Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Journey: Part 1

I am officially and physically in my new home.  I decided to title this "Part 1" of the journey to the new home, because I have so many stories to tell, but am a bit handicapped at the moment and can't share all.  First off, I have pictures on my camera, but can't find the cable to upload them to my computer.  There are a lot of things I can't find because the entire house and garage are filled with boxes.  Secondly, I've used my hands so excessively over the past six weeks with packing, cleaning, driving and unpacking that my fingers are literally blistering, cracking and bleeding, so it hurts to type.

I guess I'll back up in order to tell the story chronologically.  I left off with my Corgi Midge, my husband and I all being sick while trying to get all of our worldly belongings packed in time before the movers arrived.  My husband still was ill when he drove the 760 miles to our new home with one sick dog and one old dog in order to be there when the movers arrived.  The next day he picked up our son from college and the two of them camped out in an empty house until Saturday when the furniture was delivered.

I, in the meantime, was running around getting last minute items packed and trying to keep five strong men well fed and hydrated as they piled everything into a tractor trailer.  Once they left, the real estate agent arrived and was disgusted with the shape of the house.  Removing the furniture revealed some serious issues we had never noticed before, such as black mold on the walls and floors from either old water damage we thought we had dealt with or new water damage we were not aware of.

He announced that he was bringing a potential home buyer to the house the very next day, so there was no time to rest.  I raced around scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, vacuuming, and painting over everything in sight.  I think I emptied at least two cans of Lysol.  The carpet was hopeless, so I'm glad I made the decision to have it replaced.  I passed out in a sleeping bag on the floor and when I woke the next morning, I realized that I had a fever and lung infection.

Ironically, my real estate agent never brought the home shopper to our house, nor did he put up the FOR SALE sign.  I'm not sure what is up with the guy, but he won't answer his phone when I call, and isn't returning my messages.  I hope he's okay.  He's amazingly unresponsive compared to the real estate agents I've worked with on other house sales and purchases.  Perhaps he caught my illness.

Anyway, I ended up having to stay in the empty house for four days until it was clean and until I felt healthy enough to drive 760 miles.  My nosy neighbor spent a lot of time walking her dog back and forth in front of my house peering in the kitchen window.  One morning she caught me in my underwear drinking a cup of coffee.

I talked with my husband on the phone each night, and there was always bad news.  Midge was getting sicker with an eye infection, vomiting, no bladder control, and a limp.  Scrappy was constipated.  The movers arrived, but much of our furniture was broken during transit, and they also broke one of the path lights on the front walkway of our new house.  The truck driver backed into our new neighbors' custom mailbox and broke it, so we got off on a bad note with them.

I received a late night phone call from the owner of the horse boarding facility.  She informed me that both of my mares, Lostine and Gabbrielle, were sick with really tight coughs and nasal discharge.  I told her I couldn't do anything about it, because I was still stuck in Nevada and bedridden.  I asked her to monitor them and keep me posted, and if worse came to worse, I'd get one of my family members to set up a ranch visit from a vet.

It truly felt like the whole world was collapsing around me.

To be continued...


Dreaming said...

Oh, ugh. It sounds like a downward spiral. But... you can only go down so far. Right?!

Crystal said...

Oh no! I was excited to hear you enjoying your new time in the new house, but not so yet. has to get better from here, not much more can happen.

Paint Girl said...

That's great that you are in your new home but unfortunate that you had to go through so much extra stuff to get ready to move and getting sick.
I hope your horses are okay. Possible cold from stress caused by the move?
But I bet you are so happy to be away from your crazy old neighbors!!

lilyrose said...

Yikes! Geez...it seemed like things were finally looking up. At least you all made it to your new home. I'm sorry to hear you're sick again. I just got home yesturday and am dealing with a sick dog too. I sure hope your horses are going to be ok. Send me an email if you need help with anything. I mean it!

Venom said...

Wow, you just can't seem to catch a break...

Hope things will be looking up soon.

Reddunappy said...

I hope things are ok!!

The horses probably caught a new bug from the boarding facility. New home, new bugs, dang it!! hope thats all it is.

OH man! Move over and more crap!! Sheesh girl!! Sending big (hugs)!!!

Mikey said...

I'm glad you've made it safe! What an exhausting trip. Your horses sound like they have that bug going around. Seems like everyone has had it now. Always a cough and runny nose.
Welcome to AZ, hope the dust storm wasn't hard on you tonight. We got a good dose of it, right after I poured concrete of course.
Hang in there! It's going to get better!

fernvalley01 said...

helluva start

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a new real estate agent is in order. He should have some kind of voice mail message or someone answering his phone to let his clients know what is going on with him, if anything. Sounds like a slacker, imo.

Sure hope the horses are feeling better now.


achieve1dream said...

Oh good grief!!! What a crappy experience! I hope everyone is feeling better. So scary having all of you being sick like that. I hope you're fingers feel better too. Mine get like that too.