Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Psychic!

Either that or I just have common sense.  You may recall that when my annoying neighbors began hauling in all those windows and sliding glass doors and piling them up inside the horse paddock, I predicted that the horses would cut themselves on the broken glass.  I even reported the neighbors for endangering those animals.  Did anyone do anything about it? 

No, of course not.

So, I stopped by my friend's place to see if she wanted to buy the rest of my hay and shavings that I can't move with me, and she told me that my annoying neighbor came over to her house to ask her to fix up her horse's leg, because it cut itself on a broken window that was leaning up against the fence inside the horse paddock. 

My friend told her that she either has to keep the horses away from the junk, or they have to clean up their paddock.  The annoying neighbor said, "Oh, but my husband enjoys collecting and reselling stuff.  It's his hobby."

Long pause.

So, I guess what she is saying is that her husband's pleasure is more important than the welfare of the animals they board?

My friend also informed me that my annoying neighbors have been leaving their dog alone in the house for several days at a time.  I'm not sure when that happens, because every time I walk outside someone is at their house watching me with a magnifying glass.  If they were gone for several days, I'd know it, because I would suddenly feel unrestricted and free.  Anyway, I had hoped that she didn't pressure them to let the dog out, because my complaint has been that they open up their font door and let their dog have the run of the neighborhood, doing its business on the neighbors' lawns and attacking anyone who happens to be outside on his own property.  I say, let them clean up their own dog's accidents in their own house.

These people keep taking in animals, whether they be their own or someone else's to board, and then they don't know how to care for them.  As soon as there is a problem, they wander over to my friend's house and ask her to bail them out.  She's spent a lot of her own hard-earned cash handling the veterinary care of animals that aren't even her responsibility, and the annoying neighbors never offer to pay her back for her time and money.

Here's a clue:  Just because you have the money to buy an acre of ranch land doesn't mean you have the smarts to be able to board animals.  Land does not equal animals.  If you can't even weed your land or keep the trash from piling up on your property, pick another hobby besides boarding animals.  Animals are living beings that need constant attention on many levels.  They are not inanimate objects for you to make money off of while they stand around in your yard.  Also, if you have to invite your entire church group over every weekend to clean your fish tank, perhaps you should limit yourself to hanging a picture of fish in a tank on your wall.  Oh, but that requires dusting every once in a while... so maybe not.  Just imagine little fishies swimming in your head.


Dreaming said...

Well, you got your, "I told you so." moment... good thing the injury wasn't worse than it was.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Aren't you glad you're leaving the area? :)

Ms Martyr said...

I applaud your friend for assisting the animals but I recommend a tough love approach, as in, "Call a vet." People never learn if they don't have to suffer the consequences of their actions. It's just too bad that innocent creatures are involved.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeah, and a little acre of land can barely be considered a ranch anyway. I sometimes see neighborhoods down in the city that have houses on an acre or less that have their house smack dab in the center of their property with the horses, goats, donkeys, chickens, llamas, and so on, just wandering loose all around their house because their isn't any room for a separate paddock and barn anyway. But the animals are chewing and rubbing their bodies all over the house and the people can't have anything growing or the animals will eat it.
That's not any way to live for human or animal :P

Soon, you'll be outta there!


achieve1dream said...

Ugh!! Those poor horses. I'm so glad you're getting away from that crazy people!!