Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Fun Comparisons

I've noticed a few differences between Nevada and Arizona over the past couple of weeks.  Of course, these are just first impressions and generalizations, but they are something I've observed.

Busiest aisle in a Nevada supermarket:  The check out aisle and any aisle in the parking lot.
Busiest aisle in an Arizona supermarket:  The ice cream aisle.  (Despite this, everyone seems to be skinny.)

People in Nevada never seem to sleep, because I hear them racing their vehicles past my windows all night.  (This is probably because the majority of jobs are in 24-hour casinos.)
People in Arizona nap throughout the day, and have short bursts of energy right at sunrise and sunset, just like the wildlife, and still manage to sleep at night as well.  (Of course, this could be because so many people in my area are retired.)

Most people in Nevada own a pack of dogs and leave them outside all day, rain, snow or shine, to bark while they are at work.
It is rare to hear a dog bark in my neighborhood in Arizona, because they are kept indoors for their safety and health.

While it is considered bad form to phone someone before 9:00 AM in Nevada, I've been getting phone calls as early as 6:00 AM from people in Arizona.  That's because if you don't get things done between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM, you'll be too sluggish to get them done until after the sun sets.

Nevada homes have coat closets near the front door.
Arizona homes don't.

Nevada homes have tiny bathrooms, many with just a shower stall and no tub.
Arizona homes have huge bathrooms with huge spas in addition to showers and tubs.  (And no, I haven't had a chance to relax in my spa yet.  I'm sure part of the problem is that there are four of us in the house and the bathroom has no door.)

Golf season begins in June in Nevada.
Golf season begins at 5:00 AM in Arizona.

Nevada homes are inhabited by house spiders, flies and mice.
Arizona homes are inhabited by scorpions, millipedes, termites, and really big rats.

In Nevada, the good TV shows aren't on until 9:00 PM.
In Arizona, they begin as early as 7:00 PM, but that doesn't mean I can stay awake to watch them, because I'm usually hitting my third siesta of the day right around then.

In Nevada, you need a sleeping pill to sleep through the neighborhood and traffic noises.
In Arizona, you need a dozen cups of coffee to force yourself to be awake at integral parts of the day.  No wonder it's such a great place to retire.  The weather induces sleep.

In Nevada, you can't hike a trail without passing someone every few hundred feet.
In Arizona, you get excited if you see any kind of life on the trail at all.

In Nevada, you can see the same people in the same businesses for twenty years and never learn each other's names, nor have them acknowledge you as someone they recognize.
In Arizona, everyone you meet learns your name, offers you something as a greeting gift, and is instantly your friend.


Reddunappy said...

Sounds like you found a nice place to live!!!

Reddunappy said...

....Well barring the scorpions and millipedes!!!(and snakes, and maybe a Gila monster!!!) LOL LOL LOL

Cheryl Ann said...

Our California desert is like Arizona. Yes, in the summer, I'm out doing errands at 6 a.m., BEFORE the heat hits. However, this morning it was 75 degrees at that hour! And, yes, we ALL stay indoors during the hot part of the day. We do errands and chores in the late afternoon or very early morning. Welcome to the desert!

Mikey said...

Lol, so true. It's why I don't understand why everyone doesn't live here!! Also, once you get established, you'll learn to schedule an extra hour during your trips to "town" because you'll have to stop and talk to everyone. I've just given in to that.

achieve1dream said...

I'm with the others. Minus the creepy crawlies it sounds awesome! You're so making me want to move out there lol. I'm tired of allergies and humidity. :) I love sunshine and hot weather though.