Friday, June 8, 2012


My horses and I are grateful tonight. Wait, who's that red-headed lady in the background of this next picture?  Her ponytail could be the twin to Lostine's forelock.

That's Cut-N-Jump! She made these fantastic fly masks for my horses as a welcoming gift.  Lostine looks good in purple.  She got purple butterflies on her mask.

Gabbrielle put up a little bit of a fight over letting me put hers on.  Cut-N-Jump explained that my mistake was spreading the mask out wide and approaching from the front.  Gabbrielle was raising her head high and backing up.  When I made the mask smaller, let her sniff it, and then brought it up from underneath to the side of her face and pulled it across, then I was able to get it on.

It's been a long time since I've tried to put on fly masks since Bombay shredded the ones I bought, but we think these will last because they are very sturdy.  They work as sun protection as well as fly protection.  They are like sunglasses to the horses, and it is really bright out this time of year.  The masks came just in time, because Lostine had gunk dripping out of one eye, Gabbrielle has cut up her skin around her eyes and ears from rubbing the flies off, and Bombay had a nasty cut just below one eye.

It turned out that Bombay has unusually large jowls for an Arab, so Cut-N-Jump will make one for him in a larger size.  His mask was blue with a blue pony on it.  The edges are very soft.  I have to say that I am amazed watching real horse women work with my horses.  They do subtle things that are just slightly different from how I do it, but it makes a huge difference in the horses' behaviors.  For instance, I was trying to straighten out the Velcro enclosure so that hair wouldn't get on any exposed part, and when I ripped it open, it made such a loud noise that I startled Gabbrielle.  It also didn't help that I had a camera hanging from my wrist.  I asked Cut-N-Jump if she could adjust it, and she pulled the Velcro with just the right amount of pressure to make a smaller ripping sound that my horse was comfortable with.

Cut-N-Jump found Gabbrielle's sweet spot and started itching it.  Gabbrielle brought out her giraffe neck and camel lips.  I think Gabbrielle wanted to go home with her, especially after she kissed her.

If interested in getting one of these fly masks, contact Cut-N-Jump through the email on her profile for more details.

Ears forward means two thumbs up.  Thank you so much!  Now I can feel better about going away for a few days knowing my horses are protected from the sun and all those nasty flies.


Dreaming said...

The fly masks are beautiful. What fun to have cute embroidery on them. Thanks for sharing Cun-N-Jump's web site. What fun for you to meet in person!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are really nice looking fly masks. I like the little extra designs she adds.

Paint Girl said...

They are so cute!! And the horses seem to enjoy them too!!

lilyrose said...

What a super-nice gift from a super-nice lady! They look great on your horses. I hope Bombay allows the girls to wear their fly masks. The flies seem to be extra bad this year.

Linda said...

I love her masks. Do you know what percentage of UV rays they block out?

fernvalley01 said...

Very nice, CnJ knows her stuff, so glad you guys got to meet!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Reading the coments, I am flattered. Seriously.

Linda (we share the same name) I am trying to find out from the manufacturer what the UV rating is. So far from what I have gathered, they offer an 85% shade factor, which is usually also an equal percentage UV factor. For whatever reason they don't want to say it in writing. WTH???

I put the designs on the masks to bring out personality, give things some life and a bit of flair. Dresses them up and brings the FUN! back into it.

achieve1dream said...

Those are awesome!!! I love the little designs on them. :D If a friend hadn't just given me a fly mask I would totally order one. Heck once I have more money I might order one anyway. Very nice!