Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exterior Done

The painters finished painting the exterior of our house.  The body is a little lighter and the trim a little darker than before.  It looks clean.  No more flaky paint.

See those clumps of hay in the foreground of the picture above?  That's all that is left of my haystack.  My friend had a crew of young men come out and haul it all over to her place.  She wrote me a check for the hay, but spelled my name wrong and forgot to sign it, so I had to go over to her place to fix that.  She hasn't been the same since her horse knocked her down and put her in the hospital with a head injury for a month.

Just like when the gardeners cut our Internet cable, our property was not damage-free after a visit from the painters...

They also knocked our satellite dish around and we lost our reception.

I've been gathering water and feed troughs, and wheelbarrows we need to move with us.

I hope the truck the movers bring is big enough.  Our RV lane is so empty now, except for the weeds, but the gardeners are supposed to take care of that.

My husband and I are getting irritated with each other because he's losing his voice from his illness and I'm going deaf from my illness.  He can't talk loud enough for me to hear.  He's upset because the gardeners hauled off his pole vault poles to the dump.  They weren't even in the wood pile that I asked the gardeners to clean up, but I suspect the cable repairman tossed them into that pile when I wasn't looking, because they would have been in his way.  It's one of those things in which there was just this chain reaction of unfortunate events, so I guess I owe him a new pole vault pole.

I'm getting frustrated with people in general, because no one seems to fully comprehend that we are moving, which means that we will be unavailable for at least a couple of weeks.  People I'm doing business with keep saying, "I'll come by in a couple of weeks and we can do this..."

You can come by in a couple of weeks, but I won't be here.  I'm going to be 760 miles away.  Everyone assumes that if you move, you move locally.  I meet with people and I want everything completed in that one meeting, and they just keep saying, "Well, you don't have to decide now.  We can meet again later."

No, we can't.  I want to decide right here, right now.  I tell people exactly what I want, and they don't want to listen.  They just keep saying, "You can tell me later," as if it is just too hard for them to listen at the moment.  Why is it always later?  Apparently, I'm working with a bunch of procrastinators.  A bird in the hand is what I always say. 

I'm going to be off the air for at least a week.  No email.  No internet. And no phone calls while I'm on the road.  I'm so sick of my land line ringing with calls from people who don't have anything important to say that I've decided to disconnect it on Monday.

I'm trying to get so much done in such a short period of time that people keep colliding with one another.  Right when the crew of young men were moving the hay, my painter showed up to collect on his bill and parked blocking their entrance to the RV lane.  I ran out there to ask him to move his car, and the hay guys just roared in between my brand new truck and the painter's classic car, just missing by inches.  Scared the hell out of me.  They were driving my friend's truck too.  I couldn't believe they took that chance.  Their mother wanted me to hire them to paint my interior, but I wouldn't hire them after that stunt.  She had just finished telling us what careful boys they are too.

The garage continues to be a huge burden.  We have to clear the trash out in order to make room for boxes to pack the stuff we want to keep.  We can barely walk in there right now.  I haven't even started on the kitchen, because I don't know where I'll store the boxes.  Every square inch of our house is piled with boxes and furniture. 

The neighbors have been a pain.  The neighborhood gossip has been running around telling all the other neighbors that we're moving.  Then other neighbors started hovering around to look at the stuff we're dragging out on the driveway and onto our lawn.  The other morning the nosy, annoying neighbors next door were just sitting in their truck watching the painters paint my house, then the lady walked her dog back and forth while I was setting out donations, and she kept peeking to see what I had.  Another neighbor kept coming out pretending to weed right up against our fence each time she saw us come outside.  I'm sure she wanted to ask nosy questions, but we were way too busy and just ignored her.

We're pulling all these boxes filled with Styrofoam peanuts out of our well house, so I'm sure one or two of the peanuts blew through the fence into that neighbor's yard, and she was probably champing at the bit to complain.  I decided that if she said anything to criticize us, I was going to tell her to get her butt over here and help us instead of giving us a hard time.  No one wants to help someone move, so I knew that would get rid of her for good.

