Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pigs, Deer, and more Pigs

Photo borrowed from gianthamster.com

I am so looking forward to seeing the TV show episode of "My Crazy Obsession" about the lady who keeps a capybara as a pet.  I've always been a big guinea pig fan and thought the ultimate exercise in guinea pig fanship would be to own a capybara.  

The herd of a dozen deer came by tonight.  We watched them eat all the buds off our trees and the patches of green grass on our lawn.  They stood outside our dining area window just a few feet away from us and we watched each other eat.  When they started heading for the barn I went outside to chase them away so that I wouldn't have to repair more hoof scratches on the stall walls.  Unfortunately, the herd split up.  The younger ones leaped over the neighbors' fence and high tailed it across their lawn, while the older, bigger ones stood just 15-feet away from me hoping I'd think they were statues.  I said to them, "You can eat my lawn all you want, but stay out from behind my barn and leave my horses alone!"

I wanted to pet one so bad.  Deer have heads that look amazingly similar to Gabbrielle's face and eyes.  My farrier always says that Gabbrielle has the head and petite stature of a deer.  Now I see what he means.  Maybe she was a cross between a horse and a deer.

I continue to be horrified by the cost of moving.  I finally got an agent out here to take inventory of everything in the house, guess a weight and give me an estimate off that:  $8,500!  And if I want help packing:  $4,000!  And if I pack myself, then the company makes me sign a form that they are not liable for anything that is damaged or lost.  Sigh.  It seems I'm screwed no matter what I do.  Oh yeah, and the guy wanted me to pay $156 for a one box for my flat screen TV!  Say what?  I could just buy a new TV for that amount.  I'll transport the damn thing in my backseat if I have to. 

I have yet to sign a single contract with anyone because I just can't see how any of this can fit into my budget.  I keep making the flooring company and the painter revise their contracts in hopes of making enough adjustments to bring the costs down to a level I can afford.  I still have a kid I have to put through college, and moving is going to make me go bankrupt. 


fernvalley01 said...

Wow! that seems ridiculously high! But I honestly don't know the costs so I should hush

SquirrelGurl said...

Have you tried looking into a POD?

When I had my first moving meltdown I got a quote from them and it was somewhere around 50 cents a mile for them to drop off a pod for me to pack, pick it up when I was ready and deliver it to my new place across the country.

Crystal said...

We have deer that wander through our place at nights too, and they are getting more brave cause yesterday they come in while it was still daylight.

K.K. said...

When my parents moved it cost them over $10,000. And my mom had packed everything by herself too.

We just finalized our move to the new farm but lucky for us we moved over the course of about 6 months.

I told hubby next time we move I'm going to just leave everything and start over fresh...or we will just live in this house for the rest of my life.
I really hope things start looking up!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I know that getting a container and filling it ourselves or renting a moving truck and driving it ourselves is cheaper, but there are only two of us in rickety health and we can't move things like a piano and chine hutch by ourselves, and we have to drive our own vehicles, so we have to go with the pros. We're trying to get rid of stuff to bring down the weight, but the weather isn't cooperating. Donating is tricky. We don't have any charity that picks up the types of items we want to get rid of, and I remember one summer driving around to all the thrift shops trying to donate stuff and being turned away because they didn't have anymore room. If you go to the dump, you have to pay for them to take it. It's a quandary. I might look for someone who cleans up after estate sales and sells your stuff at flea markets, although we don't have any flea markets around here either. That's the difference between living in the country vs. living in or near a big city. You have more options around a city.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Craigslist may be the answer to your woes. Advertise and sell off what you don't want to take with you.

Have you contacted the school districts and asked if they would be interested in anything you wish to get rid of? Sometimes the department head is looking for one of those and you just happen to have one. They would be glad to take it off your mind and move it for you. It's a thought...

Sports leagues, shelters for battered women- usually they have kids... Day care, music stores that give lessons, soup kitchens. Not sure what you are trying to donate, but there are a number of different places accepting donations and I would bet that ALL of them have a wish list. Some of them the list is a mile long.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It cost us somewhere around $1500 to move from South Carolina back to New Mexico about 8 years ago. We, of course, purged just about everything we had, and rented a U-Haul. And we gave away most of our stuff to our friends that helped us pack up the U-Haul and the rest to Freecycle folks that would come by and pick up whatever we wanted to give away. In hindsight we should have just rented a trash container and had them take a load away, because we were still tossing stuff to the curb as we finished loading the U-Haul, and I still feed bad about leaving the new owners with such a huge pile of unwanted junk to wait until the trash trucks showed up.
I packed our 3 rabbits, cat and 3 kids in the van and towed the pop-up camper, while hubby and his friend took turns driving his truck and the big U-Haul truck across country.
It sure wasn't easy, but New Mexico promised us a better life than what we had in South Carolina and we couldn't wait to get back home again.
I liken it to childbirth. It's painful to go through, but it doesn't last forever, and when it's all over, your rewards are great!

Gabrielle does have a deer-like face, but she is much prettier than a deer for sure.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

That sounds astronomical, but when I think about it...it costs me almost $600 in fuel alone when I haul horses back and forth to South Dakota (1400 miles round trip) and that was before this last price jump in diesel. :( It's just flat out expensive these days.

achieve1dream said...

Good grief!!! I hope I never have to move out of the state. Wow! That's crazy. I hope you can figure something out. I wish I could just drive down there and help you lol.