Monday, July 16, 2012

Tying Up Looose Ends

After being in bed sick most of the weekend, I had a little more energy this morning.  My biggest problem is that I can't inhale deeply.  It's like someone dropped a brick in each lung while I wasn't looking.  Yogi Breathe Deep tea loosens things up a bit.

I was too weak yesterday to attack the messes that Midge made during her thunderstorm freakouts.  Even the local newscasters were talking about how their dogs are terrified of the lightning and thunder.  But today I was able to sweep, mop, vacuum, and scrub stains out of the carpets.

It's so nice not having to walk on a sticky floor anymore.  I also brushed Midge thoroughly, so that she'd stop shedding all over the place.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to start finding solutions to little problems that have been plaguing me in the new house.  Whenever I'm affected by problems, I think, "I've got to do something about that," and then I'm off to the next task, totally forgetting about fixing the problem, until the next time I hit it, and then I'm like, "Dang, I thought I took care of this.  I need to stop everything I'm doing and deal with it now."

One example is that every time I picked up a flake of hay with my gloved hands, one of my fingernails bent all the way backwards and I'd scream in pain.  The neighbors must have thought I was crazy, because I screamed and cursed on three different occasions, until finally I marched into the house and found a pair of scissors, and cut every fingernail down to nubs.

I also was having problems with my hay gloves, because they were leather on the outside, and then had this warm winter lining on the inside that was like a hay magnet.  A bunch of hay would get right up inside the gloves and scratch up my wrists and hands.  It took forever to clean them out, so I wanted to solve the problem once and for all by looking for another pair of gloves.  I couldn't find any non-lined leather gloves in the house, so now I'm just using cloth gardening gloves and letting the hay stick to the outside of them.  I figure if the hay has to stick, let it stick to the outside rather than the inside.  Ideally, I just need to order non-lined leather gloves.  (Yes, I know the local feed stores carry them.  I'm done running errands today.  I have my limit on how many times I will drive into town when I'm sick.)

Then there's the shower.  Our bathroom has no door, so if someone is in the shower, you can't walk into the master bedroom or bathroom without seeing the person in all his glory.  Shower time is sacred alone time in our house, so it's polite not to walk in on someone showering.

Sometimes I need to go outside to feed the horses while my husband is in the shower, but I'd like to brush my hair and teeth first, and I can't until he gets out of the shower.  (I know, some of you smart asses will ask if we haven't seen each other naked before, and the answer is no, we haven't.  We're virgins.  Just ask our kids.)  Anyway, I fixed that problem by moving an extra hair brush and toothbrush and tube of toothpaste into a different bathroom.  It seems like such a small, easy fix, but just trying to get from Point A to Point B is never simple for me.  I really have to put my mind to it and refuse to let anything else distract me.

Then I was trying to print out an email really quick to enclose in a package, but the printer refused to print.  You see, our printer has three color cartridges, one small black ink cartridge, and one large black ink cartridge.  Even though I just replaced the large black ink cartridge, the printer refused to print until I replaced the small black ink cartridge.  I'm like, "Come on!  There is a ton of black ink!  Who is the idiot who programmed this printer to test for black ink in the small cartridge first?"

I opened up all the ink packages and could not find a single small black ink cartridge, so I just kept pushing buttons until the printer gave in and printed the email, without any ink issues, I might add.  It printed fine.  Anyway, then I got online and ordered 5 new small black ink cartridges, so that I won't have to hassle with this problem for a very long time.

I also ordered $133 in more wet and dry prescription dog food, so that I won't have to worry about that at some inconvenient time, because I always run out of dog food at inconvenient times.

Then there was the water filter faucet.  When I try to fill a tumbler or dog bowl, the handle keeps popping up and shutting off the flow, so I have to keep my finger on it the whole time.  I can't just walk away from the sink and do something else while the container is filling with filtered water.  So, I wrapped a rubber band about the handle to keep it down, and now I can walk away and multitask.

Also, Midge has been slurping down her entire green bowl of water twice a day, and she always empties it right when I'm in the middle of half a dozen other tasks, then she starts hassling me to refill it.  So, I found a mixing bowl and filled that with water too.  Now I should be able to make it through an entire day before having to fill the bowls again.

These are all obvious, easy fixes, but it's a big deal for me to make the time to stop everything else I'm doing and to just concentrate on zapping those problems out of my life.

At our old house, my big frustration was the number of times a day I had to change T.P. rolls.  It wasn't that I was using all that toilet paper, but that every time I did need to use the restroom, there would be one little tiny sheet of T.P. left on the roll, so that if I wanted to use any (kind of a requirement if you are a woman), then I had to change the roll.  My husband installed a second T.P. holder in our bathroom and that solved the problem.  I may have to get him to do that in this house as well, but things aren't quite at a boiling point, because we have three toilets instead of just two here.

Other problems we are working on, but they will take a long time to resolve, like the fact that I roll my ankle on a rock every time I walk outside.  We pick up rocks in the wagon and deposit them in piles along the outside of the paddock fence where they discourage horseback riders from riding up to the fence to have their horse touch noses with my horses.  But the rocks multiply faster than the rabbits.  I suspect that once it cools down on a more permanent basis, we'll be able to spend more time outside collecting rocks before passing out.

I've been needing to trim the horses' bridle paths and put HoofAlive on their toesies, but I literally can't stay vertical long enough to complete either task.  Also, I won't string a bunch of extension cords together to do the trimming until all the thunderclouds clear out.  Those things can break open and pour down on you with no warning, and I don't want to get electrocuted.

Now that I've handled most of the inanimate object problems, I get to handle all the people problems and start returning phone calls.  Yay.


Cut-N-Jump said...

It's amazing how much time all the stupid little things in life can take up, or take away from us.

Getting a grip on them as soon as they pop up can helps with that.

Anonymous said...

My parents told me that they were virgins too! Both of us children were, according to them, found under a rock. Thanks for making me laugh out loud today, I need it!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Cut-N-Jump - My sentiments exactly. Today my attempt to fill the water troughs turned into a half-hour hunt for a flathead screwdriver, so that I could pry a rock out from underneath a trough that was behaving like a teeter-totter. Now I've got one of each kind of screwdriver always hanging within reach, so I will never again have to waste that much time looking for one.

Steph - Your parents sound awesome. I used to try to keep this blog G-rated, but I think I scared all the kids off long ago.

achieve1dream said...

Awww come on you took away all of our smart ass fun lol. :D I actually really hate having a solid shower curtain because I can't see if my husband is in the bathroom with me. If I can see him I'm fine, but if I hear someone suddenly in the bathroom with me I panic and have to check that it is him LOL! Guess I'm paranoid someone will break into the house while I'm in the shower hehe. Don't know why.

The dog water bowl is something that bothers me too! I hate having to fill it up every single day, so I finally convinced my husband to let me use a 5 quart ice cream bucket instead of the cute one gallon (that you can't fill all the way full) ceramic bowl. :) Now I can fill it every couple of days. I don't know how you handle having to fill two bowls every day! Ugh!

I'm glad you found solutions to the other problems. :D