Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Visit with My Buddies

My daughter and I were out running errands, trying to fix our latest problems caused by other people's incompetence, and decided to stop by the boarding facility to visit our buddies. The boarding facility owner had asked me to turnout the horses when I do come to visit, because she wants them to stretch their legs more often than just on the days she is able to do it. So, after we groomed all of them and stuffed them with peppermints, I led Bombay out to the arena.

Gabbrielle and Lostine immediately started whinnying and running circles. The boarding facility owner has commented to me multiple times that my horses sure don't like to be separated. They always have been herd bound. I've worked on that, but the bond is pretty strong between the three of them. I then turned each of the girls out too. I thought it was interesting that Bombay waited at the gate for them instead of running around. Once all three were together, they did run around and roll. Then they just stood there doing nothing for a long time, so I went out there with a lead rope and chased them around, lunging all three together.

They ran in circles, and then Bombay broke away and bucked in my general direction. I scolded him for giving me the middle finger, and he must have taken it to heart, because I focused my attention on just him, and he allowed me to lunge him in a perfect circle without any rope attached to his halter, despite the arena being a huge rectangle. It was as if we were back at our old home in the round pen. He didn't break from his pace once. I was so impressed with his self-discipline that I gave him tons of praise and peppermints.

Gabbrielle got jealous, so I broke her away from the herd and lunged her in circles. She was hyper, as usual, alternating between trotting and galloping, forgetting everything I taught her about a slow lope, but she did keep going in a circle for several rotations, so I rewarded her too.

Lostine is an old lady, so I didn't push it with her. I told her she could walk, and she politely walked in a circle around me for a while, then I gave her peppermints and put her away. That sent Bombay and Gabbrielle into a tizzy, because they were separated again. I couldn't put them away just yet, because they had been exercising at the faster paces, so I put the halter on Bombay and walked him around the arena while Gabbrielle followed, Gabbrielle nervously looking back and forth between him and Lostine. Then I put Bombay away, and that really sent Gabbrielle off the deep end. She did not like being in that big arena by herself.

She spun and galloped around, startling the other horses, who spun in their runs. But once I came out with the halter, she held still for it. I ordered her to walk to her shed, and she listened, but was definitely pushing the boundaries by walking fast. Once I get them at my place I'll have to spend some time removing her from the herd. I can only afford one arena right now, so I'll just take her for walks out in the desert. They are understandably nervous about being separated. After all, I took them away from their old home. They should be pros at moving once I move them a third time.

I did have a little scare, because the contractor had estimated he'd be done building the horse setup by mid-June, so I gave my 30-day notice to the boarding facility.  The owner said she had people on a waiting list who wanted to get in.  Then the engineering plans for the barn took too long to be completed.  We still had a 10-day wait for the permit process and he needs a week to build it, so the date got pushed to the end of June.

I was worried I'd have to find another place for my horses after June 15th, but fortunately the owner of the boarding facility had not contacted anyone on the waiting list yet to tell them there would be openings, so my horses can stay there until the end of June.


Reddunappy said...

Glad you got to play with the horses again!

Once Upon an Equine said...

"stuffed them with peppermints" That made me smile. I hope visiting your buddies brightened your day. They all look well.

lilyrose said...

So glad you got to visit your buddies! I'm sure you'll feel more settled once they are in your own backyard. :)

Crystal said...

My two are so attached to each other too, but its funny its always the one that's left behind that is silly, the one I leave with is fine.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Crystal - Good point. I should really practice taking Bombay and Lostine out on the trails together and leave Gabbrielle behind to give her the time and space to learn how to hold down the fort by herself.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like just what you needed!
Apache doesn't care for peppermints and neither did Baby Doll. They'd put them in their mouths and spit them right back out. lol!


achieve1dream said...

Seeing pictures of your horses always makes me smile. :D I'm glad you got to spend some times with them. :)