Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I signed up for a recycling service at our new place, and the customer service representative told me that the recycling pickup is "every other week on the first and third Wednesday of each month."

Well, that comment baffled me, because it could be one or the other, but not both, because May had five Wednesdays in it, so if pickup is every other week, then by June it would no longer be the first and third Wednesday, but the second and fourth Wednesday.  So, I didn't know if pickup was every other Wednesday or if it was the first and third Wednesday, but I didn't worry too much about it, because all my neighbors recycled too, so I could just keep an eye out for when they put our their bins.

Despite this logic, my recycling container did not get picked up for the past two months.  The neighbors stopped setting out their recycling bins, and each time I set mine out, it would still be full by the end of the day.  I'd think, "I must be off by a week, so I'll set it out next week," but then the same thing would happen.

So, I called this morning to ask for my recycling schedule again, and I got the exact same wording:  "Every other week on the first and third Wednesday of each month."

I paused.  The customer service rep asked if my bin was at the curb right now.  I said yes, so she offered to notify the truck drivers to swing by my place.  I thanked her, and then realized that the company had misspelled my last name on my statement.  I asked her to correct that, yet despite spelling my last name for her twice and pronouncing it twice, she didn't seem to be listening.  She repeated a spelling back to me that was a bad word that I would never call another woman.

I paused.  Was she kidding me?  No, she just wasn't listening to herself, none-the-less me.  I almost said, "Do you even know what you just spelled out?"  But I didn't want to give her a hard time, so I just repeated the correct spelling the way they do in the military, following each letter with a common word that begins with that letter.  She was honestly surprised that she was that far off base.

My recycling did get picked up just a few minutes later, so apparently the problem wasn't me.  I had been setting out my container and they just weren't picking it up until I called.  They just forgot about me.  Then about an hour later another truck came by to make sure the first truck got my recyclables.  Too bad I didn't know that was going to happen, because I would have run out there and stuffed another load into the bin.  Then they would have been almost caught up on providing the service that I paid for.

After correcting those screw ups, I went out in the hot sun to clean up some doggie doo to spare the delivery men from stepping in it.  I usually can only stand being outside for ten minutes in this heat before I begin seeing spots before my eyes.  So, I was hurrying along, scooping up all the obvious piles, when this pick up truck came slowly cruising up the street.

The driver stopped at one end of my driveway and idled, then pulled forward and stopped at the other end of my driveway and idled.  I looked up and squinted to try to figure out who it was and what he wanted, but his windows were tinted.  I could just make out a woman's face staring at me and the silhouette of someone in the driver's seat.

My first thought was that it was one of the religious groups in the area, and I began planning my escape.  But then they drove a little further down the road, and I thought maybe they were looking for a specific address.  They turned around in front of my neighbor's house and came right back to my driveway, stopping and idling and staring.  Now I could see a man in the driver's seat.  I stopped picking up poop and stared back, waiting for them to roll down their window to ask for directions, but they didn't.  They just sat there staring at me from their tinted windows.

I felt like I was back at my old house and these were my next door neighbors out in search of their daily entertainment, and watching someone scooping up doggie doo fit the bill.  These people made no move to communicate with me.  They just idled there and stared for several minutes while I finished up my task.  I contemplated hiking out to their truck and asking them what they wanted, but feared I would get caught up in some time-consuming conversation that would result in me seeing spots before my eyes and passing out.

I carried the bag to the trash, and they literally followed me in their truck, pacing me in the road while I walked along my driveway.  Now I was really creeped out.  If they wanted to talk to me, how hard would it have been for them to just roll down their window and say, "Excuse us?"

I paused again and looked at them waiting for some indication that they wanted my attention, but got nothing.  They just idled and stared from the other end of my driveway, so I went in the house.  Why are people so weird?  I hate feeling uncomfortable walking out onto my own property because there are stalkers out there.  I swear, I must attract creepers, because I didn't think anyone would find me all the way out here.  I'm living on another dead-end road, with no neighbors to my east or west.  What business do strangers have coming out this far?

My other thought was that they were checking out neighborhoods and looking for houses for sale, because there is a real estate boom going on right now in our area, and this is what happened back in the early 2000's when people started flooding into Nevada in search of the better life.  We had several strange vehicles cruise our dead-end road throughout each day, and sometimes people would even stop me to ask if I wanted to sell my house.  I have to laugh at that now, because I'm trying to sell that house and not having any luck whatsoever in the current market.


Cut-N-Jump said...

We get those too. I just look at them and ask "What are you lookin' at?" with a nasty attitude look on my face. They either roll down the window or move on. I don't have time for that crap.

Mrs Mom said...

I know it will be a PITA, but you might want to document the plate #, color/ make/ model date and time of this just *in case*. CYA and stay safe!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

MM - You are so right. I am always taken off guard when shit like that happens that I forget that perhaps they are canvassing the neighborhood looking for a house to burglarize and watching people to figure out their habits. You'd think they'd be more discreet, though. I forgot to mention that as soon as I disappeared out of their sight, I heard their engine rev, and stepped back out to see them racing off. It was very suspicious.

fernvalley01 said...

Definitely wierd, I am afriad I would be Like CNJ, and confront them. "Can I help you?" in a pissy tone. I get people coming up my drive as it is on the end of a road allowance, most will just turn around and leave but the odd one will stare at the horses and or linger on the road, those I always approach, it is very close to the house , and it baffles me that people would sit in their vehicle and stare without speaking

fernvalley01 said...

Maybe try something like "are you lost? if not could you get lost?"

RuckusButt said...

I would confront them too. From a safe distance and armed with dog poop :)

Cut-N-Jump said...

FV- That is classic! ROFL! Seriously...

NuzMuz- I think if you stepped around towards the back of the vehicle and acted like you were noting the plates- they might get the idea... If you have your cell phone on you, hold it up and take a picture- even better. You never know.