Friday, March 16, 2012

A Parting of the Clouds

In half an hour I will have signed the last of the legal papers for the refinance of our current house, which means one less lender pestering me for blood.  Hallelujah!  Now I can start playing telephone tag with contractors who can fix up the house instead of me signing and scanning papers all week.  I actually found a minute to bring some boxes in to pack up more knick knacks.  I started packing three weeks ago and haven't had the time nor energy since.

I received the estimate for what it will cost to replace all of our broken tiles and piss-stained carpet with laminate flooring.  I was guessing it would cost between $7,000 and $8,000.  My husband guessed $9,000.  I nearly fainted when they said it will cost $16,000.  I could buy an entire short sale home for that amount, and that covers the roof and walls too, not just the floors.  Between that and the $5,000 to repair all the broken and cracked concrete, there's nothing left in our budget to paint the interior and exterior of the house.  I'm going to have to come up with some creative solutions.

Scrappy has this cute thing he does at night when I'm sleeping.  I'll wake a little and become aware of the pitter-patter of dog feet around the bed.  I'll say, "Who's there?" and Scrappy responds with two short huffs of his breath.  I appreciate that he doesn't answer by barking.  Anyway, the past couple of evenings when I've been mucking out stalls I became aware of a horse head sticking in through the window watching me.  I said, "Who's there?" and Gabbrielle let out two huffs of air to answer.  It's the cutest thing when animals talk with their breath.

I got a call from a lady in Hawaii who saw my pet photos on my photography website and just wanted to compliment me on my work and ask me about my training.  That was a nice surprise.  Usually when people call they want to suck the life out of me.  I'm beginning to have some of my faith in mankind restored... just a teensy bit.  Of course, it would be better if someone local would call and schedule a portrait tomorrow, so that I can actually do a job before I move and get paid for a change.


DMeister said...

If some things are too expensive, it might be better not to do them at all. According to my Business and Real Estate Evaluation Law class, the only reason to fix up a house is to get people to want to buy it, not to actually increase the value of the house. The only home or business improvement that consistently increases the value of a property is a new roof.

That's really nice that you got a call from someone in Hawaii. If people from other states are noticing your work, perhaps you'll have an easier start in AZ.

Dreaming said...

Ugh... those prices seem really high! Did you get estimates from several sources?
As far as interior painting... we bought a lot of $5 'oops' paints from Home Depot or Lowes when we redid one of our homes.

fernvalley01 said...

Good news , and WOW!!! $16000??? Holy dinah!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Unfortunately, most of the flooring companies in my area have gone out of business, so there aren't many options. The Home Depot charges $50 for an estimate and measurement, which they only give back to you if you accept their contract.

Breathe said...

Those prices are crazy, especially with a market with so much depressed housing prices. As is is sounding like a decent idea.

Hang in there!

Congrats on the photog recognition, that's fabulous!

Reddunappy said...

Wow that sounds way expensive for a laminate floor!!! You should be able to buy real wood for that!!! My folks owned a floor store for 28 years!!!
Neat phone call!!
Hope things continue on the up and up!!!!

achieve1dream said...

YIKES on the flooring! That is outrageous! I hope things work out and you can get everything settled under budget. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!