Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Little Pony -- Think of the Colors!

My son came home with a fresh haircut and coloring, created by his girlfriend.  I'm sure glad she took over giving him haircuts, because there's no way I could make him look this good.  I'm guilty of giving him bowl cuts throughout his childhood.  The colors and shine reminded me of "My Little Pony".

I'm driving my son crazy because we've discovered that he has quite a talent for cooking.  He makes everything fresh and from scratch.  He has the patience to stand over a skillet for as long as needed.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that some of the meals he's made for me have been the most delicious things I've eaten in my life.  So, now I'm always pushing -- I mean encouraging him to make me something to eat.  He says I'm using him for food.  I may have to start offering him money to sweeten the deal.  At the very least, I think he needs to make his girlfriend a sandwich to thank her for the new hairdo.  Hopefully, she'll share it with me.

I'm going to be losing my daughter soon.  I've been helping her move into a town home that she and a roommate leased for 18 months while my daughter completes a graduate degree in education.  She's working this summer doing odd jobs for professors, and the town home is just blocks away from her job.

I had a scare this afternoon when I walked over to the side of the house to turn on the hose and saw a rattlesnake just inches from my foot.  I jumped away while screaming expletives, started doing a little dance back and forth on my legs like my pants were on fire, and then settled down once I realized it was just the skin.  Then I got embarrassed and looked around to see if any neighbors were out watching my meltdown.

Then I realized that if there is a rattlesnake skin this close to our house, the real thing is probably living under our porch.  My husband did some research and found that all those water bowls I left out for the bunnies to keep them from chewing our drip system are now attracting snakes.  So, I have to move the bowls far, far away from the house.  With every solution comes a new problem.

My husband and son installed a water line from our outdoor spigot by the garage down to the barn so that we don't have to stretch a line of hoses so far.

The bunnies are happy to have hay.  In the picture below, the hay on the far left is a fresh batch of alfalfa grown in Arizona.  Then there is some Bermuda grass in the middle that I picked up at the feed store for an exhorbitant price because I didn't have the time to drive into Gilbert or Chandler to pick some up from a farm.  And the bales on the far right between the wheelbarrow and wagon are what is left from my alfalfa/Timothy grass mix from Nevada.

This bunny is just one of probably a dozen that hop around our yard.

The sunsets continue to be the best part of the day.


Katharine Swan said...

I have heard that sprinkling fox urine (which you can get in pellet form, supposedly) around the exterior of the house can keep mice away. They assume a fox has taken up residence and find another home. I don't know if it would work for rattlers and maybe even bunnies, but it's worth checking into. Even if it only worked on the bunnies, you might be able to stop putting out water bowls altogether.

Of course, as you said, with every problem... Could ingested pellet fox urine make dogs sick? You'd have to look into that, too, because I have no idea -- and can't think of any other potential problems, either!

fernvalley01 said...

I would have been dancing right with you ! Glad it was just a skin but... Bunnies everywhere! Careful you know what rabbits do ,reproduce!

Paint Girl said...

Now that is some colorful hair!!
I would seriously freak out over the snake... I mean snake skins. Yuck. I love Arizona but I don't think I could handle the snakes.
The rabbits have such big ears there. We have tons of wild rabbits here, but they are small and their ears are small!!
Beautiful sunset. I miss those!

Cheryl Ann said...

I got up to the ranch early one morning last week and watched the rabbits eat pellets right under the horses' feet! They weren't the least bit intimidated! Then, the two ravens moved in and ate, too! I found a snake skin, one time, right under one of the horse feeders. UGH! I took it home and nailed it to our front gate, but it's gone now...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Rather than leaving out bowls of water for the bunnies, what if you got a few rabbit waterers? The upside down bottle style? That would probably discourage snakes & keep little birds from accidently drowning. I don't think they cost too much, & they'd be easy to attach to a pole.

Just an idea! :)

Love the sunset pic!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Jaime - I'm just moving the water bowls away from the house. The drowning bird problem was solved by putting rocks in the bowls. If I take access to the bowls away from the birds, they will start drowning in my horses' water troughs, and then I'll have a bigger problem having to scrub out the troughs more often and wasting what little water we have refilling the troughs constantly. So far the bowls of water have succeeded in keeping the birds away from the troughs.

lilyrose said...

Interesting hair...
I chased away a rattlesnake yesturday morning. It freaked me out cause it was heading straight for my back porch where my puppy was! All I had on hand was a large plastic fan rake. But he did slither away after a LOT of loud scraping noises. They always seem to show up when I'm home alone!
The price of Bermuda grass is ridiculous here. B and B Feeds will give you a small discount if you buy at least ten bales though.

achieve1dream said...

Those sunsets are awesome!!!! :D

Can I steal your son? I HATE cooking lol. :)

I'm used to poisonous snakes, but I rarely see them. I think rattlesnakes would probably scare the crap out of me. Are they skittish or will they come at you? *shudder* Normally snakes don't bother me lol.