Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Realizations

I had three realizations today.

I was trying to muck out stalls in 80 MPH winds and as I shook the shavings off the fork, they blew all around the stalls in a blizzard of wood chips only to settle in the fresh water I had just poured in the troughs.  Gabbrielle had such severe fits in the high winds that I had to shut myself in her stall to avoid getting plowed down while she raced around bucking and rearing.  The tarps on the haystack were whipping around loudly and violently, and much of the hay was getting blown into the neighbor's yard.  I was cursing it all until the realization hit me that once I get to Arizona, I won't have to deal with hurricane force winds as often as I do now.

I then made dinner the high altitude way, frying burgers in a pan and then microwaving them to cook the centers.  It suddenly hit me that once I move to Arizona, I won't have to follow high altitude instructions anymore.

I also realized that never again will I have to change all the clocks in the house twice a year.

I think all of that sufficiently makes up for state income taxes.

We're still waiting on the appraisal for the new house and getting estimates for all the work we have to do on the old house at the same time.  My husband brought home some good news from work.  He may be able to keep his current job as a telecommuting contractor for a while, which will give him more time to look for a new job after we move, and one of his coworkers has some relatives who are looking for a home in our area, and every time they find one, someone else makes an offer before they do, so buyers are actually starting to have trouble finding homes in our area.  We might be able to sell instead of rent, which would take a load off my mind.  Also, if people are grabbing whatever they can find, I may not have to invest as much money as I originally thought in fixing the place up.


fernvalley01 said...

Good news all around,well except for the risk of being mowed down

Paint Girl said...

I didn't realize how windy it gets there! You have the wind and we get the rain! I also missed out on where the new house is! I love Arizona!! I am so jealous!!

Mikey said...

That's good news!!
I love those things about Arizona. I don't understand why everyone doesn't live here, lol. I think it's the best place on the planet.
When I was about 10, I came to visit a great aunt who lived in Prescott. She took us all over AZ and I remember one moment I was among the red rocks and a tumbleweed rolled by, that I just KNEW I would live here someday. At age 19 on my birthday I wrote myself one of those "where I'll be in 5 or 10 yrs" (still have it) and I wrote I'd be living in AZ. Sure enough, here I am and I don't ever want to leave.
Can't wait for you to get down here. I think you'll be so much happier.

Cheryl Ann said...

Well, that's a lot of good news! :-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

The winds of change seem to be blowing for the better. Hope the house deal works out and you can sell instead of rent. I love AZ and I'd live there myself if I could but that's not in the cards. I have a feeling you're going to be very happy there.

Crystal said...

I wish I could move to Arizona (or Texas) but just not gonna happen. I also wish we never had to change our clock too, such a nusance

achieve1dream said...

Wow you're making me want to move to AZ. It sure would help my allergies, which are REALLY BAD right now. I can't quit sneezing.

Those are all wonderful things and I'm so happy for you that you're finally getting away from your horrible neighbors and that your husband job is working out to your benefit. :D It's about time some of the good vibes came your way. We'll keep pushing them that way lol.