Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Weekend with Family

I had a nice weekend with family.  On Saturday my husband took me out to breakfast for my birthday, and the kids came home from college on Sunday.  My daughter baked me a cake and the kids each brought presents.  My son gave me a Stephen King book I saw him reading, and I said I wanted to read it when he was done.  My daughter gave me a couple of CDs by While We're Up, the band her talented college friends put together.  We all went out to lunch, and the kids helped me shovel more sand and move it into the barn.  They knocked a mound of sand as tall as me down to a little nub.  It's always good to get help.  My son arrived with two broken fingers, and still busted out a lot of work.

I had originally told my daughter we could have "king of the hill party", and have fun climbing to the top of the pile and rolling down.  However, we had to postpone it because of rain.  In the meantime, the pile kept getting smaller and smaller as I made progress on moving the sand into the stalls.  Then a couple of nights ago I went out and saw that the horses had managed to tear down a lot more of the mound, spreading it out in the paddock.  There wasn't much of a hill to climb and roll down by the time my daughter got here.

I've got a little bit more to spread, and then I can start working on getting the rocks out of the paddock and softening the ground for riding by ordering more decomposed granite or sand.  I sent a guy an email to find out about his service in removing rocks, and he said he preferred to talk on the phone.  So I called him, and he said he was on the road and asked me to call be next week.  Well, that next week I was busy.  I'm wondering how many times I will have to contact this guy before he will finally come out and give me an estimate.  I'm busy for most of this week to.  I have two doctor appointments about several prescriptions between me and the dog that need to be filled and picked up at different locations when they are ready, so I don't know if my busy schedule and the rock removal guy's busy schedule will ever meet.

The horses walk fine in the barn on the soft ground, but as soon as they get out into the paddock on that hard-packed ground with rocks, they immediately start limping.  Their feet are very tender with the new barefoot method that the farrier here follows when trimming their hooves.  I obviously can't ride them with all the limping and stumbling they are doing, but I have confidence that making the ground of the paddock softer like the floor of the barn will fix that.


ryde2rope said...
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fernvalley01 said...

Glad you had a nice visit with family
Ouch on your sons broken fingers! not fun

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So will you boot up your horses when you ride them out on the trails?

I hope C's fingers heal quickly. I love how tough our young men can be when it comes to helping their Moms. If it were me with broken fingers, I'm pretty sure I'd not be shoveling sand or DG. lol!

So, another September Birthday, too! Happy Birthday to you!!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - I'm not sure what I'm going to do. The trails are flat and sandy, but there are some rocks to climb through to get to them. All of our current boots either don't fit the horses anymore or are too damaged to use, so I probably have to order new boots, but I'm trying to take it all one step at a time.

achieve1dream said...

Hey, I promise I will get caught up on your blog. Sorry I've gotten so far behind. I'm so curious what you have been up to. I'll be back!

In answer to your question on Chrome's longeing post. Using the top ring on the cavesson is pretty popular in some areas because you can change directions without switching the rope to different sides. I've also read that it can encourage long and low because they like to play with it. :) Like you said, he was too distracted by the flies to care about much.

achieve1dream said...

It will take a while for their hooves to toughen up. Sometimes hoof sensitivities can be diet related too. What are they eating? Cutting out sugar can really help a lot. I'm sure they will love the softer ground at home though. I think I mentioned it before, but pea gravel is really great for stimulating, but has enough give that it doesn't hurt them.

Happy belated birthday! I hope your sons finger have healed quickly. That sounds painful!