Sunday, April 29, 2012

Countdown: Two Days

Two days before the movers arrive.  I can't believe how sore I am at the end of each day from bending and lifting for hours on end.  Today I strained my wrist.  I also am starting to get the lung infection that my husband and the painter have, and yet another eye infection.  Midge isn't doing well.  She stopped eating today.  I'm hoping it's just her neurosis about the increased activity around the house, but I'm worried because I keep catching the dogs eating the paint chips that the painters blasted off the sides of the house.  I guess they think they are potato chips.  The pee stains finally stopped happening during the night, but now I'm finding vomit in the morning.  The illnesses for both people and pets never seem to end.

I wish I could just stop everything that has been set in motion and make everyone wait until we are all recovered, but I've sunk a fortune into paying these movers and they have to stick to the schedule.  I'm not looking forward to sleeping on the floor while ill for several days after the movers get all the furniture and boxes out, but I have to stay behind in part to get the house clean and ready for potential buyers.  I have to stain the back door, get the vent above the microwave fixed that the microwave repairman broke, clean all the appliances, clean all the blinds, scrub the basins, tub and shower, and get rid of any evidence of rodents that a home inspector might find.

I'm jealous of just about everyone right now.  I see people doing relaxing, mundane things and think, "I can't wait until my life slows down enough for me to do that again."

Also, I'm missing my horses and can't wait to see my kids again.

I know that I am headed for a brighter future, but when I look back I'm astounded that I've survived all that I've been through in the past year and a half.  Think about it.  I got laid off from my job, my mother died, I had to sell, donate, trash, or move everything out of her two-story house and sell her house, and no sooner did I recover from that and now I've had to sell, donate, trash, or move everything out of my house to a different state.  That's some serious stress we're talking about.

I just want some normalcy right now.  I'd love to have a routine that doesn't involve frantically packing as fast as I can.  The next two days are going to involve running back and forth between the kitchen and the garage, boxing up everything in sight, and canceling services no longer needed for the old house while activating services needed for the new house.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hang in there....this too shall pass.

I can relate on all the busyness, though. I've been too busy to blog, what with my sons' volleyball, guitar and Boy Scouts events, lessons and activities, my daughter's Girl Scouts meetings and field trips, our homeschooling schedule and riding at least 3-4 times a week on my own horse and on friend's horses.

I just can't find any extra time to blog or do anything relaxing at all.

Hopefully summer will be a little more laid back. :)


Cheryl Ann said...

That's a LOT to go through in a year! But, just will soon all be done and you'll have your new home and your horses again!

RiverBend Farm said...

Wishing you the best on your move. I think of you often not being around your horses. Sometimes, too, I feel like I'm doing circles around everyone else. Hope it all slows down soon for ya.

Dreaming said...

I understand your.... pain and exhaustion! Believe me, it will be worth it!
Thinking of you and trying to send you a little fortitude for the next few weeks.

ellie k said...

Just hang in there, the end is in sight and you can take time to unpack and rest a bit before you start that. Just make a box with a few kitchen things and linens to have when you get there and the rest can wait until you feel better. good luck on the next week.

Reddunappy said...

Hang in there!!! You are on the homestretch!!

To quote Dori again!! "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"


achieve1dream said...

Sorry it's all been so stressful. Just always have your end goal in mind and remember that it's all leading up to that. I can't wait for you to be in your new house. I'm still so excited for you because I know what it's like to live in a house you hate in a town you're not fond of (although I have to say my neighbors aren't as bad as yours and lucky me the ones that are annoying are moving away in June yay!). :)