Friday, March 23, 2012

Questions for my Readers

Alright.  Time to get down to the nitty gritty. 

Over the past several weeks it has been nearly impossible for me to get a few minutes to start packing for our move.  The phone calls and unexpected problems are relentless.  Literally, every hour I get slammed with a new dilemma that I, and supposedly only I, can solve.  I spend so much time running around fixing things that other people broke that I can't even grab a knick knack, wrap it in a newspaper, and put it in a box.  That's what I should be doing, considering that I only have a couple more weeks before escrow closes.

Last night I spent three hours on the phone with a relative's tax accountant, and spent an hour on the phone with him the night before.  Because of him, I could not clean stalls for two days straight, and last night I had to solicit help from my husband to pick up dinner, pick up some bags and boxes for packing, put the horses in their stalls and feed them.  Today two more problems regarding tax returns sucked up all of my time and only one of them was properly resolved. 

With each new wave of deadlines I feel like I'm caught up in a tsunami with no way out.  Once I survive that and think, "Whew!  Now I can finally start packing...", I get hit with another wave of unexpected problems and excessive interruptions.

So, my first question for my readers is, "Just how long does it take for one person to box up everything in a 2,000 square foot house?"

My next questions is, "Do you have any interstate m o v e r s you can recommend?" 

Let me specify that any advertisements or spam that comes through from m o v i n g companies will be deleted.  I only want to hear from my readers who have experience with this.  I've spent all week interviewing various companies and they all are disappointments.  They seem to be running one scam or another that I am very well educated about.  Ultimately, I have to guesstimate, at the rate the phone is ringing, how soon it will be before everything is boxed up so that I will be ready for the transportation for the stuff to arrive.


Dreaming said...

We used Mayflower. We called in several of the big companies for estimates. Some came to the house to see our belongings, others just talked to us over the phone to get an inventory of the furniture we would be moving. The prices were all very close. Some of the companies had extra charges for bulky things. Their 'insurance' is pitiful. It barely covers anything. But, we took a gamble that the truck wouldn't be stolen or in an accident that would ruin all of our belongings. We were really happy to have them haul the heavy stuff!
I can't help you with the time for packing things as we moved over a period of three years! I would imagine if you get yourself set up with all of the wrappings and boxes you could move through it fairly quickly. I kept track of what was in each box and that took a lot of time. If you started in one corner of a room, for example the living room, and just numbered the boxes for where the contents came from it would speed things up. Buying wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes is expensive, but it sure makes things easy. You can also dump shoes and other items in the bottom. They let us ship our dressers with the contents in the drawers.
Oh, if you have lamp shades you care for, pack those in separate cartons. I did nest a few (wrapped in clean newsprint) when I could, but they get ruined pretty easily if something knocks into them. I used all of my towels and bedding as packing material too.

Crystal said...

I moved quite a bit when I was younger but always did it myself with help of friends. Have had some experience with u-haul and it was all good except you actually have to be the ones doing the moving. I found when moving it takes more time to pack if you are getting rid of stuff first, otherwise just throw it all in boxes and organize as you take it out in the new house but that makes more to move. Either way moving is a nusance, lol I hope I never move again.

Tina said...

I can't help with the furniture moving as I've never had a lot of stuff. A 26' Uhaul truck was enough to move household furniture, a huge 4-wheeler and 22 bales of my local hay so that I could acclimate my two horses to the new hay. We moved from South Dakota to Georgia.

I can't wait to read posts once you move. I bet you are a lot less stressed.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't recall who we used but I do know there are moving companies that will also do the packing for you (I packed myself). Maybe if you call around you could have them do the packing and moving so you won't have all the work. Good luck.

fernvalley01 said...

I wish you the very best of luck, I have helped friend move, and realistically we had a house your size packed in boxes and moved is a weekend , but that was a bunch of us with pick ups and trailers, the folks moving kept us fed and hydrated (beer) and we had a huge BBque at the other end doing it yourself? I have no idea, moved out of my folks house at 17 rented this one then bought it and they will have to burn me out

fernvalley01 said...

it was also a move within the province , 4 hours north but still within the province

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I have always moved myself, including all of the animals. So no help with the moving company.

I do have one bit of info that might help you though...If you have large furniture that you are not in love's best to sell it, give it away or trash it to avoid moving it.

It's amazing what you can replace it with for little cost in the PHX area, just by hitting a few rummage sales, looking at Craigslist favorite place...GoodWill.

There is a GoodWill in south Scottsdale that is ALL high end furniture. Everything you could ever possibly need to furnish a house. And the prices are quite reasonable.

It's just north of the corner of Scottsdale and McDowell, on the east side of the road.

I didn't stop at that one this time, but driving by-the store is jammed packed with furniture.

I did stop at my other two favorites-one in Paradise Valley (north side corner of Greenway and Highway 51) and another one in south Scottsdale (on Scottsdale Rd just north of the 202) and picked up 4 very expensive comforters with a mass of decorative pillows, some clothes for Meg and I, some designer label purses and a pile of woven baskets...all for under $200. Just one of the comforters I bought would have cost over $200 new.

Anyway, that's something to keep in mind while you are packing. If it's not something that has sentimental value or something that you just absolutely love...don't bother to move it to Phx with you. It can all eventually be replaced once you are there and if you like to thrift shop...usually for very little cost.

Ms Martyr said...

We moved from California to Alaska as newlyweds in 1975 and didn't have many possessions. As I recall, we used Mayflower and it seemed expensive at the time.
Moved to this house in 1979 and did it with friend's help since it was only a couple of miles from our first place.

Breathe said...

We are moving a similar sized house. You have children. Have them come home for a weekend and help.

That why we birth 'em.


I box the kitchen first, it's the biggest pain in the arse. Everything else is easier, but set a day for closets. Moving stuff you'll never open is annoying.

I've moved many times, but not a house I've lived in for 15 years. I also have to move in three weeks.



achieve1dream said...

I'm no help! I've never had to move a whole household. I think it would take me forever to pack though because I'm so OCD. Everything would have to be clean and organized lol. If you just box things by room and don't worry about throwing things out or organizing it shouldn't take horribly long I wouldn't think. You do have a big house though with a lot of stuff. Eek! Anyway as late as I'm reading/commenting you've probably already finished so I'm definitely no help. I hope it all went smoothly!!