Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the Interim

Thank you for the supportive comments left in my last post. Here's what's been happening over my short break from blogging:

  1. Lostine went lame, and so did I. I jumped off the haystack, rolled my ankle, did a couple of somersaults and limped around for a few days. Just when the ankle started healing, I was walking around on pallets getting hay when the water began overflowing in a water trough I was filling. You can't afford to waste a drop of water in Arizona, so I turned to jump off the pallets and run to the hose spigot, but my other foot, the one with the good ankle, got caught sideways between the slats and I pulled some muscles in the foot. So, now I'm hobbling on both feet. Lostine is gimping around in hoof boots. Hard, rocky ground and pedal osteitis don't go together well. I need cooler temperatures and two good feet to remove all the rocks from the barn and paddock, so that I can then bring in some soft ground covering. I also need these crazy, unpredictable monsoon winds to take a hike so that the ground covering doesn't blow away like the stack of hundred dollar bills I'll have to pay to get it.

  2. My husband and I went out to dinner with our new neighbors and nearly got into a wreck in their Hummer when a driver who was texting got over in front of us and roared up onto a slower moving vehicle in front. He plowed into her rear end, and all the debris from headlights, tail lights, and bumpers flew back into us. The guy raced over to the shoulder and stopped, but the woman who got hit from behind came to a stop in the fast lane, causing us to have to stop and risk getting rear ended. 

  3. Then I guess the universe didn't think one accident for one evening was enough, and we almost got hit on the way back from dinner when someone changed lanes into us and ignored my neighbor's honking. How does one not see a huge, honking Hummer? It looked like we were dealing with a drunk driver. The guy's mouth was hanging open and he was slumped in the driver's seat. He was going under the speed limit and seemed oblivious of other vehicles. He continued to come into our lane and my neighbor had to brake, because we couldn't get over into the next lane, and then the drunk proceeded to drive way under the speed limit in front of us for a while until we could get around him. None of this helped my fear of getting into cars – a phobia that has been building up over the years after too many near misses, and these near misses have been more frequent since moving to a more highly populated area. 

  4. Oh yeah, and I found out from our neighbors that we moved into the “meth capitol of Arizona”. Yay. No wonder people keep running around naked, hijacking cars, and crashing them into houses. Wait, no, that's PCP that does that. These poor drug addicts and alcoholics. They're all innocent by way of temporary insanity. The general public should cut them some slack and just eat the cost of the repairs for all the damage they do. 

    This is Midge in her kennel in a diaper and Thundershirt during a recent thunderstorm when she tried tearing up the house again.  She pushes the tray out of the bottom of the cage, and then walks on the floor and moves the cage around the house.  She kind of compares to causing the type of destruction that a grown man on PCP can do.  (But remember, she can't be held responsible, because she's rendered temporarily insane by the sound of thunder.)  I need a T-shirt that reads, "My dog has super-human powers during thunderstorms" or maybe something like, "My dog is on meth."  Fortunately, from what I hear, this is a highly unusual monsoon season.  This many storms normally do not come through this area in the summer months.  

  5. We had to increase Midge's insulin dose another unit because her diabetic symptoms were catching up and she was leaving trails of pee everywhere she went. She left a swirly trail from one end of the living room to the other, and the whole house smelled like a gas station bathroom. Of course, our neighbors wanted a tour of the house right then. 

  6. Bombay and Gabbrielle have been entertaining themselves by swinging a bath towel around with their teeth. It was the best I could do to come up with a free horse toy since they are sick of their Jolly Balls.  (Please excuse Bombay.  He gets a little excited when he beats up inanimate objects.)

  7. I put our old house up for rent in addition to putting it up for sale, and worked out a game plan to only promote the sale on the Internet since we've already promoted it with signs out front for the previous three months and didn't have any takers despite the fresh paint inside and out, remodeled kitchen and brand new carpeting. Now we are working on finding renters, which is turning out to be more of a challenge than I expected.

Which brings me to my next thought. Since this is a blog about horses and I can't do much of anything with my horses in these triple-digit Arizona summer temperatures, couldn't do much with them while I was moving, couldn't do much with them during the long Nevada winter, and couldn't do much with them while I was bogged down in the legal process of settling my mother's estate, I've decided to take the approach of telling stories from the past rather than trying to keep up with the present. I think I'll start with a series on my experiences on trying to sell or rent my house. It's a stretch from talking about horses, but is related since I'm trying to find a buyer or tenant for a horse property. Most people have or will go through similar experiences during their lifetimes, so I can offer a wealth of knowledge in that area.

