Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday I walked outside to clean stalls and found that the horses had broken into the round pen.  I hollered at them to get out there, and said out loud something to the effect of, "Geez, every time I turn around there's another problem!"

I ducked under the fence and chased them out, locking the gate behind them.  I turned around to see my nosy neighbors crouched down by my fence watching me.  That freaked me out, so I went back inside instead of cleaning stalls.

A few hours later I went outside to try to clean stalls again, and found that the horses had broken out of the paddock gate and were on the RV lane eating off the haystack.  I had no idea how long they had been there.  I yelled out, "Geez, I know I locked that gate!  This is ridiculous!"

I chased them back into the paddock, yelling at them the whole way, and locked the paddock gate behind them.  I looked up to see my nosy neighbors standing right up against my fence staring at me again.  It was as if they were enjoying the show, watching my horses escape and waiting for me to come outside and react to it. 

When I was painting the fence, I moved from one side of the fence to the other by climbing through the railings.  I didn't go through the gate at all, and I always, as a habit, lock the gate twice behind me when I do go through it.  I have a chain lock that fits through notches, and a double-eyelet lock that attaches to each side of the chain.  Without thumbs, it is impossible for the horses to open those eyelet latches.  They can shake the chain out of the slots with their lips, but not if the eyelet lock is attached.  I was baffled over how the horses could have broken through my lock and then I looked at the expression on The Calling Card Creeper's face and instantly knew that he had sneaked over and let them out.

My horses don't even test to see if the paddock gate is unlocked anymore, because I'm so good about locking it.  I stupidly thought it was safe to leave the RV lane gate unlocked during the day since I needed to go through it multiple times.  The Creeper could have easily walked down the street, let himself into my RV lane and opened the gate to the paddock.  He probably saw how angry I was when the horses broke into the round pen and found it to be amusing.  I glared back at him and then went in the house.  It had taken too long for me to round up the horses, and now I didn't have time to clean stalls, because dinner was ready.

I don't know what the old man is planning on doing along my fence line, but he's been spending a lot of time pacing along the length of it and studying the ground.  I'm hoping he'll build a wall that my horses can't chew on.  It would greatly improve my property value.

The Smoking Woman used to come out on the porch every time I was outside and stare at me while she smoked.  Since she smokes every five minutes, it is impossible for me to get any alone time when I'm in my horse paddock.  So, I decided to make her feel uncomfortable by staring back at her.  It worked, because now every time that I'm outside, she opens the front door, starts to come out, sees me, and backs away.  She leaves the door open and I can hear her walking around the house looking for one of the boys.  Then usually her husband comes outside and moves a vehicle so that it is parked between wherever I am working and their porch.  Then the woman will come out and smoke on the porch, because I can't stare back at her with the vehicle in the way.

When I was painting my fence, The Smoking Woman came outside, saw me, and asked the guys who were building a fence if I came out after they started working.  One of them said, "No, she was out here painting all morning."   He waved his arm towards the section of fence I already completed and said, "See, she got all that done before we came outside."  I thought it was interesting that all these years they've come running outside to stare at me every time I walk into my horse paddock, and now all of the sudden they are concerned that I might be doing the same thing to them.

So, we've obviously got a little feud going now, which I think is better than them just constantly chasing me off with their staring.  I'm teaching them that they can be on the receiving end of their own actions, and they don't like it.  It makes me feel a little empowered, but unfortunately the problem is only going to escalate, and I suspect my horses will end up being the victims.  I have to start locking the RV lane gate behind me even during the day now.  One of the complaints I filed against them was that they keep letting their horses escape and run around the neighborhood on a regular basis and do nothing to fix the locks on their gates, so it makes sense that they would come over and cut my horses loose for revenge to try to make me look like the irresponsible one.

The Calling Card Creeper is watching me very closely.  Every time that I go back inside the house after doing chores, I turn around to close the door and I see him watching me.  He keeps watching me inside my house through the glass door until I move to a part of the house where he can no longer see me.  So, he's obviously keeping tabs on my movements, and taking advantage of my absence when I go inside my house.

I have started taking my dogs outside on leash and just sitting in the sun with them.  The neighbors release their dog to run over and poop on my lawn, and their dog comes trotting down the road only to come to a screeching halt as soon as it sees my dogs growling at it.  Then it high tails it back home.  Now that we've got good weather, I'm planning on spending as much time outside as possible to block their trespassing, whether it be by dog, horse or human.


Mikey said...

That is so insane. I can't imagine living like that. I think I'd prefer to be armed all the time with someone like that creeper watching me.
Around here, we run those types out. We haven't seen the crazy neighbor guy in years now, since we all reported him driving drunk every time he left the house. (which was true. He drove a semi truck home from the bar, drunk as hell)
I don't know how you do it. I hope you get moved soon. That neighborhood is super creepy.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

This just gets creepier and creepier. I read your blog and Thank Heaven's I have never encountered such neighbors. It makes me especially thankful I have neighbors I wave at, visit with and I know when I'm not here, they keep an eye on things.

C-ingspots said...

They do sound seriously whacked. I agree with you, your horses will probably pay for it somehow. Have you considered investing in some binoculars and watching them at times, or at least photographing them watching you, like when he's crouched down in the bushes and never know, you might need that as evidence sometime in the future. Maybe get a fingerprinting kit and let them see you dusting your gates and such...I don't know, but it's high time they fretted about you for a change.

achieve1dream said...

That's awesome! I'm glad your tactics are finally making a difference! I love that the old woman makes him move a vehicle in the way lol. It does sound like they are a little mentally challenged. Uncomfortable situation! At least you're getting out of their soon. I like the idea of using your dogs to scare theirs off. Have you considered trying the video taping idea on Calling Card Creeper? Like you could go inside, grab your camera and then act like you're taking pictures of him through the glass. Might work.