Friday, May 11, 2012

Ups and Downs

We finally got our first full grocery shopping expedition done this morning, which is a good thing because I was getting tired of drinking water and eating fast food.  I was astounded when the lady bagging our groceries welcomed us to the area after I mentioned that we just moved here and needed an application for a discount card. 

I then drove over to the home of one of my Nuzzling Muzzles readers, Lilyrose, and she introduced me to her animals and showed me her horse setup.  She gave me some great tips on what to do and what not to do while I'm planning my horse setup.  She also shared the various wildlife problems in the area, so I can be prepared and protect my horses and dogs.  Lilyrose actually has a wild Bobcat that sleeps on her haystack.  She has a donkey who keeps the coyotes at bay.

The whole time we were chatting, I noted various bunnies hopping around, completely unconcerned about us.  They eat her hay.  She said sometimes she has to shoo them away with a broom just so she can walk around and get her chores done.  I, of course, had to ask about her scorpion, rattlesnake and javelina stories.  She also shared the names and locations of the best vets, markets, feed stores, hardware stores, etc.  I was touched by her hospitality.  She was so welcoming, and happy to set me on the right path with me being a newcomer to the area.

I remember that when my nosy, annoying neighbors first moved in next door at my old place, they started making all these newbie mistakes, so I tried to help them by warning the woman about various problems and how to avoid them, and she just turned her nose up to me, got on the defensive, and openly rejected my advice.  Next thing I knew she was taking her dog to the vet to have some fox tails removed from its ears after I told her to keep him away from them.  Anyway, I was very grateful for all the information that Lilyrose shared with me.  It's nice to have some locals on my side.

Unfortunately, we got some very bad news from the vet about Midge.  What was previously borderline diabetes and possibly pancreatitis is now full-blown diabetes and pancreatitis, which explains why she can't kick these urinary tract infections.  I also thought it was odd that our tile floors would get so outrageously sticky after she peed on them.  We'd mop the area multiple times, but walking on it was still like walking in glue.  That makes sense now.  She's peeing sugar.  Her pancreas has been eating away at itself, so the vet is keeping her overnight on an IV and trying to get all the toxins out of her system. 

Her eye infection turns out to either be a corneal scratch or a cactus spine embedded in her eye.  Poor girl.  If she shows any improvement overnight, we will deal with the eye and start giving her insulin twice a day.  If there's no improvement, we will have to put her to sleep.  I'm not ready to face the decision, but she's got to be in pain and I don't want that.

In other news, my real estate agent already has someone who will be making an offer on our old house this weekend.  They love the place, and I haven't even repainted the walls or replaced that disgusting carpet yet.  Go figure.  I guess I could have saved myself some money and sold the house as is, but I'm locked into contracts with the painter and flooring installers.  We are very fortunate to have an interested party just one week after the house went on the market.


Rebecca said...

All fingers are crossed for you and selling your old house! Sorry to hear about Midge, I have an older dog too and I constantly worry about her. Glad to hear no more annoying neighbors! :)

Dreaming said...

I'm hoping that all goes well with Midge. It sounds like you have some tough decisions to consider. On top of moving and the exhaustion that comes from that, it must be tough. We had a dog who had pancreatitis and became diabetic. It was tough to see her have to deal with that.
I'm glad you found a local friend. It really helps to have someone who knows the ropes.
I'm keeping my finger's crossed about your house.

Reddunappy said...

Sounds like a wonderful place, and nice people.
And a wonderful new friend too! Awesome advice!

Great to already maybe getting an offer on the old house!! Wow!!

Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear about Midge. I know you will do what needs to be done for her. Hope she is feeling better soon.
That was super nice of Lilyrose helping you out. Gotta love friendly, helpful people!!
Also that is fantastic that someone already wants to buy your old house!

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry Midge is doing so poorly

lilyrose said...

Reading this actually made me blush. Thanks for the kind words. I have moved so many times in my life, so I know how nice it is to meet people who are helpful. I really enjoyed meeting you!
I'm so sorry to hear about Midge. I hope she will get better, but I know you'll do what's best for her.
I sure hope your buyer takes your old house!

Stacey said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Midge.

Mikey said...

That was so nice of LIlyrose. What a blessing to have someone like her near.
I'm so sorry about Midge. Dang it all, I hope she gets better. We'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

Jamethiel Crabb said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Midge. I really hope she gets better so she can enjoy Arizona with you. I recently had to put my eternal kitten of 13 years, Maynard, down, because he was just too sick, and loosing weight. I know how hard the choice is.

Cheryl Ann said...

The people we've met in Arizona have all been extremely friendly. It's not like here in California...sigh...

achieve1dream said...

I'm so sorry about Midge!! I hope things resolve and you don't have to make that most difficult decision. I'll be thinking of you both. Please keep us updated.