Saturday, May 26, 2012

Horsey Heaven

I was able to take a break from Midge's potty party to visit the horses. They were excited because the boarding facility was booming with activity over a three-day holiday weekend. Some people were driving a draft horse up and down the street from a carriage. I'm sure that was a totally new sight for my guy and gals.  Gabbrielle is a bit on the skinny side with being fed half grass, half alfalfa twice daily instead of a mixed flake three times a day, but she looks good considering that I haven't been able to exercise her for the past month and a half for one reason or another.

I'm discovering that when the wind comes up, there's almost no point in grooming the horses, because the combination of their short hair and the wind does it for you.  No wonder people in Arizona have so much time to ride.  Not much preparation.  Just slap on a saddle and go.  I can't wait until I have some health insurance, so that I can start riding again.

Lostine is always interested in socializing with other mares.

Bombay's face and side are scratched up because he tries to rub off the flies, so I put some Swat around his wounds and gave them all another round of fly spray.

Always up for another peppermint. 


lilyrose said...

We sure are enjoying this beautiful cool day! Don't get used to it! :) Glad you were able to go visit your kids. Do they not wear fly masks? Mine all got used to them pretty quickly here. Some days I feel like I need one! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

They all look happy and healthy! And Gabbrielle looks to be a perfect weight. You'd never be able to tell you've not been riding or exercising them. I bet it was great to fit in some horse time :)


Reddunappy said...

When I seen Gabrielle pic I thought she looks awesome!! Not skinny at all!!
Glad you got to go spend some time with them.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

lilyrose - Fly masks and fly sheets are major no-no for my horses. Lostine would probably wear them if Bombay and Gabbrielle weren't nearby to rip them off her. Bombay is the worst. The poor lady who boards her horse in the stall next to Bombay had to stop buying fly masks for her horse, because Bombay kept ripping them off her horse's face and shredding them. I once bought him a really nice fly sheet, and within 15 minutes it was in the ground in thin strips of ribbons.

Laura said...

Glad you made it over to visit the horses! They are look like they are doing ok in their temporary home. Too bad about Bombay and the bug bites...hopefully it doesn't get too bad for him.

achieve1dream said...

Awww I'm glad you got to see the horses! They are all so cute! I think Gabrielle looks amazing and a really nice weight. :D