Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Butterflies and The Jackalope

The previous owners of our new home planted a row of flowers before they left, and the flowers have grown so much that they appear to be one long bush cascading down our retaining wall.  For several weeks now the flowers have been attracting butterflies of all sizes and colors.

When I walk outside, I walk through a cloud of butterflies.  Today I noticed that there seemed to be less of them, so I hurried outside with my point-and-shoot camera to get a few shots before they disappear.  Every deluge of species seems to only hang around for a very short window of time, usually three weeks.  

I'll have to make an effort to find the right lens to my professional camera and take some serious pictures.  I tend to take pictures of things that disappear fast, like animals and sunsets, so if I don't have the right lens on my good camera, I just grab the point-and-shoot.

My husband keeps seeing a "jackalope" or an almost impossibly large rabbit hopping around the untouched portion of our property, and I got a fleeting glimpse of it just before it disappeared into a bush.  I didn't see it come out, so I looked under the bush and found a bunch of rabbit holes.  Now I have the challenge of trying to get a photo of the elusive, mythological jackalope.  It's "supposed to" cool down next week, so we may get to start sitting on the patio in the evening, which will allow me to keep a look out.

I love the bees around here.  They are very mellow, unlike the flies.

Lostine has been getting a bit rotund, and I'm sure all that extra weight isn't helping her arthritis pain, so I've been locking her in a stall at meal times in order to prevent her from wolfing down her own food and racing over to eat Bombay and Gabbrielle's hay too.  Gabbrielle could use a few extra pounds.  She eats a lot, but has a fast metabolism.

I've removed the rocks from about 1/6th of the paddock after raking and prying them up every evening for over a month now.  Once it cools down, I can get out there during the day and make faster progress.  At least I know that the sand delivery company I use can get what I order out to me on the same day as long as I call in the morning.  So, right now I'm the only one holding up getting these horses a riding arena.  Oh, and we have a floodlight for the barn now.

I think it was pointing down at the ground in this picture, but it now points into the barn, so I can go out after dark to let Lostine out of her stall once everyone is done eating.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Nice butterfly pictures. :)

Those flowers are lantana - we use them often in landscaping around here. They come in tons of color combos and are super drought tolerant.

Reddunappy said...

Pretty butterflies and flowers!!

Breathe said...

I think my favorite shot is the bee. Something about her, she looks like she's trying to decide which flower to visit.

Rock picking sounds exhausting. I can't even begin to imagine - where are you putting all the rocks?

Mikey said...

I totally need to plant that lantana! Oh it's so pretty!
Don't you love that you can get sand on demand? I loved that too, and same as you, it was me holding up the process. Raking is hard, but it's great "thinking about book plot" time :)

fernvalley01 said...

those butterfly pics are so pretty!
'Glad you are getting a handle on the rocks. Hubby says you gotta pick the small ones too or they will grow. He is lucky to be alive some days ! LOL

Paint Girl said...

Beautiful butterfly pictures!!
Rocks are my worst enemy. I pick and pick and pick and they just continue breeding. I swear I could start my own rock breeding business!! Darn rocks. What every horse owner despises!!
We can get next day delivery on sand and gravel too. I love that!!
The flood light will sure come in handy for you!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I am looking a putting up a couple of flood lights too on one of our pastures-turned arena's pretty soon too. It is getting dark just about the time I get home now limiting any and all workouts to weekends only.

I am still chucking rocks out of the pastures, arena and everywhere else I find them. I used to toss them along the fenceline, but they seem to be finding their way back out into the middle. Maybe we should pool our rocks together to pile on the grave for Fern's hubby? Just a thought...

achieve1dream said...

Wow!!! Those pictures are AMAZING! I LOVE them!

Yay for the floodlight! I want one so bad lol.

Good luck hunting your mythical jackalope lol. Can't wait to see a picture. :D