Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Welcome Visitor

Apparently, wishes do come true -- at least for my husband.  When we started seeing rattlesnakes and evidence of rattlesnakes around our back porch, my husband said he wished he could find himself a king snake and give it control of the domain.  So, this evening I was feeding the horses and heard my husband yelling something.  I ran up to where he was standing, expecting something terrible, which is usually the case when my husband starts yelling.

I came upon the most beautiful king snake I have ever seen gliding along our back wall.  My husband was excited, telling me not to scare it away, because we need it here.  This thing had to be about three feet long.  We watched while it slithered with grace up our back staircase and then either disappeared under our porch or in the bush next to it.  It was sniffing the air with its forked tongue as if following the scent of, hopefully, a rattlesnake.

I wish I had my camera and could have videotaped it, because it was quite a sight to see.

I suspect a snake must have been down by the barn, because I've been cleaning the stalls with the horses in them every night, and my activities never bothered them, but tonight as soon as my fork scraped the ground, making a hissing noise, Lostine spun and tried to bolt out the gate, only I was standing in the opening.  I reacted by screaming and throwing the handle of my fork up to stop her before she trampled me, and fortunately we did not collide.  She stopped and spun again, and I spanked her on the rear with my manure fork for not paying attention to where I was.  Of course, Gabbrielle and Bombay shot out of their stalls as soon as Lostine took her first step.

This was the first time I've seen my horses spook since we left the crazy neighbors behind in Nevada.  The thunder and lightning and rain beating down on the metal roof doesn't spook them.  The bunnies and rodents and lizards don't spook them.  In fact, the bunnies and birds are flocking to Bombay like they did at the old house.  For some reason, small animals really like him. 

Anyway, the horses kept nervously looking toward the haystack, so I suspect a snake slithered under the pallets.  My son helped me clean all the manure out of the barn and paddock in two sessions today.  I'd been cleaning the barn, but hadn't even attempted to clean the paddock yet because I turn so red in the sun.  We had some clouds today.  After inheriting a lifetime supply of make-up from my mother, I can't use any of it here, because it melts off my face as soon as I apply it. 

I moved all the water bowls away from the house so as to still water the bunnies and birds, but not attract the rattlesnakes, and I haven't seen any bunnies pop out of our front hedge since then, and that is where they kept breaking the drip system before I set out water bowls.  I have been keeping a rock in each bowl so that no more baby quail are lost.  The bowls are also helping to keep the birds out of the horse's water troughs. 


Katharine Swan said...

Wow, look at that view! BEAUTIFUL!

Reddunappy said...

I dont know if I could deal with snakes!!

fernvalley01 said...

Gorgeous, not sure if I would be happy about any snake, but a good one I guess is a god one

Paint Girl said...

I don't do snakes. They terrify me!! Even the non-poisionous ones we have. Just thinking of them gives me chills!
Very beautiful view!! I would love to see that everyday!!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see your horses are settleing in so good, and not so spooky, that just shows that the old neighbors kept them on alert and edgy most of the time. love your new place, the view and even a new snake friend. as usual my google asst isn't working so I will sign, Ellie

Linda said...

That's a beautiful picture. I can't imagine living with rattle snakes--I'd be keeping some pet Kings, too.

aurora said...

Rattlesnakes, yikes! Nice view at your new place.

achieve1dream said...

I love king snakes. :D I'm glad you have one. That sucks that the horses are so skittish of them, but better that than getting too close to a rattler. :)

That view is awesome!