Friday, March 30, 2012

The Week of a Million Phone Calls

I had another week of a million phone calls, emails, meetings, and errands with very little progress on packing or hiring a mover.  Twelve more days until escrow closes.  I made an impulse decision yesterday to advertise for a weekend moving sale, simply because the weather forecast said some wind and rain this weekend, while a huge storm is moving in next weekend.  I only have three weekends to pull off a moving sale and it looks like none of them are going to be dry.  Well, guess what?  Right after I took out the ad, they changed the weather forecast to wind and rain on Saturday and snow on Sunday.  This is just one more reason why I want to get out of Northern Nevada.  The weather sucks.

Have you ever tried carrying a flake of hay through hurricane force winds?  By the time you reach the barn, all the hay is in your hair, your eyes, down the front of your shirt, and in your neighbor's yard.

At 6:00 AM I was woken by a low rumbling that got into my head and started making me crazy.  If loud vehicles just drive past my house, I can tune it out, but when someone idles a loud engine right next to my house for half an hour, I feel like going postal.  I opened the blinds and looked out to see my neighbor across the highway with his headlights on and engine running in his driveway.  I walked out onto the porch with the light on and stood there with my arms crossed and my hair messed up glaring at him until he noticed that he woke me and finally drove off.  I just don't understand how these people can be so disruptive, waking up everyone in the neighborhood, and not even care.  Why does anyone need an engine that loud anyway?  It must be a fad or something.  City boys move to the country and the first thing they have to do is buy a broken down pick up truck and put a diesel tractor engine in it.  This is the third neighbor to do this in the past year.  My house is like a drum.  It absorbs all sounds and they reverberate around inside it.

I met with a real estate agent yesterday to discuss my options with our current home and to find out recent market trends.  Apparently, our house has dropped another $50,000 in value since this time last year.  Awesome.  He does have one client who might be interested in the house, but isn't willing to pay its current value.  I've decided that I'll tell him that his client can buy the house as is at that price if he's interested, but if not, I'm going to just clean it up a little bit and rent it out.  Apparently, houses are selling, but not the ones on my street, because it is now considered to be a major thoroughfare, and no one wants to contend with all the traffic noise.  There is a homeowner's association up the street that is installing a sound wall around it right now.  That's how bad the traffic has gotten just in the past year, and this is supposed to be a rural community.  I don't understand why all these people are moving here, because there aren't any jobs.

A part of me feels like I need to sell the house before Walmart moves in down the road, because that's just going to drop the value even further.  But, who knows?  Maybe some people like having shopping nearby.  The real estate agent knocked my house for having a gravel driveway on a dirt road.  I don't know why people think everything has to be paved.  He also didn't like my wild, or natural, yard.  He wanted to see something more sculpted.  We don't have much control  over what grows around here.  If there's one thing I've learned about living in Northern Nevada, it's that if something wild wants to grow, you can't stop it, and if you try to force something beautiful to take root, it instantly dies.

At least I found out that putting in new flooring and repainting the interior won't do anything to improve the value and will just be a waste of money for me.  All it will do is make the house more attractive for buyers, but if no one wants to buy a house on my street, what's the point?  I'll just rent.  Unfortunately, any money we make from renting could easily be lost with one major repair, and this house is falling apart.  It's like an albatross around my neck.  And yes, I know all about supplemental insurance.  We paid hundreds of dollars a year for many years for that and it did not pay off for us.  We still had to pay the $60 fee for every repair call and play by their rules regarding fixes and replacements.  We were also limited to only using the insurance company's choice of repairmen, which often resulted in waiting several weeks for service.  It's not worth it.

I found a boarding facility that will have room for three horses in the middle of April, so now I am just trying to set up appropriate transportation of the horses.  We have an appointment next week to get all their vaccinations, tests, and health certificates.  I'll have to arrange to have Bombay sedated once he's on the trailer, so that he doesn't have one of his freak outs.  Everyone will be getting a good dose of calming pellets.  I'll probably have to buy insurance for the horses too, since they don't travel well.  I'm just hoping they'll make it there alive.

The company I was working with to design and build the horse set up at the new house is blowing me off, so now I have to find another company to do it.  They won't return my emails and phone calls.  It always astounds me when businesses don't want to help customers, especially in this economy.  Those people may as well take $20,000 and burn it, because that's what they would have gained had they worked with me.

I'm having a hard time jumping around and focusing on different tasks.  Every time I'm in the middle of one thing, I get a call and have to switch out my thinking cap.  The other day I was trying to focus on finding a mover, when the tax accountant called and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening dealing with taxes.  Of course, while I was reviewing my returns, someone had to call about moving.  Then yesterday I tried to focus on making arrangements for the horses, and then got sidetracked by a meeting with the real estate agent.  Then I checked the weather and now I'm planning a moving sale.  I'm all over the map.

I wish I could make one phone call and be done with each task, but somehow each phone call morphs into a game of telephone tag and dozens of additional phone calls.  I tried communicating with one business through email, because my phone line was always busy, and I got an email in return saying that they will not conduct business through email, and I will have to call them.  I called, and no one answered, so I had to leave a message.  Now I get to walk around all day with my phone attached to my belt loop waiting for them to return my call.

People say, "Just do this" and "Just do that", like everything is simple and should just fall into place beautifully, but life doesn't work that way for me.  I don't have anymore time during business hours to be making additional phone calls and be driving around town.  I'm already overwhelmed.  My body is rebelling, because now I've got a head cold.  No time to get sick.  Keep moving.  Gotta go.  Bye for now.


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Katharine Swan said...

Well, if you aren't able to sell the house now, I'd say your plan to rent it a while is a good one. I actually think the Wal-Mart will help the value. Right now it sounds like your neighborhood is in the process of becoming a little more urban (or at least more suburban and less country), and the Wal-Mart will help to complete that process. Urbanization tends to follow Wal-Marts around. Your property is currently losing value because it's not a very good country property -- lots of noise, traffic, etc. -- but as the area becomes more built-up, it'll be horse property in an otherwise busy area, which tends to increase the value, not decrease it.

achieve1dream said...

Hang in there!! It will all be done and over with soon. :)