Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rest My Weary Soul

Or maybe the title should be "Rest My Wary Soul", because I don't trust anyone or anything anymore.  Even though we lost our discount price with the moving company when the other customers postponed their move, my understanding was that the company could still move us within our time frame, just at a higher price since we had to pay for the round trip instead of half the trip.  So, my husband arranged to take time off from work during moving week, his boss scheduled meetings around his absence, we made arrangements to pick up our son from college, and many other things.

I just postponed putting a deposit down with the movers, because I wanted to make sure that escrow closed since the deposit was non-refundable.  I told all the other, more expensive moving companies to stop calling, because I already made arrangements.  Escrow closed successfully, so I called today with my credit card ready to pay the deposit, only to find out that the other customers came back into the deal to bring down our price, only they are moving a week later than we were planning on moving.  The moving company wanted me to postpone my move for a week so that they could move the other customer out my way, and then pick my stuff up on the way back.

I explained that I needed to be in Arizona the week before in order to help my son move out of his dorm into the new house.  The other customers had already delivered their deposit, so the moving company couldn't help me at all unless I could rearrange my schedule.  Sigh.  It would have been nice if they asked me if my schedule was flexible before making all these arrangements.  I'm sure there are other moving companies that can move us at the last minute, but it will cost us dearly.  If we can make this work out we can save about $4,000.

So, I've been on the phone all afternoon and evening trying to find out our options concerning our son.  He needs to get an extension to stay in the dorm an extra week or move into a friend's apartment, and then one of us will have to drive out early before the movers pick up our stuff in order to pick up our son.  My husband is in a tizzy, because it's not easy to change the time he takes leave in his office, and he knows everyone will be inconvenienced by the change in the meeting schedule.

I feel bad for the lady at the moving company, because she said she's been working so hard on scheduling this move for us that she's about to get a brain hemorrhage over it.  It's nice to know that she cares as much as I do, so I'm doing everything I can to make it happen in the other customer's time frame.  I don't mind getting an extra week to pack.  I've been losing sleep every night for at least two weeks now because I can stop worrying over not having enough time to pack.

Today was another day in which I literally spent every minute either running errands or on the phone, so I didn't get to box anything up.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, because I've got a different flooring company coming out to measure, and the farrier coming out to trim hooves before the horses are hauled away.  I've come to the conclusion that I simply cannot sell or rent this house out smelling like dog piss.  Even if I have the carpet professionally cleaned, there will still be visible stains from where the carpet got bleached by the spot cleaners.  This flooring company works with property management companies to provide them with the cheapest, more durable flooring options, so I might be able to afford them.

I was also running around trying to find boxes, and everywhere I went, some other guy who was moving got there before me and took most of them.  My husband has forgotten to pick up boxes at Lowe's on his way home from work for three days in a row now, so I've taken it upon myself to sniff out some local freebies.  Then there was the bank fiasco.  A certain state government sent me a tax return with the check wrongly addressed to "The Estate of" my mother.  I don't have a checking account by that name.  However, they did list my name underneath that, so I thought the bank would honor it.

The teller gave me a hard time, and then called the manager out, who gave me even a harder time.  I won't go into the entire conversation, but these ladies made me feel like I was a pain in their behinds, when it wasn't my fault that other people kept addressing refund checks incorrectly.  They acted like I was a criminal who was trying to cheat them.  The manager basically told me that she doesn't want me as a customer at her bank anymore, and she wants me to close out both my and my mother's joint account along with the Trust account.  I said I needed to make sure that her estate was completely settled before I could do that.  I was astounded that neither of these women had an ounce of empathy within them.  After the way they've treated me over the past few months, I'm sure it will be in their karma to have a real hard time settling their parents' estates in the future.  May they find themselves looking in a mirror when that times comes.

On the drive home I got so angry that I decided to transfer the majority of the money in those accounts to a different bank.  I stopped at that other bank and wrote out a couple of checks to transfer the money, and the teller called out the manager.  I thought, "Here we go again.  I'm doing something suspicious and I'm going to be treated like a criminal."

The manager looked at my account on the computer screen, smiled brightly at me and said, "You've been a customer with us for a long time and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you."

That made my day.


fernvalley01 said...

the second bank is how it is supposed to be, the minute you can I would be transferring everything

Reddunappy said...

Hang in there girl!!!

Stop, take a deep breath.



To quote one of my favorites "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"
Gotta love Dori!!!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I have had rather small issues with banks and when I remind them it is MY money and I WILL go somewhere else- the backpeddaling begins! Go with the other bank. They sound much more friendly and accomodating.

I have the names of a few farriers lined up for you when you get here if need be. All reasonable rates and good work. It will be nice for you to have time to adjust though and breathe a little too maybe?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Cut - My farrier just left an hour ago. I decided to have him do one last trim and round off the edges so that the horses will less likely cut up their legs in the trailer. I gave him a tip to thank him for 10 years of faithful service, and he gave me a big hug goodbye. I told him I wish I could take him with me. He said he wishes he could go. It's snowing again and we are all sick of it. Thanks for putting together that list of farriers. I appreciate all the help you've been giving me.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hate snobby banks. After my husband, sons and myself were awarded our sizeable settlements after the auto accident about 8 yrs ago, we decided to stop in to an educators credit union not far from our house in Rio Rancho and set up savings accounts for our sons and myself.

We hadn't even told them how much money we were planning on depositing when they came back and said they couldn't help us because our credit was poor...due to that auto accident and all the injuries and time off from work.
We tried to explain what had happened to us and that we had been working to improve our credit by paying off our home and we had just paid off ALL of our other debts, including both of our cars and all of the credit cards and bills. They didn't care. Our credit rating still showed up as low and even though I had checks for over six hundred thousand dollars to deposit in their bank...they turned us away.

Their loss.

You should look at it the same way. Move on and go where your money is welcome and where the customer service is professional, helpful, empathetic, and they treat like you are a valued and important client.

Hang in there. These are rough times. Remember that a tree survives the storm by being flexible.


achieve1dream said...

Wow the behavior of that first bank is absolutely appalling!!! Wow.

I'm glad the second bank made things better. :)