Saturday, May 26, 2012

Enslaved by Dogs

Midge had a $250 follow-up appointment regarding her diabetes and eye infection, another full day in the vet hospital for them to monitor her glucose levels.  She really hates that place.  When we drive her to the vet hospital, she rolls down the back window and tries to jump out, so we have to lock the windows.  Then she climbs all over us and doesn't want any of the staff touching her.

When they returned her to me at the end of the day, her eye was almost all the way open, and they had bathed her because she peed on herself so many times.  The vet said that her glucose levels are still too high, so we have to increase the dosage.  We need to spend the next week monitoring her appetite, her fluid intake, how often she pees and the consistency of her pee to determine if she needs another increase in insulin.  Also, if her eye isn't better, it means there is something embedded in it that has to be removed surgically.  The doctor said that it could also be taking so long to heal because of the diabetes.

When all of us are home, we can all chip in with the feeding, walking, and medications, but when I'm the only one who is home and awake, it's tough.  The concept of taking care of one's self goes right out the window because the dog needs constant attention, so I just have to drop whatever I'm doing and deal with her needs.

I keep getting into situations where I'm not dressed and Midge has to pee RIGHT NOW!  I can't stand all the work involved in getting the stains out of the carpet and sticky puddles off the tile, so I'll do anything to get her outside immediately, including running outside in my underwear or pajamas. As soon as Scrappy sees me take Midge out, he's standing by the door because he wants to go out too.  However, half the time he doesn't need to do his business.  He just wants to watch the bunnies and lizards.

I've been letting my family know that I'm really tired of not being able to eat a single meal without being interrupted and having to leave my food to either answer the phone or take the dogs outside, so they have been helping out with that when I'm eating.  They don't want to see me get grumpy.  I'm still having problems with business people only calling me at mealtimes, so I'm trying to train myself to turn off the phone, which in turn should train them to call me during business hours, but not when most people are taking a break to eat.

This morning I took Midge out right before I got in the shower, so that she wouldn't interrupt my shower.  Ten minutes later as I was toweling myself off, here she came, nervously giving me her signals that she needed to pee.  I had to keep her in the room with me, so that she wouldn't grow impatient and run off to pee in the house.  I threw on the first clothing items I could grab, regardless of how they looked on me, threw on some shoes and ran outside with her on a leash.

My hair was dripping wet and an uncombed, tangled mess.  I had no make-up on, and my clothes looked silly.  I decided I had a better chance of not being spotted by a neighbor if I went out back.  WRONG.

There were a bunch of men up on the hill standing around in their front yard talking, and then I heard an engine directly behind me.  I turned around to find my next door neighbors driving in their back yard with some bales of hay to deliver to their horses.  They were just a short distance away from me.  I was urging Midge to hurry up and pee before the neighbors got out of their car and came over to strike up a conversation.  I swear, I have to wake up earlier and shower earlier, because all my neighbors are out at the crack of dawn on the weekend.

I seem to be alright going outside in an unpresentable manner on weekdays when it is stifling hot, because everybody is at work or stays indoors, but this place is booming with activity on the weekends and in good weather.  School has let out, and unfortunately, the boys behind me were given both horses and ATVs by their parents for their entertainment.  They ride their horses across my property and race their ATVs back and forth along the arroyo and the street behind our house.  If I am in the bedroom, I hear it and feel the vibration of the engines loud and clear, so I have to move into the living area or the constant roar is like an annoying fly buzzing around my head.

It never ceases to amaze me how people seem so clueless about how annoying the sound of ATV engines can get for the neighbors.  If someone is using an ATV for farm chores, I don't mind because I only have to listen to it for a few minutes here and there, but if someone buys one for his kid and just lets the kid ride it all over the neighborhood for fun, that's when I get annoyed.  It's kind of like the difference between people who hunt for food and people who hunt for sport.  If there's a purpose behind the activity that furthers one's survival, then fine, but if someone is just trying to fight off boredom, that's a really selfish approach to life.  How about doing something useful that doesn't affect the lives of others in a negative way?

Anyway, fortunately it's too hot often enough that the ATV's stay parked in the garage most of the time.  No one wants to touch skin to metal in this heat.  I find that the heat is preventing me from visiting my horses more often, because my energy gets depleted, I burn my hands opening and closing gates and sweat in gloves.  However, today we have a really nice cross-breeze.  I was able to open all the windows and doors to cool down and air out the house.  So, I'll go visit the horses and bring them peppermints.  Hopefully, Midge can hold it long enough for me to do so.


Mikey said...

We get quite a few quadders, but most of them just turn around and continue on. Most people don't speed here because there are 20 signs telling them not to. As for my kiddo, she's confined to her own yard, going 2 doors down to Grandma's, or out on desert rds with adult supervision. Definitely no speeding allowed!!
Hope Midge gets better. That's so tough. I know, I just did this with some bottle kittens for 5 days, and then they died. They never got colostrum so I figured they might. But I nursed them 24/7 for 5 days and I remember why I need to say no to fostering kittens. It's hard to care for an animal constantly. My prayers are with ya girl.

lilyrose said...

Sorry that Midge is having so much trouble still. Sure hope she doesn't end up needing eye surgery.
I really don't like those **** ATV's! The up side is now that summer is here-the kids won't be out on them all day. The bad side is-they will ride in the evenings when it's cooler. Yup. Just when you think it would be nice to sit out back on your porch and enjoy the evening air...then you hear those suckers starting their engines. sigh.
When my dog was having bladder issues-I started sleeping in a t-shirt and yoga pants. I sure don't look fashionable-but I don't scare my neighbors! lol

sydney K said...

Wow, shows how much one can miss without internet! What a gorgeous house and my how Gab has turned so white in just a short time. Amazing how you can look at a greying horse and see totally different animals over time.

achieve1dream said...

Poor Midge. :( I hope the increase in dosage straightens her out quickly and things get easier for everyone. Is there any way you can tie a leash up right outside the doors so you can tie her up on a long leash so she can go pee while you duck back inside to finish dressing? Then you can go back out and bring her in or walk her? Just a suggestion to maybe make it easier. I don't know if that would make her anxious to be left outside or be dangerous (only for a minute or two) because of scorpions or something.... anyway I hope she's better now.