Thursday, April 26, 2012

Countdown: Six Days

Six days before the movers arrive.  I got over my bug well enough to do a lot of packing today, but my husband came home from work sick.  He says he might not be able to leave for the new house first to meet the movers when they deliver if he doesn't recover.  He has a lung infection caused by having to use a blood pressure medication that makes him cough (because he left his other blood pressure medication that doesn't make him cough at the house in Arizona), inhaling all the dust while packing, and having his usual spring allergies. 

I can't drive to the new house first because Aunt Flo will be making her visit, and won't be able to separate myself from a restroom for more than half an hour for about four days straight.  I need that medical procedure performed where they burn the lining of the uterus in order to reclaim my life, but our health insurance is currently almost non-existent.  In the meantime, I may have to start wearing adult diapers.  If worse comes to worse, our real estate agent offered to meet the movers. With all the favors she's been doing for me, I'm going to owe her big time.

The painters did return despite the wind and rain, finished painting the body of the house and took down the plastic.  Now they just need to paint the trim and give me an estimate to do the interior once we move out.  My husband thinks part of why he is so sick is because he got very little sleep having to walk the dogs out on leashes during the night.  My blood pressure medication knocked me out before I could even put a diaper on Midge, and I was out cold, so I wasn't any help in letting her out during the night.

We're obviously going through a phase where nothing is cooperating with us.  I spent the day gathering donations for the final pick up Friday morning, and have boxes and bags piled in the garage.  I can't set them by the street because we're still getting crazy, unpredictable wind gusts and rain, and because Friday is also our trash collection morning.  I have to wait for the trash to be picked up before setting out the donations so that there is no confusion regarding which is which.

Our real estate agent stopped by to have us sign our contract to sell the house, and I couldn't put the dogs out in the back yard because of the painters.  I put their leashes on when he rang the doorbell, and then I opened the door.  Wouldn't you know it, Midge wiggled out of her collar and jumped all over the guy.  I felt terrible.  Fortunately, she didn't bite him, because I'd probably be looking at a lawsuit.  Someone's idea of putting the dogs in a kennel during the last few days of packing and moving looks like a pretty good idea at the moment, because if anything can go wrong, it does.  I just know that every time my mother put her pets in a kennel while she went on vacation, they either caught a virus, became severely depressed, or died.  So, for the time being, I'll try to keep the dogs with me.

We've bought out all the boxes in our area and the stores aren't replenishing the inventory fast enough.  Every time I go to a market and ask for boxes, they usually only have one or two because someone else beats me to it, even when I make arrangements in advance.  It's looking like we may have to pay the movers for their boxes and have to fork out an additional $37.50 per hour per person for them to do some last minute packing for us, because right now it looks like there is no way we will get everything packed in time.  Every time I turn around I see something else that has to be packed that I didn't consider before.

We need everything to go perfectly smooth from now on.  No more illnesses, no more bad weather, no more dog problems, no more unexpected phone calls and visitors.  Hopefully, next time I post I'll have good news.  My husband was offered the job he wants in Arizona, but still needs to negotiate a salary worth his while, so it's not a done deal just yet.  Send us some good vibes so that all this works out, please.


Anonymous said...

Hope things smooth out for you.

I highly reccommend the endometrial ablation, BTW. I had mine at 7AM and was able to feed the horses lunch. By the next day no more Flo! Forever. Amen.

lilyrose said...

I would have loved to have that procedure done! I ended up with a hysterectomy so at least THAT issue is over with. We had rain here yesturday so I suspect we won't see any again until the monsoon starts up-usually end of June to early July is the start.
You are welcome to come over to my place and check out our barn set-up if you'd like. I would do things a little differently if I could. Let me know if you need any info on local stuff. I will be gone the first few days in May to visit a new grandbaby back east.

Reddunappy said...

I wanted that proceedure. I was very very anemic last year. My Flo was 7 days. I went in for an eval with my gyno. had a vaginal ultrasound. and I ended up with a golf ball sized fibroid! I ended up having a hyterectomy. I still have some time to go before my blood is at normal levels. But I feel so much better!!! No more Flo either!!!!
In telling you this, I just want to say, dont wait to long. The anemia I had put me in the hospital for two blood transfusions before my surgery!!!
Take care of yourself!
Good luck to your Hubby!!!

Crystal said...

Wow sounds like a lot to do in such a short time! Good news on the hubby getting a job, hope he gets the salry and everything else he wants. Are you gonna work too? Or try the photography thing again?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow. I thought I was offering TMI on the bloody thing, but it sounds like I'm not alone in that department. I have a fibroid too.

lilyrose - That's a good idea. I think I'll take you up on visiting your horse setup and finding out what you'd do differently before I sink my life savings into mine. I'll email you when we get our Internet in AZ.

Crystal - I'll probably have to get a regular paycheck, but my husband wants to get a high enough salary that I can continue with the photography business.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thinking of you and sending you good vibes and wishes for good health and smooth moving!

Try a mantra I've used successfully in the past to get me through tough times: "This too shall pass"


Once Upon an Equine said...

Best of luck with your final packing and preparations for your move. I do hope everything goes smoothly for you. Moving is exhausting. I hope you and your husband get some rest before the unpacking starts on the other end, but that will be the more fun part of the move - putting everything in its new place and you can take your time. Great news about your husband's job offer; good luck with the salary negotiations.

achieve1dream said...

No you're not alone. Mine are bad too (and I'm only 26 and it will get worse if my mom is any indication) so we totally sympathize with you. I hope you can get the procedure done. I had never heard of it before. I might mention it to my mom because she sometime has Aunt Flo visit for three weeks straight!!!

I hope everybody gets to feeling better and I'll totally send happy, healthy, cooperative thoughts you way. :D