Saturday, July 14, 2012

Now I Know

Now I know why all the houses are built up high on plateaus in my new neighborhood.  We had gray-out conditions this afternoon.  The thunderclouds sat so low on the ground that the visibility was very low and rain was blowing in at a horizontal angle.  I took these pictures during a clearing of the clouds, because otherwise everything just would have been gray.

Temperatures dropped from being around 100 to being in the 70's.  There was lightning and thunder.  The horses were handling it fairly well, just trying to stay out of the rain until lightning hit too close to home, and then they moved out into the paddock away from the metal barn.

Unlike the horses, Midge didn't handle it well.  You can see her here in her useless Thundershirt.

She was so nervous that she refused to pee outside, but she had no problem running through the house and peeing all over the carpet and tile.

She was running around the house knocking things over and at risk of injuring herself, so we put her in a clothes closet with the light on, thinking she couldn't do any damage in there.  We heard her ripping at the carpet, and ordered her to stop.  She did succeed in tearing it up at the seam.

Then I heard a loud rip, and discovered that she shredded an $80 suitcase.  I was pissed.  I had just spotted that suitcase the other day and thought it was perfect for when I travel alone, because it was lightweight compared to our other suitcases.  Now it needs to be taken to the dump thanks to our neurotic dog.

We then removed everything from the bathroom and put her in there, thinking she couldn't possibly destroy the toilet and the sink.  Wrong.  She chewed a corner of the cabinet.  Fortunately, I caught her in time before she chewed the wood right off -- something she did at our old house that I forgot about.

Fed up, I waded through boxes in the garage to get her kennel.  I picked it up repeatedly, but it kept getting caught on things.  I ended up having to rip some things to pull it out, and when I did finally get it, rat poop scattered all over the garage floor.  Apparently, a rat had been living in her kennel.  We put her in the kennel and heard her making a racket.  The next time I checked on her, there was blood all over the floor, the kennel and inside the water bowl.  She had either bit her tongue or cut it on the water bowl, so we had to remove the water bowl.

She spent the next hour tearing her toenails out of her toes by scratching at the kennel bars.  All this time she was wearing her useless Thundershirt.  She only settled down an hour after it stopped raining.  Now the whole house smells like dog piss, dog sweat, dog saliva, and blood.  Yum.  I get to spend all day tomorrow cleaning house, and I'm sick.  Yippee!  I don't think I have ever been able to rest when I've been sick, because one of the animals always either has its own emergency or does something destructive. 

The barn flooded.  This picture was after it started drying up...

I couldn't feed the horses hay from their troughs, because they were filled with water.  I couldn't simply dump them out without having to wade through mud and pulling about 20 large rocks out of each food trough, so I fed them off the ground in the only dry spots I could find.

Unfortunately, the wind was blowing all the hay right out of the barn.  We have a little bridge leading to the walkway at the front of our house.

I discovered that it serves a purpose.

There was a stream running all along our driveway.

Our empty water fountain is no longer empty.

I guess I won't have to worry about watering the critters for a while.


Mikey said...

Ahhh yes, the rain has come. We finally got a bunch the last 2 days, enough to run our wash. It's mud and muck for a while until things dry out. So far it's dried, then rained again. I'm not complaining though, we sure needed it over here.
Enjoy the lovely temps. We actually got a monsoon this year!!

sydney K said...

Hah! I wish we had this much water. It hasn't rained in 3 months here. Our pond in the pasture has dried and from what I hear that pond has NEVER dried up in the 30+ years maverick's parents have owned the place.

Katharine Swan said...

We had crazy rain like that about a week ago... just torrential downpours. It happened twice, on two separate days I mean, and one of those storms was during the morning rush hour. People were driving their cars into flooded intersections, not realizing how deep it was, and flooding their engines. The other storm was on a Saturday afternoon -- an hour or so before those videos of me lunging Rondo when he was freaking out, actually. It rained so hard it actually soaked the inside of the indoor arena at one end, presumably because the puddle around the end of the indoor was so deep that it just came inside. And Rondo's corral was flooded -- half of it was a giant puddle that grew scum just like a pond and still has not completely dried up!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm not complaining about the weather either -- just my dog's ridiculous reaction to it. I'm literally losing hundreds of dollars a week to things breaking around here and other unexpected problems. I shut my phone off, because I just couldn't deal with people calling me and hassling me to give them money. Apparently, people think I'm rich or something because they just expect me to casually agree to give them hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for their services. Once I give out my number, I'm doomed. Everyone is looking for something that is wrong, so they can take my money to "fix" it. The vet is actually calling me, insisting that I have to bring Midge in for more testing, and I never called her and said anything was wrong. Just because I needed her services months ago doesn't mean I need them now. These vets must be desperate for business, because they'll lay a guilt trip on you if you don't bring your pet in on their schedule and happily pay their fees. My husband calls Midge "The $10,000 Dog" because she has had so many medical problems. I'll bet if we work in what it has cost us to repair everything she's broken during thunderstorms, that number would be much higher. But I'm sure the vet would be glad to prescribe anti-anxiety pills to her after a thorough $500 examination. That's another game the vets play -- each time you need a refill for a prescription, they insist you must bring the dog in for another exam, even though you were just in six weeks before. At least human doctors only insist on annual exams. My dog gets better medical care than my kids do.

Paint Girl said...

I am starting to feel like I am the only one who gets rain on a regular basis. More like an almost every day basis. I am used to rain, mud and constant wet. It really starts to get old. My pastures are just now drying up, one still is mud in the back part. By the time it dries completely it will be fall and it will be back to mud again. We have so much pasture work to do.
I can't believe the vets call you to bring your dog back in and then want to charge that ridiculous amount just to prescribe meds. At our vet, if the animal has been in for an exam in the last year, they will prescribe meds over the phone. So we don't have to pay any more fees then what's necessary. Crazy what other states businesses do.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Would you believe we were in the process of irrigation when it hit? I had just switched the ports over to flood the big pasture for the last hours' worth of water, was out at the far end of the property and just headed back when it slammed us. It felt like it was hailing at one point. By the time I got back to the house I was SOAKED. Not complaining a bit though! The rain got everything the irrigation might have missed.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone in Arizona would complain about rain, even those stuck in the floods. I heard that this area has not had this much rain since April of 2008.

My husband had bought a long brush you attach to your hose so I could wash my truck, because it was disgusting, but it's clean now and I didn't even have to do any work.

achieve1dream said...

For Midge have you ever tried Benadryl? I use it on Storm for fireworks. You can give one mg per lb. So my forty pound dog gets one and a half baby Benadryl. You're supposed to use the ones with no dye, but I use the pink ones and haven't had a problem. It chills her out so she can sleep instead of pacing around all night. Luckily she's not as bad as Midge. It might take the edge off and it's way cheaper than the stupid vet.

I like your little bridge and stream by your driveway. That is so cute. :D

Can you not use hay nets for when their barrels are full and the wind is bad? I don't like to feed my horses up high but the hay net would keep it dry and keep the wind from blowing it away. It you use a hockey net it has small holes so it takes the horses longer to eat it, thus keeping them from getting bored because their hay lasts all day. :)