Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Latest News

I was looking for a picture to upload with this post, but couldn't find any.  I need to get out and go on a photography expedition to have more visuals for the blog.  We're still unpacking and having trouble making everything fit in the new house.  Every day is filled with phone calls, text messages, errands and appointments.  I haven't had much of a chance to enjoy my new surroundings beyond taking about a half mile walk up the street and down the sheep trails back to the house a couple of times.  Next time I'll take my camera and show you the terrain.

I'm feeling better about Midge.  Her first night home was really bad.  My husband administered her insulin shot too soon after she ate, and she went into insulin shock.  She seized up and he had to do some fast research to figure out how to revive her.  Sticking syrup in her mouth did the trick.  The vet's office has been calling two to three times a day to check on her progress.  We seem to have figured out the correct routine and timing of administering medications in relation to meals, because Midge is doing much better.

She's walking now and finally started eating full meals.  She's getting better control over her bladder and bowels, and having enough of her wits about her to at least try to communicate when she needs to go outside.  Her eye is improving.  We're not so sure that there is a cactus spine in it.  My husband remembered that a fly kept landing in that eye and he kept shooing it away, and then a couple of days later the eye turned red.  We're wondering if perhaps it was a fly with some kind of stinger or if it may have laid eggs in her eye.  Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Little by little we are getting the dog we know back.  If we can avoid eye surgery, I will count my blessings.  That's what sent me over the top.  The last vet I took her to in Nevada said that she had an intestinal infection following a urinary tract infection, and she was at risk of having pancreatitis.  He mentioned the potential for diabetes, but said that she did not have it.  That vet wasn't going to treat her for either pancreatitis or diabetes.  He was just saying that if she didn't get better on the antibiotics he was prescribing, we'd have to consider pancreatitis.  She did get better.  Then, right before we moved, she went downhill again and we had to wait until after the move to take her to a vet.  I'm just astounded that her body could fall apart so quickly, and she could get this eye infection on top of everything else.  That's like rubbing salt in a wound.

The home buyers did accept my counter offer, so now we have to go through the 15-day inspection period.  I had to laugh at that, because anywhere else it is a 10-day inspection period, but service people are so slow to respond in Nevada that home buyers need and extra 5 days to get the pros out.  I know the inspector will find all kinds of things wrong with the house, but hopefully it won't be enough to scare the buyers away.  All old houses have problems.  From what I hear, these buyers already have jobs in the area and will need to live somewhere for the 30-days that our house is in escrow.  They are anxious to move in, so I doubt they will want to keep house hunting while living out of boxes.  They'll probably be more forgiving of the house's flaws.

If we can sell the house, then a lot of my financial worries regarding vet bills and building the horse facility will go away.  My husband doesn't want me to work outside the home anymore.  He just wants me to take care of the animals, manage the household, and maybe make some money with my photography and writing.  With the way things are going, I'm thinking that's all I will have time to do anyway.

The kids have been in and out.  My son was living here, and then he left to go visit his girlfriend's family for a week in New Jersey.  Right after he left, my daughter came home.  I think if it weren't for her, we'd starve.  She prepared some meals and washed dishes for us because we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Now she's gone on a road trip to Sedona with her college friends and my son is coming back.  We are all planning on going on a hike once we are all here at the same time.  Gosh, I haven't even visited the horses since last Friday because of all the activity with Midge and the kids.  Hopefully, things will settle into a routine soon.

It looks like I won't be able to bring the horses home until mid-June, because we have to wait ten days to get the permit and engineering blueprints for the mare motel, and then we have to get the lot graded and have the mare motel, fencing and hay barn built.  I cut back on the original size of the riding arena.  Now it's more like a little horse paddock.  And I had to move the mare motel inside of it instead of having it attached on the outside to save on space and money.  Even with those changes, I'm still over budget.  I'm just hoping that once we get through this, the money we need will come from somewhere and there won't be anymore unexpected bills to throw us for a loop. 


horsemom said...

I have heard of flies laying eggs in the eyes of horses so it's possible.

glad to hear about the counter offer being accepted.

fernvalley01 said...

Glad Midge seems better and things are slowly looking up.

Paint Girl said...

That's great that Midge is doing better!! Fingers crossed that she will continue to improve!!
Would love to see some photos of your walks. I love Arizona!!
Hopefully there won't be too many issues with the home inspection on your old house, that way one less thing to worry about!!

Linda said...

That's wonderful news. I can't believe how everything is coming together for you!!

achieve1dream said...

What a relief that Midge is feeling better!!! I was so worried about her and you. I hope things settle down some more. Hang in there!

lilyrose said...

It sounds like Midge is finally doing better. I will keep my fingers crossed that she continues to improve. I'm sure you are anxious to get your barn/fencing done so that you can bring your horses home. You'll feel much better once they are on your own property.
Here's hoping all goes well with your home inspection.

Tammy said...

You sound at peace now. Glad you are enjoying your place and looking forward to this next chapter.