Friday, September 14, 2012

WTH? 2

I totally forgot to mention in the previous WTH post the huge black tarantula-like creature I found on the floor when picking up my backpack to vacuum underneath it.  It's not a tarantula, because it is hairless, but it's the same size and has these crab-like legs that are longer on the sides than toward the front.  I researched it and I think it was a Tailless Whipscorpion.  It scared the heck out of me, so I vacuumed it up, but now I wish I hadn't because I found out that it is harmless to people and pets, but helps get rid of cockroaches and other insects.  We had previously seen one in our garage and one on our front porch, so apparently it's their time of year to come out and take over homes.

I found out about it through a link titled, "What's Lurking in My Garage Tonight?", written by someone in Tucson, Arizona.  I had to laugh at that title, because that's what my husband and I have been asking every evening since we've moved to AZ.  Our front porch is a jungle after dark.  Flip on the porch light and all kinds of insects come out of the woodwork.  We have to close our eyes and mouths when walking through the mass of flying insects and pray that the scorpions or spiders on the walls don't jump on us.  Fortunately, we usually just get slapped in the face by moth wings.

Also, last night I was sleeping on the couch and my husband woke me up to tell me to put on my shoes before coming to bed because he was finding scorpions all over the house.  I never see them indoors and I was too tired to help with the black light hunt, so I put on my shoes and went straight to bed.  I knew something has been crawling around our house the past few days because Scrappy has been sniffing the carpet and following a scent behind furniture.  Sometimes I think the dogs help keep all the creatures at bay.

I know that Scrappy chases off the coyotes when he hears them outside by running to the door and barking. he won't stop barking until he knows they are gone.  I'm glad he chases them off, because I don't want them to eat my baby bunny who lives under the haystack.  She's become so comfortable around me and the horses that I'm afraid that her reflexes and instinct to run are a bit rusty.  I don't want her thinking that some coyote is going to toss her carrots.

We actually went several weeks without scorpion and spider problems, so either the latest series of monsoons caused all these insects to migrate, or just the dropping temperatures are making them seek shelter.  Even though many of the creatures around here are dangerous, I do find them fascinating.  When I was 12-years-old, my parents took us on vacation to the Hawaiian Islands.  I remember snorkeling and finding a whole world in itself living in the coral reefs.  There was more marine life than I knew ever existed and I was completely enchanted.  We visited my uncle who was a veterinarian living in Oahu at the time, and I found out from him that I had been feeding a Moray Eel and some of the sea urchins I saw were poisonous.  My parents didn't want to let me go back into the ocean after that, but sometimes I think being ignorant is what helps a person enjoy wildlife so much.


Mikey said...

I had to go look that one up. I've never seen a tailless whip scorpion. What a weird creature!
I have to say, this year has been real moist for us, and I've seen several species of bugs I've never ever seen before (on my porch).
I have the same problem around my outdoor lights. If I could ever remember, I'm going to pick up a bug zapper at Home Depot. A friend has one and her porch has no bugs.
Haven't forgotten lunch, been sick w/sinus infection for days now, just catching up on the computer stuff. Will email shortly.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I haven't seen any of those, but dang is that thing freaky and creepy looking all at the same time. I probably would have sucked it up in the vaccume too!

Hubs got a video last night of two scorpions battling it out on the front porch. In the end- they both lost. Yes the cooler weather, the storms-water- has brought out a lot of things...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Most insects creep me out. I don't mind them when I see them outdoors, but inside my house is another story.
We've never had scorpions or tarantulas up here in our mountains, but we do occasionally get centipedes. All those legs....eeek!


Reddunappy said...

OOOO I am glad we dont have scorpians!! That spider would have freaked me out!

Glad Lostine did OK on your walk!

achieve1dream said...

Ew, ew, ew! Why did I got look that up?? Now I'm going to have nightmares. I can't stand anything that looks even remotely like a spider. *shudder*