Monday, May 21, 2012

More Money Down the Drain

Literally.  I received news that a main pipe under my old house in Nevada is cracked and needs to be replaced.  I keep wondering how much longer I'm going to have to fork out cash to repair a house that will no longer be mine after June.

The day before I left for my new home in Arizona, I noticed water running out from underneath the house, across our new concrete walkway and onto our lawn.  We suspect that when the concrete workers broke up the old concrete, the concussion from the jack and sledgehammers cracked the pipe.  This means that I haven't had a single home improvement task take place that hasn't broken something else and cost me more money in the process.  I would have been better off leaving the house completely alone, selling it "as is", and letting the buyers fix up what they want.

Of course, now that the plumber has been under the house looking at the cracked pipe, he had to find all kinds of other things that weren't up to code and expects me to just fork out thousands of dollars for him to fix everything that isn't perfect.  The house was built in 1978!  Of course it's not going to be up to code or perfect!  Why can't people just fix the one thing I ask them to fix instead of robbing me?  Every damn home repair has to turn into a rat's nest of problems.  It's like a house of cards.  Knock one part over and the whole thing follows.

Since we've moved into this house, we've been fixing things left and right, because the sellers left it in deplorable shape.  Overall, the house is well built, but there were plenty of little things they could have easily taken care of while their house was on the market, like a shower stall that leaked puddles onto the tile floor.  I suppose they didn't care if they created a mold problem since they were on their way out anyway.  My husband repaired it with a little bit of caulking.

We had several lights that were out due to either blown bulbs, faulty wiring or someone stepped on them.  They didn't bother to spray for weeds before they left, so by the time we got here, my son was able to fill half a dozen bags with weeds he pulled with his hands.  They left multiple holes in the walls where they ripped out speakers and lights that scorpions are now crawling through to get inside our house. The water filters were inoperable, so we're having to replace them, and the sellers left a ton of trash around the property for us to take to the dump.  So, it kind of annoys me that I'm paying all this money to keep the home I'm selling in good repair for the buyers, yet the sellers of the home we just bought didn't bother to do the same for us.

Oh well, another hard lesson learned in life.  I just hope I have enough money left over to pay the bills, because right now the only person in our family with a job is my husband, and he's supporting four of us.  Well, the nine of us if you include the dogs and horses.  I spend my weekdays trying to tread water above the phone calls, emails, and all the paperwork that arrives in droves.  Each day I spend at least three hours attempting to organize my office so that I can take care of business instead of having to dig through boxes upon boxes of files to find what I need.  It seems the buyers of our house keep coming up with questions regarding what year this was done and what year that was done, and I just can't remember without having access to the paperwork.  So, I spent all weekend hunting down anything and everything about that house they could ever wish to know.  I'm sure all the paperwork will put me over the carry on size and weight limit on the plane, so I'll have to check a bag when I fly back to Nevada.

Flying back to get the rest of my things is another story.  What seemed straight forward and simple has turned into a gigantic fiasco.  First off, the home buyers need some place to stay right now, even though escrow isn't closing until the end of June, so they wanted to rent my Nevada house from me.  I explained that all the flooring has been ripped out and won't be replaced until the painters are done, and the painters won't be done until the end of this week.  I'm not set up with the right kind of insurance to rent just yet.  Plus, where will I stay when I fly back to get my things if the buyers are living in the house?  I'll have to stay in a hotel, which screws up my plans, because I had left just enough meals in my kitchen to feed me on my trip there.

So, the real estate agents decided to tell the buyers that they will just need to stay in a motel for a while since they can't find anyone who will rent for less than 6 months.  I thought I was off the hook, and then I received notice in the mail that the registration for the car that I was planning on picking up and driving to Arizona is expiring on the Friday that I was planning on flying out to pick it up.  So, obviously, I can't drive it anywhere with an expired registration.

The DMV won't forward registration decals in the mail to my new address, and won't renew the registration on my vehicle if I live out of state.  Arizona can't register the vehicle unless I have the paperwork that is sitting in its glove compartment in Nevada.  My only choices are to get in early on the Friday that the registration expires, and drive the car to the DMV, turn in the plates, and buy a 15-day drive away permit, or fly in on the Friday or Saturday before they expire and boogie back to Arizona, and immediately register the vehicle there.  (Which I can't do, by the way, without a smog check first.  Sigh.  My county in Nevada never needed smog checks.)  However, if I fly out early, I may end up sleeping on a hard subfloor, because the carpet may not be installed.

The other problem is this:  If I fly in on Friday, the airfare costs less, but I'll most likely have to pay $150 to $200 for a cab to drive me from the airport to my house since there is no other public transportation that will do that.  On Saturday, I can get a ride from a friend, but the airfare is an extra $100.  I feel like no matter what I do, I'm always losing money.  I've resigned myself to just accepting the fact that I'm always going to be under a tremendous amount of stress trying to work out the logistics of my life, because my lousy luck always has to rear its ugly head and make scheduling impossible for me.

Giving Midge her long list of medications and insulin shots has proven to be easy compared to having to clean up all of her accidents.  The bummer is that because of the timing of eating and getting the insulin shots, I can only shower before 5:45 AM or after 7:15 AM, which isn't convenient, because I'm usually sleeping before 5:45 AM and already have people calling and coming to my house by 7:15 AM.  I guess I'm just going to have to get used to letting people see me unwashed and without makeup in rumpled clothes or P.J.s and messy hair.

