Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Scorpion Hunt

I went outside with a black light flashlight just after it got dark and searched the property for the glow of scorpions, but found nothing.  I even searched the garage.  I thought perhaps it was too early for them to come out, so when Midge woke me at 2:00 AM to go pee, I tried again.  (We increased her insulin dosage just slightly, and now she's on a more normal bathroom break schedule.)

Again, I searched the property with my black light and found nothing.  There were some neighbors up on the bluff having some kind of Friday night get together and they were all talking up a storm until someone spotted my black light, and then they all got quiet.  It was obvious that I wasn't going to find any scorpions, so I returned to the door I came out of, and it was locked. 

I usually don't shut doors the whole way when I go outside, especially the front door, because its dead bolt tends to slide into place when you pull the door all the way shut.  However, I must have shut the door all the way without realizing it.  I had to walk around to the bedroom door and knock to wake my husband up at 2:00 in the morning, so he could let me into the house.  I felt bad about disturbing his sleep.

Then I was hungry and ate something, which resulted in a half-hour long case of the hiccups, which makes Midge go absolutely nuts.  That neurotic dog quivers from head to toe and runs around the house looking for a place to hide when I hiccup.  She ran into my son's room, knocked over his guitar and woke him up. 

My daughter had attached a bell to Midge's collar so that we would hear her when she wakes up during the night and heads for the carpet to pee.  That way we could jump out of bed, stop her and take her outside to pee.  Now that bell sounded like a rock concert as she ran around the entire house waking everyone up, so I removed the collar.  She kept bothering my husband, so he locked her in the bedroom with him, which the the only place where she couldn't hear my hiccups and was able to settle down.

Even though I didn't get to crush any scorpions on my black light hunt, I did hit pay dirt in the dog piss department.  Every pee puddle that Midge left on the carpet that dried up before we could soak it up lit up like the sun under that black light.  It was an interesting lesson in how to treat pet urine stains.  Basically, all the places where we caught a fresh puddle and soaked it up with paper towels, then sprayed with carpet cleaner and scrubbed, there was little if any evidence of the stain.  However, if the urine dried, I could spray and scrub all I wanted and was not able to get the stains up.  So, our next experiment is to use a foam spray that is supposed to break up the stain, and then try to vacuum it up.  How about you?  What methods have worked for you in getting rid of pet stains in carpets?


Reddunappy said...

A product called Petastic, it is an enzyme formula. You have to read the directions, which is keeping the stain damp for a few days to let the enzymes do their work.Most dont do this, it kills the whole smell to the dog so they dont go back to the same spot. (It used to be Natures Miracle, but the company sold and one half got the formula and one half got the name.)
Good luck!!!

Rebecca said...

I don't like to use carpet cleaner because it usually leaves so much residue behind that you can't see and then it just attracts more dirt making the stain reappear. So now I use white vinegar diluted 50/50 with water in a spray bottle. Let it sit for a few minutes, then blot with a towel. If it still doesn't come out, mix a little dish detergent in with the vinegar/water and repeat. :o) Only downside is it kind of makes the house smell like pickles until it dries hehe. :o)

Katharine Swan said...

My friend recently used a solution of half white vinegar, half water to get the smell of dog urine out of her outdoor rug. She said it worked perfectly! I don't know if it would get the stains out of your carpet, but it's worth a try. Vinegar is an amazing cleaner!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you got more than you bargained for with your simple little scorpion hunt. lol!


appydoesdressage said...

Congrats on not needing the exterminator! For the pee spots I used to use Urine Off (avail at Petsmart or similar) but any enzymatic cleaner will work. It needs to be the enzyme cleaner though. Good luck, looking forward to your next construction post too!

Anonymous said...

What kind of foam spray will you use? We have two male dogs that literally got into a pissing contest. We tried getting everything cleaned up right away, but we still have stains. I now use a product called Nylac and it works great for any fresh spots.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Steph - I used Resolve High Traffic foam, but forgot to check the carpet afterwards with the black light. I suspect it didn't make much of a difference. I think the stains are just more visible now to the naked eye. I kept seeing stains after I sprayed the foam and vacuumed and thought they were fresh, but the carpet was dry, so I think the foam pulled up the stain to the surface.

achieve1dream said...

LOL! Sorry I know at the time it probably wasn't funny, but reading about it sure is. Why do hiccups bother Midge? She is so silly!