Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here We Go Again

We finally got below triple-digit temperatures with a monsoon on the way, so my daughter and I decided to do a little geocaching just to get out of the house.  We drove to our first destination, and the batteries in our GPS died.  Sigh.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer letterboxing over geocaching -- no batteries required, but there aren't many letterboxes in my neighborhood and I'm not in a position to take day trips anywhere between the dogs and the horses.  I always bring a fresh pair of batteries with me when I go geocaching, but had to remove them from my geocaching backpack when I took it with me to the airport.  So, we had to drive back home, replace the batteries and drive back to the trailhead.  We found that cache, though I didn't really appreciate that it was planted in a pile of rocks which were surrounded by piles of concrete slabs -- perfect places for rattlesnakes to hide.

We then drove to the next location, and the coordinates pointed us right at a private mailbox in front of someone's house.  It's against the law to be caught tampering with mail, so I walked away.  Neighbors were out watching us, and I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of opening a stranger's mailbox.

Then we searched for a third geocache, but got confused by what side of the fence we needed to be on.  We stumbled upon a man riding a horse while we were trying to follow the coordinates, and something, possibly us, was spooking his horse.  The rider kept doing a one-rein stop and the horse was spinning in circles.  The rider was losing his seat, and I thought I was going to have to administer first aid and catch a runaway horse.  Fortunately, we were right by a fire station.

Then he started backing his horse up and then making it hold still.  Each time it tried to take off in one direction, he'd force it to go in the other direction.  It was quite a fight.  My daughter and I just held still so as to not exacerbate the situation.  Eventually, he regained control and rode off away from us.

We found the third geocache and had one more to find, but raindrops were starting to come down, so we went home instead.  In addition with having the GPS batteries run out, the pen I always carry with me to sign logs in geocaches got melted by the heat and bent into a C, and then the clip broke into three pieces.  I was like, "Really?  This just isn't my day when it comes to equipment failures."

That statement proved to be more true than I could have imagined, because we got home to find out that we lost our water pressure.  Either a pipe burst or the water pump broke or our well ran dry.  That is always our worst fear.  We had that happen multiple times at our old house in Nevada, and each repair cost thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, and we had to go without water for several days -- not something you want to happen on a holiday in Arizona in the middle of summer.

I worried that all the construction trucks driving over our well and underground water tank would damage them.  The contractor was good about not driving over it, but he had to bring in other contractors to do things like pour cement from cement trucks, and they did back right over it.  Apparently, our pump has been broken for days and we've just been pulling from the emergency tank without our knowledge, so the timing of this break happened right about the time or shortly after the construction of the barn was completed.

Alright.  'Fess up.  Who put a curse on me?  I had a few good days without any major hassles and now this.  I can't afford anymore repairs.  I don't know how I'm going to get water to my horses.  We won't be able to take showers.  And what is up with shit breaking down only on holidays when we can't possibly get someone out to repair them?  I just needed to go a few months without any major expenses, and then we could survive all these financial setbacks without me having to run out and get a job, but now I'm totally screwed.

I did some research and found that the sellers of the house lied on their contract, claiming that no services had ever needed to be performed on the well since they installed it in 2003.  However, I found a receipt they left behind for a new well pump in 2008, and it was a cheap pump because it only had a 3-year warranty.  They knew it was going to go out soon.  The woman who sold us the house is a real estate agent.  I think she should have her license revoked for being dishonest.

I questioned the sellers relentlessly and had inspections done on the well, because water was the one thing I was not willing to settle on.  If the well wasn't deep enough or the pump was about ready to blow or the pipes were about ready to burst, I would not have bought the house, but the seller went on and on about how there is no way the well will ever run out of water, and nothing will break because they only invested in the best quality parts and pipes and pumps, etc.  She really sold me on it.

Of course, in retrospect, I should have requested to see all the receipts from their well services before we bought the house, instead of reading them after we moved in.  Some days I feel like painting the word "LOSER" on my forehead, because I've suffered so many unexpected financial losses this spring and summer that I'm sure someone had to put a curse on me.


Mikey said...

Oh no! I'm praying it will be something small and easily fixed. We had it all done on our well, you name it. And I do get scared it will go out and leave me with no water for the horses on a hot day. I'm lucky, my well guy is a neighbor of sorts and he knows 16 horses depend on this well, so he always makes sure he sends guys right out. I did have something go wrong right after Xmas one year, $2500 later...took my whole tax return to pay him, but it was worth it. Having your own well is worth is, believe me, if you had to share, it would drive you insane. Lot of people share out here, and I hear horror stories when something goes wrong. I insisted we have our own well and I'm forever thankful for that decision.
I will pray for you!!!

Reddunappy said...

So sorry girl!!!

lilyrose said...

So sorry about the well pump. That is really crappy of the former owner. Hopefully, you've found someone to repair it?

achieve1dream said...

Oh crap! That's not good!!! What a loser to be so dishonest about something as important as water!!!! What the heck!