Friday, September 14, 2012

Test Run on the Trails

It was a gorgeous day.  My husband and I took Lostine for a test run or test walk off the property onto the trails.  I picked Lostine because she's the oldest, easiest to handle and most experienced.  It's been nearly two years since I've worked with horses on a regular basis, so I didn't need a big challenge.  I'm in really poor physical shape having been cooped up in the air conditioning all summer.  Plus Lostine was having a good day, not limping from her arthritis, and who knows how many days she'll have like that?  I've got to give her a chance to explore her surroundings while she still can.

As soon as I led her out of the yard up the driveway, Bombay and Gabbrielle started their yelling.  Come back!  Come back!  We can't live without you! 

They were obnoxious.

I could hear my neighbors talking to each other trying to figure out what was wrong with my horses.  There was quite a commotion coming from our property.  We got out to the road and Lostine whinnied back, and I think the neighbors figured it out.  I wasn't sure if she would go through the narrow horse gate, but she did with little hesitation.  She just didn't pick up her feet high enough and konked the rubber hoof guard.

We got out into the desert and the horses were all still calling out to each other.  Lostine was nervous and pulling really hard on the lead rope.  I was trying to keep her at my shoulder, but she wanted to move much faster than me.  I had to keep stopping her, because my bicep and shoulder hurt so bad from all the pressure.  I had a riding crop and kept tapping her on the chest to get her to pay attention to me and slow down when we were walking, but it wasn't doing much good.  She was completely consumed with the fear that I was removing her from the herd and leading her to some new place new where she didn't want to be.  I'll just have to keep doing this until the horses learn that I always bring them back.  All they know right now is that they've been moved twice in the past five months.

She only stopped pulling when Bombay and Gabbrielle were within her sight, and then she suddenly wasn't even interested in going back to the barn.  She just wanted to sample all the (probably poisonous) plants on the ground.  I put her away and then my husband and I went on a short hike and I took a few pictures.

I found this baby cactus with little red flower buds.  Isn't it cute?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I can always tell when my neighbor goes for a ride on the trails out back behind our neighborhood. The 3 horses left behind won't stop screaming for the horse she has ridden away from them. And they continue screaming for as long as she is out riding...usually an hour or more.
Herd-bound/buddy-sour horses are really difficult to deal with.
I am grateful that my mare could care less about leaving other horses and going out for a ride.
She'd rather head out on trail ride than stay at home.


Paint Girl said...

Mine whinny when I take one away but they don't usually run around. Today I took only Brandy away because I was meeting friends for a trail ride and even though there are still 3 horses at home, they whinny frantically and I am sure they drive my neighbors nuts!
One time years ago I had Brandy out grooming her to get ready to ride, down by my house and Fritzy was throwing a huge fit. My neighbor from across the street, who I don't even think I have had one conversation with, came running over yelling "are you okay? Is everything okay? I heard all this screaming and was really worried!" I had to explain that everything was fine and my horse was having a moment!! At least I know that my neighbors care, even the ones I don't associate with!!
Love the shadow picture and super cute cactus!

Christine said...

It's not much fun when they think they've lost their friends forever (or at least act like it)!

The baby cactus is indeed cute!

Simply Marvelous said...

Ahhh ... left home alone! Aren't "love stories" just wonderful! Especially the sound effects. Sweet baby cactus.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just noticed that first photo...and it made me laugh.
Looks like the Saguaro is saying "Come on! Put your dukes up!" lol!


Cindy Durham said...

I am a new follower of this blog, but my name is Cindy. You just posted a picture of my favorite mountain in the whole wide world....Superstitions.
Now I am homesick. My man and I just bought a house right at the foot of that mystical mountain, and can't wait till we can finally leave the cold of Wyoming and move down there. Just one more year I think.
Thanks for the lovely post.

achieve1dream said...

Love the photos!!

Hearing about how Lostine and her herd mates were acting about being separated makes me soooo glad Chrome could care less about being separated. :D

It looks like you will have some fun trails to ride on though. And I'm glad Lostine didn't have a problem with the gate.