Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Hassles

After hunting for scorpions with a black light and finding none, my husband woke me up twice last night when he found one scorpion on the porch and another on the bathroom floor right in front of my medicine cabinet. He shined the black light on it, and it turned yellow-green under the black light.

My husband wanted me to get up and come look, but I told him if I got up I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep for the rest of the night. I took his word for it that he found a scorpion in front of my medicine cabinet, which is the place I'd mostly likely walk in bare feet while climbing out of bed in the middle of the night with a headache. (I seem to be allergic to everything in Arizona.) I heard him grab a shoe and crunch, crunch, crunch as he squashed it. I think LilyRose was right when she said that the construction would send the scorpions away, but they would return once it got quiet. The crew hasn't been using any heavy equipment lately -- just the welding machine.

Yesterday I climbed into my truck and somehow it felt naked. I realized that my magnetic sign for my photography business was missing off the back door. At first I thought I must have lost it while driving down the freeway, so my husband and I searched the freeway shoulders while driving 65 mph, but never saw it. Later I remembered driving to the horse boarding facility and something going clunk, clunk, clunk up against the side of my truck. I looked in the side view and rear view mirrors, and saw nothing. I was confused, because I didn't see anything in the road ahead of me before the noise.

I should have stopped to investigate in retrospect. I just knew I didn't hit a person, so I didn't think there was any reason to stop. On the way back home, I noticed that someone's trash can appeared to have spilled into the road. I wondered how that happened, because there was no wind the previous night. Sometimes the people who pick up the garbage get sloppy and let trash land in the street while collecting it. Of course, now that I know my door magnet is missing, I realize one of those pieces of trash was probably my magnet.

So, I asked my daughter if she would help me search on foot for my door magnet. I was getting ready to go do that, as well as to check on the horses right at sunset when I received a text from the boarding facility owner asking if I had my horses on some program to prevent sand colic. I panicked, thinking Lostine was colicking again. I tried texting her back, but kept making mistakes and accidentally hitting "Send" before I completed my text. She kept texting me back, and I said, "This is ridiculous. I can just drive other there and talk to her in the time it takes for me to type out two sentences on this tiny keyboard."

So, I drove over, and the owner wasn't there. Lostine was fine. I emailed the barn owner later and found out that nothing was wrong with my horses. The boarding facility owner's neighbor's horse had just died from sand colic, so she was recommending that everyone get her horses on a preventative program. To me, texting and phone calls are for more urgent communications, which is why I thought something was wrong.

I've used psyllium in the past, and found that not only is it outrageously expensive, but it doesn't make any difference in the number of times that Lostine colics. The sand here isn't much different from the sand in Nevada, and the barrels that the horses eat out of at the boarding facility are better at keeping hay off the ground than my goat troughs, because the barrels have a lip at the top. The horses have to very intentionally drag hay out of them onto the ground. So, I'm not too worried, but colic is a cause of diarrhea, and Lostine does still have loose cow patty poops despite cutting back on her alfalfa.

On the way back, my daughter and I hiked the shoulders of the road in search of my car magnet. People who lived on the street were coming out of their houses watching us. I guess they were fearful that we might be staking out their houses. One old couple pulled over to watch us from their car, preventing me from being able to pull a U-turn to go pick up my daughter, who was a quarter mile up the road. I was getting annoyed with all these people interfering. I think getting old makes people paranoid. When I finally was able to turn around to pick up my daughter, I half expected someone to call the police saying that a little girl was being kidnapped off the side of the road.

We didn't find the magnet, so I suspect that the trash men or the trash can owner probably threw it in the trash when they found it. I wish they had just called the phone number in big bold letters on the magnet to ask me if I lost it by accident. That would have been nice.

So, I've learned that it is just too hot in Arizona to sport car magnets. Also, I've been locked out of the house three times now because of a faulty door knob.  I suspect we are going to spend the next several months just trying to find remedies for problems caused by the heat and wildlife here. I can't wait until I can get into a routine instead of always chasing down a solution for the latest problem.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Yikes! I think I'd start wearing hiking boots as house slippers. I'm feeding the horses out of Porta-Grazers (barrels) but without the insert pan that slows them down (the pans cracked and I need to email the seller to get them replaced). Check out my blog post today and see what a mess SaraJane makes. She pulls all her hay out of the regular feeding trough. Was better with the barrle, but she recently learned how to pull it out of the barrel too. She's a stinker and makes a big mess of her hay. I'm glad your horses are ok and not having sand problems. I do use the psyllium every month. Yes, it is expensive stuff, unfortunately. And I know what you mean about texting on tiny keyboards. I frequently send my husband blank text messages.

fernvalley01 said...

too bad about the magnet. and watch your toes!

achieve1dream said...

That's really creepy about the scorpions.... how dangerous are they? I mean, if you get stung can it kill you or does it just hurt? I know about spiders and snakes, but not scorpions lol. Stay safe please!

That sucks about your magnet. :(