misspelling intentional.)  I know this can't go on forever, but it certainly seems like it might, especially since you consider that I've had this hyper-communications lifestyle and been buried in paperwork since last March.

The past few weeks have been like a roller coaster, one day up, the next day down.  Today was a down day.  My lender missed yesterday's lock in deadline for a 4.125% mortgage interest rate by a couple of minutes, and the interest rates shot up to 4.35%.  That would be an extra $50 added to my mortgage every month.  That and the fact that several problems were found with the house during the home inspection, including structural problems, unserviced air conditioners, termites and very large desert rats inhabiting the attic and patio, crapping and pissing everywhere, I'm not so sure I can follow through on buying this home.  I was already stressing out over whether we had enough cash to cover all the expenses, and it doesn't help that more keeps getting added on with each day.

We were already over our limit, because the seller wants more than the house is worth, so she's going to have to either chip in for some of the hits I'm taking or come down on the price if she wants out of that house.  I'm also scared that I may not be able to sell the house I'm in, because the previous owner built an illegal addition right on top of the patio without a proper foundation.  Well, guess what?  The house settled, the patio cracked, and now water seeps up through those cracks onto the carpet in the add on.  We've just lived with it, but I could see some buyer demanding that we knock it down and rebuild it properly.  I know I can sell the house "As Is", but I'm learning that from buying an "As Is" house, the clause really means nothing.  Buyers can still insist that the sellers fix things.  That's why I think I'm better off renting it out.  Renters are less picky.  They're just happy to have a place to keep their horses.

I was walking through the house making a list of what we can move, what we can sell or donate, and what we can toss.  When I walked into my daughter's room I looked out the window to see The Calling Card Creeper and the little boy doing something to Gabbrielle over the fence.  I saw that they both had big sticks.  When they saw me in the window, they left Gabbrielle alone and started sword fighting right next to my horses.  All three of my horses stampeded to get away from the sword fight, except because I had Bombay in the round pen, he was just running in circles.  I thought, "This is ridiculous!  These neighbors have nearly two acres of land and they have to play right up against my horse paddock?"

Since my horses were clearly freaked out, I marched outside and asked them to stop.  I explained that when horses run around like that, they are scared.  The man, who sounded like he was mentally challenged, started asking questions about my horses, wanting to know their names and their genders.  He said that Bombay tried to eat their overalls by reaching over the fence and tugging on their straps while they were digging a post hole. 

I looked over and saw that they had erected a wood post right up against my chain link.  I told him that unfortunately, the horses will eat that post too.  He said they were putting up a wood fence between my fence and their house.  So, they aren't putting up a fence between our properties like I had hoped.  I told him that I've tried to plant trees along the fence and my horses ate them before I even got them planted in the ground.  I also told him my plans to erect a wall, but couldn't build one on my side of the fence because the cable runs underground there.  I said it would be good if we could build a wall on their side of the fence, but it's their property, so they would have to approve it.  Otherwise, the only option is to rip out the chain-link fence and reuse those post holes for the wall, but then I have to board my horses some place else.

I was trying to plant a seed, and get them thinking about putting a wall on their side of the fence, but I'm sure they can't afford it.  I certainly can't afford it.  While I had their attention, I instructed them not to feed my horses.  I can't tell what they are doing to them when I see them at the fence, so I knew I had better remind them.  I know I've told them before. 

As I walked away, the man said, "Oh well, it sounds like we can't sword fight anymore."

I was going to correct him and say that they can sword fight, they just need to do it on some other part of their property away from my horses, but I needed to get back inside to answer the phone.  Of course, my horses will eventually get desensitized to the sword fighting, but I'm afraid that the sticks will break and fly into my horses' eyes.  That's how close these guys are to them.  It's also just annoying that they always have to be making noise in my space.  If I didn't have that fence there, these people would be erecting tents in my horse paddock.  That's how much time they spend right up against my property line. 

Anyway, about five minutes after I spoke with them, I heard clacking and looked out the window to see that they had erected a post next to my fence and the kid was sword fighting the post.  The man had gone in the house to tell all the other adults what I said, and just let the kid go back to doing the very thing I asked him to stop doing. 

These people are incapable of respecting a simple request, which is why I don't confront them often.  Expressing my feelings or discomfort over how their activities affect me never gets results.  Threatening them doesn't work either, because they just call the police.  They did that to one of their boarders and had the police patrolling the neighborhood to look for her.  I wish moving were simpler, because that seems to be the only solution. 

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achieve1dream said...

Well crap! So are you not getting the house? What kind of structural damage is it?