Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cleaning the Paddock

I spent the morning spreading manure, emptying water troughs, pouring rocks neatly in a pile, coiling extension cords, etc. in the horse paddock to get it ready for the gardeners and potential home buyers.  My friend came over to tell us that she's been taking care of the annoying neighbors' horses while they are away, and she asked another man who was taking care of their place if he could help them get their property cleaned up, because it's a hazard to the horses.

His response:  "Awwww, it's not that bad, and they are really nice people."

Say what?  What does being nice have to do with anything?  That's the wall of logic I come up against every time I try to deal with these neighbors and their endless flow of visitors.  They always put it right back on you and make you feel like you are the bad guy for even bringing up the subject.  They won't take responsibility for anything.

She argued with him some more, and then he mentioned that they've bought a bunch of wood and are planning on building a wood fence between the stuff they have piled up against my property and my chain-link fence.  I've already warned them that horses chew wood fences, but I think that's all they know how to build... barely.  The one portion of wood fence they already built still falls down every time the wind blows.  I'll just be happy if they do cover up that junk pile long enough so that I can sell my house.

My friend also told me that my annoying neighbors' complained to her about me piling manure against their fence.  Say what?  First off, it's my fence.  I paid $6,000 to have it installed long before they moved in.  Secondly, it's a combination of manure, shavings and decomposed granite, and I pile it there to bury the cable that runs along the bottom of the fence, so that the horses don't dig it up.  I'm not just trying to find a place to pile my manure.  It has a function.  If I could afford to bring in several more truck loads of decomposed granite, I'd be piling that there.  The problem is that they let weeds grow on their side of the fence, and my horses try to dig under it to get to their weeds, so I have to keep re-burying the cable.

I've explained this to the woman, and she said she didn't mind.  Secondly, an extra foot of that mixture piled against the fence is harmless compared to the way their junk yard, which is piled against the fence from their side, is making it difficult for me to sell my house.  No one wants to live next door to these people.  In fact, I've noticed that the neighbor on the other side of them has had home repair people working on his home every day, and I've seen other signs that suggest he might be moving too.  If no one wants to live next door to you, it's bad.  I don't care how "nice" they are, they need to pull their heads out of that hole in the ground and face reality.

While I was cleaning the paddock, I noticed that someone had set up a patio chair right between their wood fence and a trailer facing my bedroom sliding glass door.  I had to wonder how often they sit there looking at my house.  They've probably been watching me walk from room to room packing boxes and speculating about what's going on.

I'm selling the rest of my hay and shavings to my friend for a loss.  I paid $15 a bale for the hay and am selling it to her for $10 a bale, and I paid $7.25 per bag of wood shavings and am selling those to her for $5 a bag, because that's all she can afford.  She must have some divine intervention going on, because she literally ran out of hay this week and can't find anymore hay in the area.  We don't get our first crops until June or July depending on the weather.  My husband delivered some bales to her today, but she can't pay until May 1st.  She said she'll have to break up the total payment into two parts, paying half in May and half in June.  If things are that tight for her, I'm not going to worry about it if she doesn't follow through or her checks bounce.  She's done enough favors for me over the years, and we can call it even.

I've managed to pull a muscle in my neck between my shoulder blades doing heavy lifting, so I'm going to try to limit myself to light packing over the next few days.  I'll handle the bathroom and kitchen and let my husband handle the garage.


Rising Rainbow said...

oh, the very thought of having to move makes me cringe. I'm delighted you're getting out of there but the thought of ME ever having to do it, oh not good.

As much as you don't like these neighbors, someone will come along who does not notice all that stuff. You have lived next to it for so long it is ingrained in your brain. Believe me, we missed tons of stuff when we bought here. Don't stress about getting the house sold. You've got enough on your plate without worrying about that too.

Linda said...

Mikael said it well--it all works itself out. But your friend is definitely getting a good deal. I must say, I never find great deals when I need them. Lucky girl!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I bet everything is feeling so bare around there now. Odd feeling, I know. The final time you walk out the door is such a bittersweet moment, too.

Good for you passing on your hay and shavings to a friend who obviously needs it.


achieve1dream said...

That's sweet of you to do that as a favor for your nice neighbor. :)

Please be careful with your pulled muscle. That's no fun at all. I'm crossing my fingers that your neighbor builds a decent fence so you can sell your house!!