Also, when the insulin starts wearing off, Midge reverts back to leaving sticky, sugary puddles of urine all over the floor, and then I have to start mopping like crazy.  I usually have to mop the same spot three times to get the stickiness out, which is extremely time consuming.  However, once she gets her shot, she's good about holding it until we take her outside, and she doesn't go as frequently.  This morning I slipped in one of her pee puddles while carrying her insulin, and nearly fell, which could have resulted in a broken bottle.  The floor tiles in this house look wet all the time, so you just can't see the pee puddles until you step in them.

Her eye is only improving in that she's holding it open a little wider, but we can see that there is some serious damage to the cornea and she may even be blind in that eye now.  She has to spend another day in the hospital on Friday.  I don't even want to know how much that is going to cost.  Plus she may need that eye surgery.

Our new neighbors ran a dog rescue at one time, and said they had to give a lot of insulin shots.  I'm guessing that is because most dog owners gave up their dogs as soon as they became diabetic, because they didn't have the time or money to deal with the problem.  Most people who develop diabetes can treat themselves, but pets with diabetes need constant attention.  Even when we aren't  administering food and insulin, we are having to watch the dog for signs of insulin shock.

Sigh.  All the junk that came in the mail and email today resulted in my To Do List doubling in length.  I'm back to being overwhelmed and paralyzed.

I tricked my daughter unintentionally this morning (before I got all that mail giving me more work to do).  I asked her if she wanted to go to the county development office to get a plot plan for our new property with me.  She said okay.  The county office gave me the run around, of course, so I got nothing accomplished.  This is the first step to getting my horse facility and everything that could go wrong has been going wrong.  I'm so fed up that if things don't start going my way, I might just sell the horses.  I know that seems irrational, especially since I picked out this property because it was right across from miles of equestrian trails, but I've had so many things go wrong in the past couple of years, a huge chunk of it just in the past week, that I'm not even confident that I can afford to take care of three horses anymore.

Anyway, on the way back I stopped at the boarding facility to check on the horses and saw that they were in desperate need of fly spray.  I told them I would return with some.  Then I stopped at an entrance to some open land to do a quick search for a geocache, dragging my daughter along with me.  Without reading glasses, I couldn't tell the "N" apart from the "W" on the GPS, so I got the coordinates switched.  My daughter took over the navigation, and an hour later we had found the geocache and my truck.  I got home, logged my find on the website, and discovered that had I looked around in the spot where I got us lost, I would have found another geocache.  Ahhhh!  I just can't get organized.  I'm always impulsively trying to do fun things when I get a minute here or there, and my disorganization results in massive time loss.  And all this time loss is just a diversion to keep me from fretting over my massive financial losses.  Help!  I need a double dose of anti-anxiety meds.


Katharine Swan said...

Regarding the registration, do you get a grace month in Nevada? In Colorado, you get a month of grace beyond when the registration expires -- you won't be pulled over or charged late fees during that period. You should check and see if Nevada is the same way -- you might be okay driving that car back after all!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nope. Just looked it up: "Nevada does not have a grace period on expired registrations."

I did call the NV DMV before writing this post. The guy pretty much admitted that I would be inconvenienced any way I choose to handle the problem.

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, that stinks. I'm sorry to hear it... I was hoping I'd have the solution that saved you the hassle! ;o)

Reddunappy said...

Holy cow Nuzz muzz!!
The roller coaster hasnt stopped yet!

Soon as the old house closes, forget about the new owners, and it!!! Damn but you need that signature!!!

Again! Hang in there!

lilyrose said...

That really stinks about your plumbing situation at your old house. I sure hope you can get it resolved without draining your bank account.
Getting an emissions test is such a joke here. It is just another way for the government to take your money. At least we now have a testing station here in AJ. It's down off of Baseline Rd.
One bright spot for you-when you get your AZ driver's license-it will be good until you are 65! And I never go to the DMV anymore for my car registrations. After you register the first time-each year after you can log onto their website (Service Arizona)and renew your registration online. You can sign up for your yearly reminder by email. They will mail your new sticker-you'll get it in a day or two. It's great.

Promise said...

What about a SuperShuttle or something to transport you from the airport to the house? It's definitely cheaper than a cab, if there is something like that out there.

ABScharstein said...

I recommend Paxil. If you can't get a prescription, take passion flower capsules [natural anxiety relief]. Those are total lifesavers.

Gosh, poor little Midgebot! If only everything health related was easy and affordable to fix...

redhorse said...

Does Nevada have a temporary plate? Most states have something you can get for 14 to 30 days.

Katharine Swan said...

Is this in your old house's area?

Nevada wildfire

I hope the fire is well away from your old house, so that it doesn't mess up anything with the sale!

fernvalley01 said...

feel like pouring a stiff drink after reading this , cannot imagine living it

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Katharine - Yes, that fire is about 15 miles from my old home. It's in an area that burns most summers. It's terrible to say, but perhaps if the house burned down, I'd be better off. But there are hundreds of homes between my home and the fire, so I'm sure all the forces would be called in before anyone would let that happen.

Katharine Swan said...

Ha! Be careful you don't jinx yourself, though! I'm not so sure you would be better off -- think how many more people would be harassing you all the time if you had to rebuild the house with the insurance money before you sold it!

achieve1dream said...

Good grief. So much for wishing your problems would stay in Nevada. I hope you were able to pull off the last trip without a hitch. :)