I filled an entire lawn and leaf bag with garbage left behind on our property by the alcoholic smoker across the highway.  He's been stuffing beer and liquor bottles into my bushes to hide them from someone in his family, I guess.  He also left behind a ton of cigarette cartons, candy and gum wrappers, and soda cans.  I only suspect him because my husband has seen him out there smoking underneath our street sign, but if I ever caught him doing the littering, I'd be sure to dump all that garbage on his front porch instead of paying several bucks to haul it off to the dump.

Yesterday I was buying boxes at a store that restocked their box supply, and a stack of them fell out of my cart and scattered all over the floor of the store.  One guy walking past just kind of kicked them back into the direction of my cart, but not a single employee or customer offered to help me pick them up.  I thought, "Typical Nevadans.  If I were in Arizona, I'd have a dozen people helping me out."

I'm serious.  Every time I have been in Arizona, people have been very helpful.  Every person I have spoken with on the phone in Arizona has been professional, polite, and friendly.  I can't wait to get there.  I'm at a point that if I make it to Arizona, but my belongings don't, I won't care.  Whatever we don't get boxed up for the movers can just be hauled off to the dump.  I'm tired.


Cheryl Ann said...

We visit Arizona a LOT and I really enjoy the people there. We'll miss you while you are traveling, but can't wait to hear from you in your new home!!!

ellie k said...

Just hang in there a few more days and this move will be behind you and a new life will begin.

Reddunappy said...

Almost done though!!!!

Cant wait to connect with you when you get to the new house!!

Hope you both feel better soon!!

Reddunappy said...

I forgot to tell you!! The house looks nice!!

lytha said...

oh please don't stop posting about this move! i can't take a week with no updates!

a garden sack full of garbage from one lurker? i hope you can give it back to him.

hired people breaking your things/throwing them away, how frustrating.

you have a lot of troughs to clean for your horses! those big metal ones take some work.

i sure hope arizona is friendly for you. i met someone at a party yesterday who gave birth in scottsdale so her son is an american citizen. she was saying it's so hot in arizona the children cannot play in the kiddy parks because the big toys burn their skin. amazing. i've only been on a grand canyon bus trip but i do remember that heat. i know you like it though and i'm sure your arabians will feel at home. oh, that lady also said it was scary with coyotes and rattlesnakes, something you don't see in germany. i have cousins in arizona and they seem to love it.

i hope that your new neighbors are wonderful and practically non-existent. i hope you have endless stretches of peace and quiet and encounter politness and professionalism every day.

lilyrose said...

Your house looks great! I would almost want to rent it except I know what your neighbors are like! lol
We use the big watering troughs too. I hope you're ready to come down here and BAKE. It's getting hot. This time of year I always dream of becoming a snowbird! :)

Mikey said...

The house looks great! I bet it's nice, finally getting it all done.
As for AZ, I don't know why everyone doesn't live here. I look at the tornados, floods, earthquakes, etc and I thank the Lord every day that I live here and don't have to deal with that stuff. AZ people are nice because they're HAPPY to be here.
It is true about the kids playground. It does get hot. But we just head to water :) You'll be in a great place to go up to the Salt River and look at the wild horses, which is what I wanted to do today, but no one wants to go with me.

Paint Girl said...

Thank goodness it's almost over and soon you will be in Arizona!! People are extremely nice in AZ. I love it there and wish I could move there myself!
The house looks great and I know it's a lot of work especially on top of getting everything ready to move!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So very close now!!!
The house looks great!

I don't envy your new home in AX, though. After my pet sitting job years ago in late May with sweltering 100F temps, I swore nothing would ever get me to move there.

John is wishing he could get a job back here in New Mexico, instead of having to work at the PHX airport. He told me the other day that he is roasting alive there...and it's just gonna get worse, because summer hasn't even started.

I went riding all weekend and the hottest it got was low 80's down beside the Rio Grande River. Perfect riding weather.


achieve1dream said...

The new paint job looks awesome!!

I bet being disconnected for a while so you can make the trip is peace will be nice. Enjoy the quiet! I can't wait until you get there and back online. :D I'm so happy for you!