I'll interject that series from time to time, because there are a few other posts that need to be written, like product reviews and book reviews. Stay tuned.


Dreaming said...

I try not to laugh (too loudly) at other's expense.. but the pee trail was just too pretty and artistic!
Good luck with the house rental. If you can get a good renter in there, it will sure be a relief

Mikey said...

Glad you're back! Boy, it's hot out now. You did get a lot of storms down there. I was wishing we got them up here.
We have a meth capital right down the road too. About 5 miles away, and it's CRAZY. I try not to go out at night down there, because that's when they come out in droves.
One thing I did for my footing around here when I made my "arena" (it's kinda small, but it's a space to work horses). I live near a rock company, so I had them truck in clean sand, $200 a 16 ton load. The cost is cheap because they're 3 miles down the road, and it only took me 2 loads to cover the area about 3 inches deep.
Before they came, I entertained the neighbors by starting in the middle and raking a circle out, taking all the rocks to the edges, then going along with the wheelbarrow to haul them out elsewhere, like around my water troughs, where horses splash water and erode the whole area. I highly recommend raking like that, and I highly recommend recruiting your family to help you.
I also shoveled the sand myself, because I am a control freak and it had to be spread *just right*. The neighbors offered their tractor, but I declined.
It has turned out really nice, the sand has stayed, the rocks don't turn up any more, and the weeds are much less than they were. It really made a difference and I'm glad I did it (even though I thought all that raking would kill me)
Hope you and Lostine both feel better soon. I'm predicting it will be hot until Sept 1st and then cool down. Then we can start enjoying the outdoors again!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Dreaming - I know! Isn't that pattern amazing? It's like one of those pre-cut quilting patterns. A vine and flowers. That's why I took a picture of it.

Mikey - I'll try that. It's funny because for some reason we were discouraged from using sand for riding arenas and paddocks in Nevada. I guess people were worried that horse might eat off it and get sand colic or if the sand was too deep it would pull muscles in the horses' legs. We always got decomposed granite, but nobody in Arizona seems to know what that is. I guess you only find it in mountainous areas? Who knows.

Linda said...

Sounds like your blogging vacation has been eventful. I'd say it would be pretty damn hard to run into a Hummer, but what do I know?? Lameness issues seem to be a plague in summer for some reason. For me, I don't know if it's the hardening of the ground or the change in feed. Hard to say. Sometimes I don't feel like I have a lot to say about the horses either. Taking stories from the past is a great idea. I'll stay tuned for more.

appydoesdressage said...

Sounds like you have been busy! That sucks that you are hurt, trust me I know exactly how much it sucks.
For Midge and her cage, you can take a strap of velcro/velcro tie and tie the gap at the front of the cage closed, it will help keep the pan in so she can't then walk around. Can also try blocking the cage in with a couple of heavy things, laundry soap, free weights, etc, to keep her from moving the cage.
Good luck with her, I dealt with a very similar behavioral issue with our dachshund 2 years ago during the 4th of July holiday/months afterwards. I eventually put him on Xanax and also Ace as needed to get him to relax a little. After 2 weeks he stopped needing Ace and after 6 weeks we took him off Xanex and then moved out to state and haven't had the issue since.

Cut-N-Jump said...

If you think the roads are bad now? Wait until snowbird season. It's amazing half of them even make it here alive.

Renting- I say turn the house over to a property management company. Let them sort through applicants, deal with late payments, handle repairs, kick out the deadbeats and clan up between tennants. Money well spent! They may even be able to list your house as a lease option to buy. How could that be bad?

fernvalley01 said...

Yikes ! scary outing! Sorry to hear of the sore feet too

achieve1dream said...

Um, yeah I have an issue with getting into cars with other people too.... the only people I like driving me around are my husband and parents. I do still backseat drive though lol.

Have you thought about trying pea gravel for the paddock? From what I've read horses love sleeping on it and even rolling in it. I don't think it can blow away. It's good for stimulating hooves and frogs, but is soft enough it doesn't bruise. I really like it. I don't know if you can get it though or how expensive it is there....

Poor Midge. That must be so frustrating. She really does sound like she needs some serious anxiety medication... but vets are so awful about prescribing things. :( I hope the increase in insulin helps and that the thunderstorms go away for a bit to give you some respite. I wish it would rain without thunder lol.