Sunday, April 15, 2012

All Stretched Out

My original plans for moving were to move both our stuff and the horses the weekend after escrow closed.  However, then I heard about potential complications in closing escrow, so I planned to move the horses the next week after escrow closed, and move our stuff two weeks after escrow closed to leave room for problems.

However, I was having difficulty finding a moving company that I could afford.  When I did finally find one that was able to bring down costs through scheduling our pick-up at the same time as other customers were dropping off their stuff in my general area, I chose them, knowing I would have to wait three weeks after escrow closes.  Then the other customers' schedules changed, and now our schedule has been stretched out to moving four weeks after escrow closed.  I made the moving company promise that they won't drag this out any longer, and they did make that promise, only yesterday I received my itinerary and saw that they stretched out our move by yet another day.  Sigh.

So, it looks like one of us will have to just take a carload of stuff and move into the new house a week before the furniture arrives, while the other one stays behind to coordinate getting everything out of and fixing up the old house.  The one who arrives at the empty new house will be responsible for picking up our son and his belongings from college, and getting a washer and dryer and the horse facility installed at the new house.

We're hoping that if my husband gets this job he wants, they won't insist that he starts right away, because then he'll be camping in an empty house and not be able to help with anything else.  Our son can help, but he's flying out to New Jersey to spend some time with his girlfriend and their family over the summer right around the time we will be moving the furniture in, and our daughter has to work well into mid-May.  If our schedule slips any further into the following week, everything will fall apart for us.

I was hoping that by now I could have been in the new house taking pictures to share my adventure.  Instead I find myself stuck in my old house while my annoying neighbors do their loud construction projects from sunrise to sunset each day.  The people across the highway have had a backhoe in their yard doing I-don't-know-what for the past couple of days.  All I hear all day is roar, beep, beep, beep, roar, crash, bang...

My husband and I went to the movies to see The Three Stooges just to get away from the racket for a few hours.  The noise pollution was like Chinese water torture while I was trying to clean stalls.  After one big crash, I threw my hands in the air and yelled, "What?  Am I living in a construction zone now?  Is this permanent?  Can I never escape it?"

Also, I was hoping to get out of here before "The Calling Card Creeper" returns, but it's been four weeks since he last lived with his grandparents for a month, which means he and "The Smoking Woman" are due to appear next door.  It's been so nice not having any trespassers on my property this past month, and I don't have to triple lock the paddock anymore since the Creeper isn't sneaking around to let my horses out.  At least the horse hauler should be showing up today to take my horses to a safer place.

I did finally find a flooring company that had some cost-saving ideas on how to give our floors an overhaul.  Instead of tearing up the old cracked tile in the kitchen, dining area and hall, they are just going to lay the pad and laminate flooring right over it.  They are also going to bring our wood-burning stove up to code by installing more tiles in front of the stove, and then cover the rest of the house with a carpet that they get for a huge discount, because it's what they use for all the rentals in our area.  I didn't like the carpet at first, because it looks dirty, but then I realized that's the point.  You want it to hide dirt.  I would have just installed the same type of carpet we have now, which displays every piece of dirt and stain boldly.  Of course, I'd prefer no carpet at all, but every other option is out of our price range.  Hopefully, the new owners or renters won't have incontinent dogs like I do.

I've been worried about moving my dogs into the new house and having Midge immediately ruin the carpet there.  Doggie diapers are expensive and we're not having any luck training her to pee on the fake grass pad we keep indoors.  However, my real estate agent reported to me when she did the walk-thru of the new house that there are some really bad grease stains on the white carpet.  Most people would have refused to close escrow until the sellers replace or repair the carpet, but I was actually happy.  I knew I wouldn't feel so bad about Midge's accidents if the carpet is crappy to begin with.  The man who lived in that house worked on cars out of his garage and had a hydrolic hoist to change oil, so it doesn't surprise me that there is grease in the carpet.  My own father was never good about washing off all the grease and oil before walking into the house.

I am happy that I now have more time to pack.  All the interruptions aren't as nerve-wracking knowing that we are getting closer to being packed up day-by-day, little-by-little.  Whoever said this could be done in a weekend was way off.  Maybe if I had a dozen people helping me, it could be done in a weekend, but with just my husband and I with all the other things we've got going on, it's taking about six weeks to get it all done.

Right after getting spanked by the bank for bringing in another check that was addressed incorrectly, yet another surprise check arrived addressed incorrectly to my mother's estate.  I wanted to scream.  If this actually is the last check, it's not worth it for me to sit in a bank for an hour in order to open up an account by that name.  Our current bank refuses to cash anymore checks that are incorrectly addressed.  So, I have to contact the company who sent me the check and ask them to re-issue the check to an account name that I can actually deposit it into.  I'm just blown away by how many companies just assume how to make out the check.  How hard is it for them to just contact me and ask?  This particular check is small enough that if the company refuses to re-issue it, I'll just take the loss.  My time is more valuable than what the check is worth.

I used to get annoyed when relatives would send checks for $10 to the kids as gifts, because it cost me $10 in gas to go to the bank.  I'd ask them to just send cash, but they never would because they feared that someone might steal the cash.  I'd try to explain that it's better that someone steals $10 in cash than a check that they can alter to be addressed to them for much more money.  Still, the $10 checks kept coming.  Then we'd just postpone going to the bank until we had enough checks piled up to make it worth our while.  Next thing we knew, relatives were calling us because the check hadn't been cleared and they needed to balance out their bank accounts.  We then asked them just not to send any checks at all in the future.  Some listened.  Some didn't.

I also know from experience that when I do go to the bank, it is a guarantee that another check will arrive in the mail within 24 hours.  It's like rain after washing your car.


Linda said...

I wish you could just drop everything and go!

Anonymous said...

when we needed boxes to pack in I drove through new houseing projects, when people move in the new homes they tend to put there nice packing boxes usually white packing paper and all out by the curb on trash day.

Reddunappy said...

getting closer, getting closer!!!


Dreaming said...

Your $10 check situation reminded me of when I was a kid. My grandfather was a stock broker so we would get 1 share of stock for Christmas each year. That meant we got dividend checks quarterly. Sometimes for pennies. The companies spent more money cutting the checks and sending them than the check was worth!

It all seems really aggravating at this time, for you. Moving is never easy! But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... and you WILL get there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Don't buy diapers for Midge. Use pre-made cloth doggie bloomers with a pocket to add your own Poise pads or maxi pads.
This is what we used to use for one of our senior female dogs about 12 years ago when she was incontinent. The bloomers cost around $15.00 and you just replace the pads inside.

Buying/Selling a home and Moving seems to be one of those things that needs to have all the planets align so it can all happen smoothly.
No matter what happens, just keep in mind that it's like only last for a certain amount of won't last forever. And when it's all'll have a beautiful new home to enjoy :)