Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good Morning

I'm mobile again after breaking my toe.  Now I can appreciate having athletic shoes with that stretchy netting cover.  I used to just wear a slipper when I had a broken toe, but if I went outside in a slipper around here, I'd break the rest of my toes on all the rocks.  I went out and took pictures at dawn:

I thought this was the crab spider that has been hanging out on my porch, but this is clearly a tarantula, because you can see the hair.  I wondered if it was the same spider I took a pictures of before, because it has the same marking on its back, and it had just grown hair and matured.  Does anyone know if tarantulas are born with or without hair?

Bombay says, "Good morning!"

Gabbrielle is still waking up.

Lostine has been mooning over the haystack all night.  She says, "Stop with the pictures and bring me that wagon filled with hay, minion!"

Gabbrielle sees something...

It's baby bunny!  Cutest butt on earth.

I had been hearing hammering and power tools last week and over the weekend, but didn't think much of it.  Then yesterday, which was Tuesday, I stepped outside and heard children's voices very close.  It sounded like they were in my back yard.  I wondered why they weren't in school, so I walked closer to investigate.  It turned out that these neighbors behind us had been building a shed or playhouse for their kids right at the edge of the bluff overlooking my backyard.  The kids were playing in it.  That piece of plywood in the front was off at the time, and I see that the kids have already worn down a trail into my back yard, so apparently their parents don't mind them playing in a rattlesnake pit.  I'm still not sure why school was out.  I thought it would be a teacher workday, but I didn't see any vehicles in the school parking lot.

These same neighbors hauled in a broken down, rusty junk vehicle on a trailer this weekend, which was a little too reminiscent of my old neighbors in Nevada.  I hope I don't have to listen to the sounds of someone fixing up an old junker all year.  I've already got one neighbor who pulls his classic car out of his garage and revs the engine for half an hour three days a week on his driveway.

I looked around and realized that the motor homes and trailers are breeding like rabbits along my property line.  People have warned me that the population explodes here in Arizona once it starts snowing in other parts of the country.  I expected traffic to get bad, but it didn't occur to me that the people who already live here would let friends and relatives park on their land in trailers.

One of my two neighbors who has quads already has his out and ready for action.  I've seen and heard him racing it up and down the dirt road on the bluff.  I don't know how the neighbors up there can stand it.  I wish people who own these loud recreational machines would just trailer them out to non-residential locations where they can ride to their heart's content without disturbing the peace and quiet of others.  Back in my day, we rode silent bicycles around the neighborhood.

I suspect I'm in for a crazy winter.  I can already feel the neighborhood morphing into a human circus.

We haven't been getting much sleep lately, because the coyotes have had their pups and are on the prowl each night.  They whoop it up outside our windows and my dogs bark to try to chase them off.  Scrappy is hilarious, because he always barks in three staccato words that sound like, "You go now!  You go now!"


fernvalley01 said...

LOve the morning pics of the horses! too cute!

lilyrose said...

The kids are home because this week is fall break. The snowbirds are starting to trickle in. In another month it will be a pain to drive anywhere. And yes, lots of people have relatives/friends stay in their RV's right on their property. Sorry about your toe.

Mikey said...

Oh yeah, lots of snowbirds coming back now. I saw one loaded to the max in our PO parking lot, taking up the whole place.
We're not getting as many up here as we used to, not as many ropings going on.
Hope your toe gets better quick. Be Nov before I can get down there to visit, tied up working the rest of this month. But I haven't forgotten!

Cut-N-Jump said...

They will be trickling in until Thanksgiving. Then it will settle a bit, trickle more until Christmas and settle again...

They not only park in the driveways of friends, they park in Walmart lots, Grocery stores and out in the desert on the side of the road. Anywhere they can pull off and park- they will and do. Then they will go to a park for the night so they can fill up the water tanks, unload the septic and back out into the desert they go.

Come tax day they are gone. Same every year. And they tell the locals we couldn't survive here without them. As if we hibernate or something?

Reddunappy said...

Glad your toe is getting better!

Gaahhhh noisy neighbors.
There is a guy that lives on one side behind us that rides some kind of 4 wheel buggy, LOUD, around and around his property.
The guy beside him has made a shooting range in a creek drainage on his property and for awhile he was shooting so much and blowing things up so loud it shook my house and sets the dogs off! And scares the horses!! I made a complaint to the sheriff and he hasnt been blowing things up anymore, just some shooting, maybe once a week.
Yeah its their property, but come on people, the sound does not stay on your property, (sigh)

Hope things dont get to crazy.

he he he the bunnies are cute!

fernvalley01 said...

See I told ya Nuzz Muzz ,Alberta! Nobody wants to be here in the winter! LOL

Cheryl Ann said...

Our "snowbirds" are beginning to come, too. Yes, they leave about April 15. Until then, they clog our roads, restaurants, and every place in town. How did you break your toe?

Snipe said...

We live in a rural area with a HOA, and most of the properties have land that's at least an acre in size. It's not enough, as far as I'm concerned. The neighbors across the street leave their yappy little dog on the patio deck all day, and it sets off the other neighborhood dogs. I might as well be in a suburban neighborhood for all the barking I hear.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Broke the toe on a rock. It's weird because it has been going through phases based on the bruising and swelling, so it's not consistently getting better. It has good days and bad days.

achieve1dream said...

That sucks that when it's finally nice out all of the stupid snowbirds have to come out. Sigh.

I love the pictures of the horses. Gabrielle has a flexible jaw lol!

Anonymous said...

tarantulas only remain hairless till they are about the size of a quarter. yours looks like a female.