Monday, April 2, 2012

A Very Satisfying Day

The vet and her assistant come by to do the works on my horses.  I figured I'd end up having to work three separate appointments into my schedule, but this vet managed to get it all done in one morning.  She gave them a physical first.  Everyone was good except for Gabbrielle who had never had a thermometer up her butt before.  I suspect she'd give any stallion a run for his money.

Then the vet sedated them, gave them their 6-way vaccinations, and floated their teeth.  Bombay got his sheath cleaned.  Again, everyone was good except for Gabbrielle, who reared and spun each time she got a shot.  Both Gabbrielle and Bombay required two sedatives.  Lostine didn't even get a full sedative and she almost fell over.  I had to hold up her hind end while the assistant held up her front end.

At the very end the vet gave everyone a Strangles insertion through the nasal cavity, which they all promptly sneezed out.  She explained that if she gave the Strangles vaccination to them first, the live virus could get sneezed onto their neck, and then when she gave them their shots, it could have been transferred into their bloodstream.  I thought that was interesting.

Bombay wasn't happy about his teeth float.  He's been moping around grinding his teeth ever since.  The vet also gave me two doses of Ace to give Bombay when he is trailered out of state to help keep him calm during the ride.  I figured I'd have to call a vet to come out and administer some kind of sedative, but she said I could just shoot it into his mouth with a syringe.  I can handle that.

Right after she left, I tried calling the horse hauling travel agent that Cut-N-Jump recommended.  I had sent him a couple of emails and left a phone message with him last week, but he wasn't responding.  This time he actually picked up and I explained my situation with Bombay, how he gets claustrophobic in horse trailers and needs a box stall and a sedative.  He said he'd try to find someone who will meet my needs.  He also said, "If you are considering any other haulers, ask me about them first.  I know everyone."

I had just received a communication from one hauler through a website where I advertised the job, so I asked about him.  Turns out the guy is a crook.  He's one of these jerks who gives you a low bid to get the job, and then won't release your horses to you until you pay double.  Whew!  I'm glad I asked.

Much to my surprise, the horse hauling travel agent got right back to me a few minutes later with someone who would be in my area in a couple of weeks, which is right when my horse boarding facility will have three openings for my horses.  He had a fair price, so I hired him.  The hauler called me later and told me that he bred and showed Arabian horses most of his life, so he's very experienced with them.  He discouraged me from sedating Bombay with the Ace, though.  Maybe I'll just give him a handful herbal calming pellets.

The sun has come out and our pasture grass is growing like gangbusters.  Just last week it was completely covered in manure.  The fertilization really helped get it going this year.

In this next picture, you can see a patch where the grass isn't growing so well.  That's were I fertilized in the fall.

We still have that pile of manure that my son used as a pole vault pit.  My husband planted grass and wildflowers there in an attempt to turn it into a grassy knoll.  The first few sprouts are coming up.  The idea is that if we can get stuff to grow on it, buyers won't mind the huge pile of poop.

Scrappy sunning himself...

He's such a lumpy dog.  We call him Tumor Boy.

In other good news, I found a mover who is willing to help us move for half the cost of other movers, and this outfit isn't going to nitpick me with an inventory list.  A lot of moving companies make you fill out an inventory list of everything you plan to move, and if you put anything beyond that onto the truck, they charge you extra.  This moving company I chose just gave me a price to rent the entire truck with help from the movers loading and unloading for a set price.  If we have more stuff or less stuff, they don't care, as long as it all fits on the truck.  The price will remain the same.  That's awesome.  Now I don't have to fret so much if I can't sell and donate everything.

So, I've got an inexpensive but nice boarding facility for the horses, I've got an experienced driver to haul the horses, I've got movers, and now all I have to do is wait for the movers to set the date they will arrive, and then I can hire someone to haul our kids' vehicles.  I know of a company that has two trucks in my area every week, and they don't mind taking last minute jobs.  So, it looks like things are coming together.

Also, I received the final amount I will owe at close of escrow, and it's less that I expected, which gives me a little more spending money for other things.  AND, bonus, the vet was interested in our house because her mother is going to move here in the next couple of months and she wants an acre of horse property.  I was going to rent, but since this is the second person to mention that she knows someone who might be interested in buying the house, I think I'll put it on the market first.  The only problem is that I asked for a copy of the latest appraisal today and was shocked to see that my house dropped by $80,000 in value this past year.  I had another appraisal done for last March.  There's no way I could let the house go at the current appraisal value, because it is less than what my parents paid for it 18 years ago!  So, I'll have to put it on the market for a higher price and hope that by the time I sell it, values have gone up. 

Of course, as soon as the vet started showing an interest in the house, my annoying neighbors had all these vehicles start pulling into their lot.  Their entire front yard was filled with vehicles.  People kept wandering around in the front yard yelling.  Someone came to the fence to watch us and smoke a cigarette.  He then climbed into his car, and smoked another cigarette while watching us through the windshield.  That's why I hate it when people park their cars facing my back yard.  They just sit there like they are at a drive-in movie.

One person yelled, "You can't leave yet.  It's your turn to clean the fish tank."

I thought, "Oh God.  These people own fish too?  They shouldn't be allowed to own any living thing."  I mean, if they have to invite twenty people over to their house to clean the fish tank and muck the horse paddock, they are obviously too old to be able to care for animals. 

Some time later their horse boarders came riding up the street.  I commented to one rider that I was impressed that she rode along a busy road without a saddle while ponying another horse.  She said, "Oh, these two are the easiest horses on earth.  I don't have to do much except enjoy the ride."

No wonder the neighbors are so clueless when they spook my horses.  It's because they have unspookable horses under their care.


Anonymous said...

with so much interest in your place you should just put up a for sale sign and see if any one shows interest.

Linda said...

That's interesting that he doesn't want you to sedate him. Is he hauling in a stock trailer? Sounds like he knows what he's doing.

fernvalley01 said...

Glad things are coming together.I got confused about the fish tank comment for a moment,I thought the neighbors yelled that to you ! They are weird enough

Reddunappy said...

Its about time!!! Can feel your stress level fall a few notches!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well it all sounds good. Things are starting to work out. Except for the neighbors, of course. I bet you can't wait to get away from them!

Anonymous said...

You probably know this already, but when I read that the vet gave you oral Ace, I immediately thought, keep him crosstied for 10-15 minutes to make sure nothing is left in his mouth! They like to gum up hay balls & the medicine sticks to it, then its easy to spit out! (in my experience, anyway!)

Good luck with your move, & I'm glad everything is coming together for you. :)


Cut-N-Jump said...

I'm glad Gary was able to find a hauler for you in what sounds like a matter of minutes. Yes he DOES know everyone, or enough about them to keep in mind and everyone happy!

Ace is a tricky thing, if they are the slightest bit 'high' already when you give it- they go even higher on it. I agree with the hauler, give Bombay the chance to see the other horses riding happily and safely along. He may just surprise you.

Paint Girl said...

I just had my vet appt for the horses too. That time of year!
That's great that you found a hauler for the horses. I don't see why he said to not use Ace. We use it at the farm occasionally. But only if we have a tough hauler which does not happen often.
I bet your counting down the days to get the heck outta your place and I don't blame you one bit!

achieve1dream said...

Yay! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that things continue to come together. I'm so excited for you that you're finally moving away from that hell hole!