Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bombay Teases Me

Here are the kids waiting for breakfast after I hollered at Gabbrielle for banging the water trough as soon as the first light cracked on the horizon this Independence Day holiday.  They are like prisoners who bang metal trays against the bars when they want something.

It's really difficult to sleep in on a weekend or holiday around here because of the horse's banging and kicking, and because of the dogs reaction to it.  Midge got into my son's bedroom where he had the window open and heard noises outside.  First she started growling and then broke into a full-on barkfest, which Scarppy quickly joined, not having a clue as to what he was barking at.  I quieted them down and kicked them out of my son's bedroom, and then went outside to feed the horses, which set the dogs off on another barking frenzy.  I'm not sure if their blindness makes them see me outside, but they don't know it is me, so they bark, or if they just get upset when I leave them in the house.

Bombay was quite a character yesterday.  I pulled the wagon into the barn and horse paddock to clean up some manure and rocks, and he started his game of anticipating where I was going to go next, and then standing right on top of the manure pile I needed to clean up.  I tried pushing him off by leaning my shoulder into his butt, and he wouldn't budge.  I verbally ordered him to move, but still refused to budge with a twinkle in his eye.  So, I slapped him on the butt, and apparently that didn't faze him, so I slapped him harder, and he took just enough steps forward to let me pick up the pile.  I rewarded him by scraping the manure fork along his back and sides.  I know it's gross, but he really enjoys it.

Then when I moved the wagon, he'd follow and try to pull the manure fork out of it.  At one point I started running while pulling the wagon and he chased me.

Then he backed his rear over the wagon like he does when he's trying to show me how toilet trained he is.  However, he didn't need to poop, so he just kicked the tires on the wagon repeatedly.  I shooed him away so that I could move the wagon, and he backed up in a perfectly straight line from about 20-feet away and positioned his tail over the wagon again.  It was hilarious.  The harder I laughed at his antics, the sillier he got.

So, for those of you who think I'm crazy to sleep in my clothes, this is why I do it:  This morning I rolled out of bed and went out to feed the horses at 5:45 AM.  I heard someone call my name.  I looked over to see a woman in pink leaning out over her patio wall waving at me.  I figured this was the one neighbor I heard a lot about, but hadn't yet met in person.  She had written some letters to us giving us some helpful information, and we've driven past each other, but I hadn't talked with her yet.  She loves riding horses, but can't ride her own because they are too old or have foundered, so I had told her husband that she can ride my horses with me if she's not afraid of spooky, unpredictable horses, and if she understands that it's at her own risk.

She told me that the reason why she hasn't talked to me sooner is because she was out of state for a while closing one of her non-profit businesses, and when she got back she broke her foot.  Then she stepped outside of her patio to show me the device she had to wear on her foot.  She was wearing nothing but a short pink night-shirt and a boot on her foot.  I smiled, realizing that if my neighbors don't care if I see them in their pajamas, then I probably shouldn't care if they see me in mine.

These neighbors have rescued horses, dogs, sheep, and other animals over the years.  They are really happy to have my three Arabian horses in their view.  They said they get up between 3:00 and 4:00 AM, so my horses don't wake them when they bang their water troughs.  They invited us to go out to dinner with them one of these evenings.  We've been running out of interesting places to eat in our town, so they want to show us some restaurants in Scottsdale.  I hope my pocketbook can survive that. 

The skies are cloudy, so we may get some rain today, a much welcome relief from what seemed like an endless heatwave.  Although, in the Phoenix area, a heatwave is just simply called summer.  I saw on the news that Mikey got some rain this morning.  She's got to be happy about that.  I know my horses have finally stepped out of the shade of the barn for more than just a minute, so they've got to be thrilled over this change in the weather.


Cheryl Ann said...

I'm so pleased you have your horses with you and you have friendly neighbors! What a relief! We actually had RAIN here last night. It's nice for a change, but this weekend it will creep back up to 110 degrees...sigh...HAPPY 4th of July!

lilyrose said...

Bombay sounds like a real character! :) Your grey horses will soon match your chestnut...mine LOVE to roll on the wet ground. People probably drive by my place and think I must never bathe my horses in the summer. sigh.

lytha said...

i LOVE bombay!

i dream of having a charcter like him someday.

Mikey said...

I am LOVING THIS!! It's raining like crazy and I can't get enough. Was outside clapping my hands with glee, lol.
Love Bombay's antics, lol. We have a ringbone mare like that. She will come running if you have your hand outstretched, then sidle up so that you can scratch her belly. What she really wants is the smegma cleaned out of her udder, but you can't tell guests that, lol. She did it to our friend the contractor, he didn't know what to do until Wade told him "Scratch her belly" so I looked out and there he is scratching her belly. She's a shameless hussy for that.
People are different out here. Various states of nekkidness abound. I think I've seen it all, but I'm sure someone will prove me otherwise soon as I say that. Men wearing WAY too short shorts, lol. One guy in a negligee, lol. I'm with you, I sleep clothed. Ever since I had to break up a dogfight between mine and the neighbors dogs when I first moved out here and had no fences. Don't ever dive into 5 big dogs fighting with no clothes on. I learned. I got bit and it wasn't cool!
Keep fingers crossed for lots of rain!!

Dreaming said...

Just think how boring it would be to clean the paddock without interference!
I'm so pleased that your neighbor sounds... well, normal! Yeah - we'd catch a few of our neighbors at our old house running after dogs or whatever in their nighties. No one cared!

achieve1dream said...

I love Bombay!! I can't believe how much alike he and Chrome are. That must be Chrome's Arabian side coming out. :D

I'm so happy you met your neighbor and she's nice!!! That's so awesome!