Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's a Good Thing I Slept in my Clothes Last Night

I got up to go eat breakfast and found Scrappy, my little black Chiweenie, wagging his tail by the front door.  Standing by the back door usually means he's got to go #1 and standing by the front door means #2.  I opened the front door and walked outside with him, expecting the usual -- a lot of sniffing around bushes in our yard until he finds the perfect spot.  I was in my bare feet and he was walking along the gravel.

I spotted a bunny sitting about 15-feet away from us, but figured Scrappy wouldn't even see it, because his cataracts are getting so bad.  In that instant, the bunny high-tailed it off into the desert and Scrappy bolted after it full speed ahead, totally ignoring my commands to come back.  I watched as he disappeared over the horizon, then I ran into the house, threw on some shoes and grabbed leash.

Fast-walking along the road I looked in, around and under all the bushes.  I quietly called to him, as it was 6:00 in the morning and I didn't want to wake the neighbors, but he didn't come.  I had memories of Mikey's story about chasing Scrappy's twin, Mercy's baby, through the desert when he escaped shortly after they adopted him.  I didn't have my horses with me to search on horseback, so I would have to do this on foot.

I felt terrible, because Midge is in the hospital still, and if we lost both dogs, we'd all be heartbroken.  Just as I was descending a hill at the end of the road, I spotted him on the edge of 22 miles of desert crouching in a bush to take a dump.

I raced down to him and snapped the leash on his collar before he could take off again, and walked him back home thinking I will never let him outside off leash again since he's not solid about obeying my commands over exciting distractions like bunny chases.  I have to tell you I haven't seen that dog so happy and pleased with himself in a long time, though.  Maybe I'll start letting him chase bunnies on the long leash, at least.


Jeni said...

Glad you found him!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You were walking outside barefoot?


In Arizona??

Are you crazy, woman??

Let me share a story with you that happened when the kids and I were in Tucson visiting the night...which is the only time to visit during the summer, because it's too dang hot during the day.

Jeremiah was going through a barefoot thing, refusing to wear shoes outdoors.....which was fine when we were at home in our home here in the mountains of New Mexico.

But I knew it was a bad idea in Arizona.

He refused to believe me that there were terrible consequences for going barefoot in AZ.

So....Jeremiah had taken off his flip flops at the zoo and was strolling along barefoot on the sidewalks, when we saw a zoo docent up ahead pointing a black light flashlight all along the walls and sidewalk. She seemed to be showing some of the zoo visitors something interesting. We figured it must be lizards.


When we got up there, the docent lady noticed the lack of footwear on Jeremiah's feet and advised him to put his shoes on...then she pointed her black light on the sidewalk.

Jeremiah's jaw dropped when he watched 4 scorpions scattered around on the pebbled concrete, their luminescence glowing in the dark due to the black light. Their stingers poised to strike.....not even 16" from where he stood.

Then the docent lady started pointing the black light all along the walls lining the sidewalk, in the rocks, and even on the benches beside the sidewalk.

OMG!! Scorpions were everywhere!!!!

I was so freaked out! Jeremiah swore he would never go barefoot in Arizona ever again.

Be careful!!!


Dreaming said...

Lisa's story gave me goosebumps! I would say you need to have clogs or flip-flops by each door!
Our dog won't obey when there is something exciting to him. I constantly feel like a fool when he totally ignores me!

lilyrose said...

Lol Lisa is right! I told you how much 'fun' my hubby has with his blacklight flashlight at night. Keep a pair of shoes by your front door for just such occasions. :) Glad you caught that little rascal before he disappeared! Sending good thoughts out for Midge.

Mary said...

I sure am glad he had to take a crap. I got the serious willies reading Lisa's story though. YIKES!

Breathe said...

You know every time my dogs are running and woofing in their sleep I imagine they are chasing bunnies.

There is nothing better than an animal that will run from a dog (and a dog a little too slow to catch them, LOL).

Glad it was a happy ending. :)

It's so nice to see such happiness in your posts (Midge, of course, being a notable exception).

Grey Horse Matters said...

I used to stay in Arizona quite a bit years back with my grandparents. Never went barefoot, there are too many things that could go wrong. Lisa's story is one of the mishaps that could happen. Glad you got Scrappy back, guess he's feeling very proud of himself! Happy Mother's Day.

fernvalley01 said...

Yiukes!!!!! Glad you both got in unscathed

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Well, in my case, I only stepped out onto the porch and walkway, and it was morning so there was plenty of light to see where I was placing my feet. The title about sleeping in my clothes last night just means that I was wearing clothes while running around the neighborhood looking for the dog, as opposed to my P.J.s.

Mikey said...

Boy do I sympathize with you. I'll never forget how I felt when Pancho ran off. Small dogs like that just don't last in the desert, and I consider it a miracle that we found him again. I'm glad you found Scrappy before he got himself lost.
As for barefoot, I always was excited to live in AZ and be able to go barefoot, or so I thought. Since living here and encountering cholla, I never go barefoot outside. Very disappointing to me. The scorpions, I'm going to have to try that blacklight and have a look around my house. If I find a bunch I'm calling the exterminator!!

achieve1dream said...

I doubt my dogs would listen with the excitement of a bunny chase either lol. I'm glad you found him and that he's ok.